Camping Bocce Log

By : Kevin Long Nov 05, 2016

Bocce Log. Yes, it’s a real camping gentleman’s game. So, how does it work? Check out the below and have fun.

Bocce Log Set and the Ref

Bocce Log Set and Ref

Step One:

Drink a Beer

Step Two:

Gather six sticks and one log

Step Three:

Rest, drink another beer.

Step Four:

Throw the log as far away or as close to you as you would like. Each player throws their sticks (alternating turns) trying to get as close as possible to the log.

Step Five:

Whoever is the closest to the log gets a point. If the person who got the point also has the second closest stick to the log, then an additional bonus point is awarded to them. The loser gets to throw the log for the next round and be the first to throw his/her stick. The game is played to 11 points.

Get your Bocce on and have a great time!

Kevin Long

Kevin Long

Kevin Long is The Dyrt's co-founder. After many stressful experiences trying to find a campsite online, he and his wife Sarah set out to solve this problem. And so The Dyrt was born, and so it grows, and so it goes. He's excited to make the camping experience even better!