The outdoors, god bless them, can be a messy place. Whether you’re wading in ankle-deep mud as you prep your raft at the put-in or you’ve just finished riding and sliding on miles of muddy singletrack, making a mess is part of the outdoors — and its part of the fun.

Why This “Camp Towel” is Different (and Better)

Getting dirty in the outdoors is inevitable. And that’s why we’re particularly fond of the new Camp Towel from Bramble Outdoor.

Made from quick-dry microfiber, these towels are a league above the beach or bath towels we’re used to. When it comes to cleaning off the dirt of adventure and drying fast enough to get on to the next adventure, microfiber outperforms cotton every day of the week.

The best part? They look good, too.

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If you’ve ever used a microfiber towel for buffing your car or cleaning around the house, you’ll instantly understand why these are a must-have for most campers. If you’ve never used a microfiber towel, check out the testimony of current camp towel users–read reviews in real time here.

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