We’re always on the lookout for cool new gear, and at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017, we found it in Hydra-Light.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hydra-Light makes lights that run on water.

The HydraLight lantern. Works like a normal lantern, but charged with water.

They launched their line of products on Kickstarter, starting with two models: the PL- Personal Lantern and the AL-100 Accessory Light.

Here’s how it works, according to their Kickstarter page:

“Inside the PL-500 is a removable Salt Water EnergyCell that works via the interaction of a replaceable alloy PowerRod and a carbon based membrane. When salt water – an electrolyte – is added, the reaction between these elements creates an instant and continuous flow of electricity. As the reaction cycle continues over time, the PowerRod gradually becomes consumed and slowly shrinks in size, turning into harmless mineral sediment. When the rod has become very thin, it is removed and a new one is inserted – which takes just seconds – making the cell like new and ready to continue generating power. All that’s needed during the lifetime of each PowerRod is a periodic rinsing out of the mineral sediment and re-filling with fresh salt water. Unlike conventional batteries, the power output remains constant and does not decline over the lifetime of the rods.”

Tl;dr: Get the battery pod wet for ~5 seconds. Shake off excess liquid. Enjoy light.

Now, to say these “run on water” may not be entirely correct. The water catalyzes a reaction, which in turn creates energy and battery output, etc etc. We’re not totally sure how it works, we just know you put it in water and it turns on. And that my friends is a pretty neat way to charge a light.

Their website is currently under construction ahead of a full product line launch in 2017. Check back at http://hyrda-light.com/.

PS, because we know you’re wondering: yes, pee works too.

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