When it comes to camping shoes, you have a lot of options. There are shoes for dry desert camping, for muddy camping, for eco-friendly camping, the list goes on. We recently checked out footwear from a bunch of different companies at the Outdoor Retailer expo. Here are some of our favorites.

Post-hike Comfort with Oofos


The foam used for Oofos make them float and naturally antibacterial. It also means you can run them through the washer for a deep clean.

Check out their full line of products here.


One of the Best Trail and All-Purpose Sandals from Xero Shoes

xero shoes

This ultralight, secure sandal gives you the freedom of being barefoot with the sole protection of a shoe.

Check out their full line of products here.


Flip-Flop Heaven from Telic


Telic specifically designed the polymer used in their sandal to be one of the most comfortable things your foot can experience.

Check out their full line of products here.


Rain and Mud Boots from The Original Muck Boot Company



If you haven’t heard of Muck Boots, you probably don’t live anywhere near mud. Muck Boots are the standard of tough, waterproof outdoor footwear.

Check out their full line of products here.


Eco-Friendly Upcycled Tire Shoe from Austin Footwear

austin footwear

Austin Footwear Labs has created a new way to turn old tires into new shoes. They have a whole line of sandals made from tires, which they call their Tredagain line.

Check out their full line of products here.

Have you tried out any of these brands? What are your favorite camping shoes?

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