It’s day 29 of our 40-day #GetOutAndGO project. Today we’re featuring Camelback Mountain near Phoenix, AZ and Gregory Packs is giving away a $100 gift card!

Hike near Phoenix at Camelback Mountain!

Greater Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country. With more people flocking to this city outside the Sonoran Desert, it’s becoming harder to find spaces to get outside. Just to the north of Phoenix is a terrific hiking destination called Camelback Mountain.

Camelback Mountain has several amazing trails, especially for being so close to a booming metropolis.

It’s a great place to go unwind without having to leave the city, making it a great destination when you only have a couple hours but want to get outdoors in a big way.

Being so close to the city, it can be crowded. If you’re looking to have the trails to yourself, early morning is your best bet.

Note that trails range from easy to expert, and can be dangerous. Be careful, take your time, and always hike with a partner or let someone know where you’re going.

Gregory Packs is giving away a $100 gift card today to celebrate Camelback. Enter to win here!

In the dead heat of summer, you’ll want to hike Camelback Mountain early in the morning to watch the city wake up or later in the day as the city turns in for the night. While this is the most scenic strategy, it’s also the most comfortable: early morning or late afternoon will help you avoid the intense desert heat.

Get Out And Explore Phoenix, AZ!

Camelback Mountain also has some good climbing routes for the adventurous soul. It’s worth going with a guide if you don’t have as much experience, but if you have your gear and you look at Visit Arizona’s website, you’re bound to find a fun day climbing Phoenix.

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