Professional kiteboard Sensi Graves founded her swimwear line to empower women with bikinis that aren’t just fashionable, but also stay put during active water sports.  After close to a decade of producing and growing their swimwear line for athletic kiteboarders, snorkelers, and other active water adventures, Sensi Graves Bikinis are making a bold commitment to the environment for their products in 2020 with a crowdfunding campaign to produce swimwear made entirely from reclaimed fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles.

Sensi Graves Bikinis Seeks Sustainability in 2020 through Crowdfunding

Based out of Hood River, Oregon (a top-tier water sports destination), Sensi Graves Bikinis have been made with the environment in mind since the first pair; stemming from Sensi Graves’ passion for environmental activism in the world of water sports.

“Our belief is that swimwear brands are going to continue to exist, but manufacturing them is currently too harsh on our planet,” said Graves in a press release. “Therefore we see it as our responsibility to be a swimwear brand that does it right, by producing our products in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible, to ensure that not only are we doing more good than harm but that we are also inspiring others to take action.”

a woman posing in a one piece bikini in a desert

Image from Sensi Graves Bikinis

By partnering with a local production facility and committing to using 100% up-cycled materials in all their products moving forward, Sensi Graves Bikinis hopes to not only improve their environmental impact but influence others to make a change to sustainable production methods. They launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the transition to increased sustainability, allowing donors to pre-order five of the tops and bottoms in the 2020 line.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

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