RXBAR is the new trail food with none of the B.S.

For years, hikers and campers have loaded up the food bin with Cheez-Its, Chewy granola bars, and trail mix that’s more M&M’s than peanuts and raisins combined. And for good reason. There’s nothing better than passing snacks around the campfire. But if you need a more sustainable trail food that will keep you fueled all day long, RXBAR has you covered.

It’s Time to Step up Your Trail Food Game

RXBAR started five years ago, when the company founders were sick of protein bars filled with useless ingredients. They started in moms kitchen, graduated to a commercial space, and are now producing RXBAR by the palette and truckload.

So what makes RXBAR so great? For starters, they don’t keep any secrets. Written on the package are the ingredients inside: egg whites, dates, nuts. With 12 grams of protein, these bars will push you farther and faster from the campsite to the trail.

trail food team

RxBar team.

When we talked to the RXBAR team at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, we met their first employee, Jessie. After the co-founders started scaling their business, they brought Jessie on as a jack of all trades. She’s now handling the companies sales teams and reps across the nation. We like success stories like hers.

So if you’re hitting the trails from your campsite, or planning your next thru-hike, check out the No B.S. bars from RXBAR. We think you’ll be happy you did.

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