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The sizzling sound of steak or kebabs hitting a hot grill is one of the most satisfying sounds of summer. We believe there is an art to a good campground feast, and we know that few things beat a barbecue and an ice cold beer by the campfire. It is easy to settle for a camp stove to keep things simple and light. And the open flame of a campfire is great, but a little tricky for more complicated recipes. The truth is, a good cookout is difficult to achieve without a camp grill, and sometimes the extra weight is worth the reward.

Get Your Grill on With These Camp Cooking Recipes

Some of these recipes require a little pre-camping prep work, but we promise it is worth it. Bring the wine, the grill, the extra bag(s) of chips, and all the extra sauces. Here are 6 summer dinners that are perfect for the camp grill.

1. Campfire Steak Fajitas

There’s a reason campers sometimes opt for hot dogs or freeze-dried meals–they’re quick and easy (and delicious!). But when it comes to camp cooking, switching it up keeps dinner spicy and fun. These campfire steak fajitas are easy and require little prep before your camping trip. The simple skirt steak marinade consists of lime juice, soy sauce, and some spices. They can even marinade while you go for a hike. Just add tortillas, veggies, and cheese and you’ll have a Mexican food spread at the campground that is worth envy. Don’t forget the margaritas.

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2. Whiskey BBQ Chicken

Any recipe with whiskey as the main ingredient has to be good. That smoky, spicy, peaty flavor pairs well with the zest of homemade barbecue sauce. Ketchup,Worcestershire, hot sauce, vinegar, mustard, and cloves make up the bulk of this marinade, which can be chilled for up to one week. The BBQ sauce needs to be made before the camping trip, but after that you can simply add the chicken and pack it in the cooler. The chicken can marinade for up to two days before you throw it on the grill. One of the best part’s of this recipe is sipping the leftover bourbon by the campfire. We believe that’s called dessert.

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3. Trout on a Nail

The name of this recipe alone is probably our favorite part, but it sounds super tasty, too. This recipe and marinade are perfect for campsite cooking after a fresh catch from the creek. With the combined ingredients of butter, brown sugar, paprika, and mustard, this marinade is both sweet and aromatic– the perfect pairing for fish. As the title suggests, this recipe recommends you “nail the trout… to an untreated oak, hickory, cedar, or other hardwood plank.” However, we’re pretty sure this marinade will taste just as delicious on a camp grill, too.

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4. Grilled Lamb Chops with Pine Nut Salsa Verde

It’s not often you see lamb on the campground menu, but if you’re in possession of a grill, and yearning to switch up your meals, go ahead and mix it up with this unique main course. For these grilled lamb chops, much of the meal prep takes place at home before the campout. Make the mustard and parsley infused marinade one day before you plan to camp, then add the lamb in sealable containers or bags. Once you’re at the campsite and ready for dinner, throw the lamb chops on the grill, and make the salsa. This salsa is fresh and zesty with flavors of parsley, mint, pine nuts, and lemon, giving it a complex flavor. With this recipe, you’re sure to class up the campfire.

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5. Tofu Vegetable Kebabs with Peanut Sauce

First off, this recipe is vegan, which is great for anyone who lives a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Second, even if you don’t, who doesn’t love kebabs? This marinade is comprised of seven ingredients including: peanut butter, tamari, sesame oil, and garlic–which adds a salty-tangy flavor to the otherwise plain tofu. In addition, the zucchini, peppers, and onion add a nice crunchy texture. Kebabs are always perfect for the grill and a simple staple in camp cooking. Vegan or not, you should definitely try this one out.

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6. Cowboy Hot Dogs

There is a reason that hotdogs are a camp cooking staple. They are easy and so delicious. Cowboy hot dogs are a twist on a classic with a splash of mustard, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce on the bun. Then add a plethora of savory toppings, including cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon. Sounds pretty decadent, right? This dish is super simple and fun to make with friends, family, and kids. It’s also perfect post-hike–preferably paired with a beer.

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