Being an Instagram-famous dog has it’s ups and downs, we hear. People recognize you on the trail and at campgrounds, and sometimes they want you to pose with them for a selfie — when all you really want to do is roll around in the mud and maybe chase a squirrel. (WHO SAID SQUIRREL!) But also — you get so many butt scratches. Butt scratches are good.

It’s not an easy job. But someone has to provide Insta-inspiration to take all the dogs camping. And these dogs are up to the challenge. They’re winning over hearts and racking up the followers faster than we can say fetch.

Camping Dogs Are Winning Instagram

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for adventure with your own four-legged superstar (they’re all superstars, really), or you just can’t get enough dog pics, then these dogs on Instagram are worth a follow. And a butt scratch, if you happen to meet them on the trail. (Ask before scratching, of course!)

1. Backcountry Explorer @loki_the_wolfdog

Loki got an early start on his camping career, having seen most of the western US by the time he turned three. This husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix and his human, Kelly, are on a mission to inspire others to explore the world with their camping dogs.

Mission accomplished.

2. Double Trouble @bend.brothers

Raku and Fenix are a pair of bandanna-clad Australian Shepherds who have been making their way around the Pacific Northwest. And judging by their photos, they are loving it.

3. Road Warrior @missroxypuglife

Roxy and her sister Zorro are full-time RV-ers who are equally at home at the beach or in the mountains. Roxy may be small, but that doesn’t seem to slow her down. Check out her huge grin in the photos!

4. Outdoor Explorer @tallulah_june

This Newfoundland/Australian Shepherd mix, Tallulah June, might be one of the most huggable pups we’ve ever seen. This cuddly camping dog is pictured having the time of her life, romping her way through the great outdoors all year long.

5. Airstream Dog @ziggy_surfdog

It’s impossible not to crack a smile when you see Toy American Eskimo Ziggy posing for a photo. This ball of fluff isn’t exactly how you might picture a camping dog, but scroll through Ziggy’s photos and he’ll show you otherwise. Ziggy and his humans are traveling the US in an Airstream.

6. Hot Dogs @youdidwhatwithyourwiener

Dachshunds Gretel and Chester (along with their human Jessica) once drove 5 hours roundtrip just to spend some time in the desert. Jessica wonders if they might be crazy, but it makes perfect sense to us! These two weiners are smashing stereotypes by proving that small dogs hike too. Catch them in the Pacific Northwest. You can read more of their stories and small dog hiking tips on their blog.

7. Runway Ready @mywhiskeygirl

Hungarian Vizsla Whiskey doesn’t let a little snow stop her. Described by her owner as ‘half human, half princess,’ Whiskey camps around Canada and beyond with a serious sense of style.

8. Adventure Dog in Training @ourfriendmilo

Milo the Golden Retriever is new to the world of camping, but that’s because he’s still new to the world. Born on January 1st, 2018, he’s here to explore and bring happiness, plus look incredibly cute while he does it.

9. Little Hiker @robinventures

Let’s get one thing straight: Robin is a small dog, not a lap dog. He and his owner, Katherine, are exploring southern California and testing out dog-friendly gear as they go. Follow Robin for tips on photography and hike-training your camping dog.

10. Spotted Speedster @sir_noble_

Sir Noble the Dalmatian says that hiking is life, so we know he’s our kind of dog! A water baby who loves to run, he’s based in St. Louis but has been spotted as far west as Moab.

11. Can-Do Dog @remdawg.the.tripawd

When Remmy was adopted at two years old, he was already a ‘tripawd.’ His new parents recognized a strong, gentle spirit and started working towards hiking with their pup. He’s now a seasoned hiker and we love the enthusiasm that comes through in his pictures.

12. Friends Furever

Watson and Kiki are best friends, and it shows. If you can handle the cuteness of dogs camping and hugging each other, you need to follow this account. Oh, and there’s more: these two pups also travel with a cat and a hedgehog. Yes, it is amazing as it sounds.

13. Cat Cuddler @henrythecoloradodog

Henry the Colorado Dog and Baloo the cat prove that dogs and cats can indeed be best friends. They make a ridiculously adorable pair. Henry loves mountains, snow, and getting cozy in a sleeping bag. Baloo loves to hitch a ride on Henry’s head. We love everything about them.

Do you have your own supercute camping dog with photos to prove it? Tag your #DyrtDogs on Instagram so we can all share in the dog camping fun. 

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