If you have a wide-mouth water bottle, you’ve probably spilled water on your face, your front, or both at once.

A classic wide-mouth water bottle. Courtesy of Kyle LeBoeuf via Flickr.

It was on the northern island of Japan in the back of a diesel van that I poured my entire 48oz water bottle on myself. The cause: rough snow-packed roads, rapid acceleration, and a wide-mouth water bottle.

I’m not alone, probably. It is nearly impossible not to spill on yourself using a wide-mouth bottle.

However, the geniuses at humangear have invented the solution to my wide-mouth water bottle woes. It’s called the capCAP because, well, it’s a cap with a cap. The capCAP replaces your bottle’s standard cap with a same-size lid. This lid then has another cap, a smaller one.

The capCAP works with almost any bottle. Never waste a drop again.

Ultimately, the capCAP gives you the best of both worlds. You can fill your bottle with the ease of a wide-mouth bottle and drink from it with the ease of a narrow-mouth bottle. The capCAP retails for just $6.99 and is available with Amazon Prime.

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