We all face challenges in the outdoors. But physical disabilities can present an extra layer of challenge that prevents people from enjoying trails, campgrounds, and wide open spaces. The TerrainHopper is here to change that.

The TerrainHopper helps those with mobility challenges tackle terrain that might otherwise be inaccessible, like soft sand, deep mud, and rocky earth. Founder Todd LeMay grew up just twenty minutes from the beach in Maine. But because he relies on a wheelchair, he was never able to get out on the beach without the help of others.

TerrainHopper mobility vehicles

“I wanted to build something that people could use to get out and go hiking with their friends, get out on the beach, and enjoy things that everybody else can enjoy,” he told FOX10 News.

TerrainHopper Makes Camping and Hiking More Accessible

The TerrainHopper is available in two models; the Overlander 4ZS and the Overlander Mini. Both come with two speed modes; 4 mph for “extreme off-roading” including rocks, snow, and sand, and 12mph for less-demanding terrain.

Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson

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