Deep within the rugged and wet terrain of the Pacific Northwest lives a beast named Sasquatch. While some say this animal is just a cryptid, like a unicorn or the Lochness Monster, many claim to have seen his lumbering figure in the distance, or heard his beastly cry, just outside their tents. There are even videos to prove it.

If you’re drawn to the mystery of this mythical creature, you’ll need to be prepared for the fog, rain, and chill of the region Sasquatch calls home.

5 Pieces of Must-Have Gear for Sasquatch Searching in the PNW

These dependable and durable items might just bring you one step closer to Big Foot.

1. LedLenser Headlamp

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Sasquatch is known to be active at night. While campers sleep, he roams the forest. These sporty, durable, and surprisingly bright LedLenser hands-free headlamps and perfect for lighting the path to Sasquatch. The MH10 Model blasts 600 lumens into a well-defined path, so you can illuminate your intended trail without disturbing the whole forest.

2. Mishmi Takin Lushai Boot

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Unlike Big Foot, you’ll need the right pair of shoes to traverse the slippery, rocky trails of the Pacific Northwest. That’s why we recommend the Lushai boot; these ultra-supportive ankle-high shoes aren’t just super comfy and breathable, they are also 100% waterproof.

3. LifeProof FRĒ

You’re not going to let a little rain stop you from this important expedition. Protect your phone from water damage with the sleek and protective LifeProof Fre.

4. Mountain House Freeze-Dried Meals

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Even the most seasoned of Sasquatch seekers needs some tasty nourishment. These just-add water meal pouches make for a surprisingly satisfying outdoor feast. In fact, the yummy smells wafting off of your breakfast skillet or chicken fried steak, could bring the creature to you. Be sure to snap a selfie when you’re brunching with Big Foot.

5. Gnarbox

Imagine this: You’re deep in the woods, on your 20th hour of Sasquatch searching, when you finally see a flash a fur dash through the trees. You ready your camera, only to realize your memory card is full! While you’re fumbling to delete old pictures, Big Foot is escaping.

To protect yourself against this potentially heartbreaking scenario, invest in Gnarbox. This waterproof, durable, wi-fi enabled wonder allows you to connect to multiple devices, and even edit-on-the-go. You can upload your photos and save room on your devices for that moment of truth.

Now that you’re all geared-up for Sasquatch searching, remember that the creature is notoriously difficult to find. But you can still enjoy all that Sasquatch territory has to offer. Check out our top campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest. You might not find Sasquatch but you’ll definitely find an adventure.


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