If you love the outdoors as much as we do, then you probably try your best to be kind to the environment. We all have our own ways to be eco-friendly, but avoiding products with harsh chemicals is a big one, especially since those chemicals aren’t just bad for the environmentthey’re bad for you, too.

That being said, all-natural deodorants are notoriously ineffective. And when deodorant is ineffective, it quite literally stinks.

Several of our team members at The Dyrt had given up on using natural deodorants and smelling good. It seemed to be a choice of one or the other. That is, until we met Green Goo.

Image from The Dyrt camper Cortney M.

Our friends over at Green Goo are creating all-natural products that actually work. With the motto, “rethinking first-aid and body care,” the founders of Green Goo believe the products we use shouldn’t harm us, or the places we love. What started as a vendor at a Farmer’s Market has expanded to a well-oiled, woman-run business with carefully sourced herbs and high-quality ingredients at the core of their products.

One of The Dyrt Rangers, Cortney M., raves about Green Goo Deodorant.

“I’ve been wearing this deodorant for almost a month now. I absolutely love it!”

And so do we!

While other natural deodorants left us continually disappointed, the Pit Goo is now our go-to for long days in the mountains, sweaty workouts in the gym, and overall day-to-day use.

The Dyrt team member Ryan was about to throw in the towel on his quest to find natural deodorant.

“I’m the type of person who tried natural deodorant, it didn’t work, and I said I’d never buy it again. Two years ago, though, I was given a sample stick of Green Goo — it’s the only deodorant I’ve used since.”

Britany, another member of The Dyrt team, was using a popular brand of natural deodorant, even though it really didn’t work.

“I’ve been using the same natural deodorant for years and had come to accept that if I sweat, I’m going to be a little smelly. I was so excited to discover a new option that actually works! And I love the lavender and thyme scent.”

Finally, we can all go natural with our deodorant, and smell good, too.

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