Look around your desk. Or the floor of your car. Or your tent. How many containers have you collected for beverages? (I’m currently looking at four.)

Reusable bottles are great for so many reasons, like keeping your drinks hot or cold and eliminating plastic waste. Some people even use them as a reflection of their personal style, with different colors and maybe a sticker or two.

At this summer’s Outdoor Retailer in Colorado, the rainbow wall of Fifty/Fifty Bottles made me want more color in my life. And more bottles. But I probably only need one.

With Fifty/Fifty Bottle’s interchangeable lids and bottles, you can mix and match to create a water vessel that fits your personal style and can be used for a variety of food, drinks, and activities.

Your Water Bottle Your Way from Fifty/Fifty Bottles

The Dyrt founder Sarah Smith got a chance to talk more with Shannon from Fifty/Fifty, about how easy it to to mix-and-match these bottles and lids.

Fifty/Fifty Bottles has several lines, including water bottles, tumblers, and beer growlers. Their water bottles are especially unique, with 17 colors and four different lid styles to choose from, that come in 14 different colors themselves, all of which you can mix-and-match into your ideal combo.

That is more than 2,500 options to choose from.

And you don’t have to choose one. The lids can all be purchased separately, so you can have a flip top opening to use while you are at work, or a chord to attach to your backpack on that long-distance hike.

Lid styles to choose from include tops with holes for straws, two and three-finger handles, flip lids, and parachords. The lids are made from a safe polypropylene plastic, which is BPA free and non-leaching. The interiors are made out of food-grade stainless steel and feature double walls. The double walls keep the temperature right where you want it, making them suitable for hot and cold liquids. Aside from standard options like beer, water, and coffee, the Fifty/Fifty Bottles blog has ideas for soups and smoothies you can enjoy in these water bottles, too!

options for fifty/fifty bottles

Photo by Fifty/Fifty Bottles

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