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Cyclo Travel Sling Bag from Ethnotek

Ethnotek understands that sometimes a backpack isn’t the right way to tote your essentials. So, they developed the Cyclo Travel Sling, a cross-body bag that turns into a waist bag when you need it to.

Their travel sling bag offers a minimalist solution for toting your wallet, headphones, sunglasses, chapstick, a bottle of water, a knit cap, the paperback you’re reading…you know, the basics. At 11 liters, it’s a little under half the size of a daypack, which makes it just right for a few hours at the local park or farmers market.

While there are plenty of fanny packs and cross-body bike bags out there, the features on the Ethnotek Cyclo Travel Sling bag make it stand out. When opened, the bag is bucket shaped. The rolltop closure secures with a good sturdy buckle, kind of like your favorite kayaking dry bag. This lets you adjust to the volume of stuff you’re carrying and helps prevent items from jostling in the bag. It also helps make the bag more resilient to occasional showers— water resistant ballistic nylon lines the interior and the shoulder strap comes from the same rugged material as seat belts.

If a travel sling bag sounds like the perfect item to take along to summer music festivals, your favorite trail, or on your morning bike commute, ditch the backpack. Because sometimes you need something a little more versatile.

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