We have something special at The Dyrt: a nationwide community of dedicated, tech-savvy campers. And now, with the help of our community’s power users, The Dyrt Rangers, we’re launching the Ranger Gear Review Program, which we successfully tested in 2016.

The program is built around real outdoor lovers giving genuine, rich product reviews in the field.

Companies get fresh content on their new products from qualified outdoor enthusiasts, and our community gets to hear from its power users about top trends.

The Dyrt is unique in having the fastest-growing engaged community of people loyal to the outdoors and everything the outdoors stands for. And at the top echelon of this dedicated camping community is our set of about 500 Rangers (The Dyrt’s Ambassadors), each of whom is a past winner in one of our regional camping review contests.

Here’s how the Ranger Gear Review Program works.

What Makes The Dyrt Rangers Different From Other Ambassadors

The Dyrt Rangers are local experts. Because you have to win a contest to become a Ranger, these campers are some of the most dedicated in their region, and they know their region intimately.

The Dyrt's 2017 contest regions.

The Dyrt’s Rangers are spread evenly across the US.

Rather than a couple ambassadors centralized in Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, or some other access point to adventure, The Dyrt’s Rangers span the country with several in every single state in the US.

The Dyrt Rangers Reconnect Brands with their Real Audience

The Dyrt Rangers are different. They are everyday people who have a variety of different lifestyles, from the Weekend Warrior to the Spring Breaker to the Vanlifer to the Retiree.

The Dyrt Rangers are real people who prioritize their very real passion for the outdoors and build it into their lives.

The Dyrt Rangers are perfect for writing gear reviews because if 2 things are true about The Dyrt Rangers it’s:

  1. The Dyrt Rangers love to camp.
  2. The Dyrt Rangers are good at writing reviews.

To be a Ranger, you have to win a contest on The Dyrt, which means you have to [1] camp often and [2] write reviews about your camping experience often.

So, we can trust our Rangers across the country to get gear into the field. We can also trust in their ability to craft a write-up about how that gear impacted their experience in the outdoors. There’s never been real-er way to highlight real people and their real impression of the current state of the gear industry.

The Dyrt Rangers Gear Review Program

The Dyrt Rangers love camping, and they love gear.

The Dyrt Ranger Gear Review Program is therefore only natural.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Brands give a digital gift card to The Dyrt to give to the next-in-line Ranger.
  2. Rangers write a gear review in action, using the brand’s product at a campground.

If you’re a brand, here’s what you get:

  1. Our Ranger’s review lives forever on one of our campground pages.
  2. 1 custom blog post on The Dyrt blog, 1 social share on the Ranger’s social channels, and 1 social share across The Dyrt’s social channels (30k+ followers). Click here for an example post.
  3. 1 custom blog post for your blog, social copy for your channels, and email copy for your marketing. Historically, open rates and shareability sky rocket with real reviews from real people.
The Dyrt Ranger Darrin L's review of his Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia 18L day pack during his trip to Yosemite.

The Dyrt Ranger Darrin L’s review of his Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia 18L day pack during his trip to Yosemite. Click here to see the full review.

Ready to get your products reviewed? Contact info@thedyrt.com

If you’re a Ranger, here’s what you get:

  1. Exclusive access to Ranger communications from The Dyrt and our partners.
  2. Free gear as long as you’re willing to write reviews for new gear.

Want to become a Ranger and receive free gear to review? Camp and compete in our summer contests by reviewing campsites on The Dyrt.

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