The Dyrt Ranger Krista Z. and her dog, Jake, test the KoolSkinz dog vest in Arizona. 

Happiness is a dog rolling around in the dirt. They can’t say so, but we’re confident they love to be outside as much as we do. (Seriously, just look at all of these happy camping dogs.) In the summer months, when many of us are bringing our dogs with us to campgrounds and hiking trails, it’s important to remember that our dogs also can’t tell us when they’re too hot.

As temperatures rise, dog owners needs to pay extra attention to how your dog is coping with the heat. There are a variety of ways to keep your dog cool, but this new KoolSkinz Pet Vest might be the coolest.

KoolSkinz is the Cooling Dog Vest of Your Pup’s Dreams

The Dyrt Ranger Krista Z. brought her dog, Jake, camping at Canyon Point Campground in Arizona to test out the KoolSkinz dog vest.

She demonstrates in the video how KoolSkinz operates with packets that you freeze in your cooler or cold water. They only take about twenty minutes to freeze, and they don’t  become too cold to the touch like ice — simply cold enough to have a cooling effect.

Once cold, the packets are inserted into the vest, and the vest is placed on your dog, just like a harness. It’s like a cool and refreshing hug for your pup.

jake taking a walk in his cooling dog vest

Image from The Dyrt Ranger Krista Z.

It was already 80 degrees with Krista arrived at the campground. She put the Kool packs in the cooler for 20 minutes, then put the vest on her dog.

“Our dog loves to roll on the ground and run into things.”

But the KoolSkinz Pet Vest held up, even as Jake continued to joyfully roll around in the dirt.

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“He was able to move freely without issues and didn’t mind continuing to rub on everything,” writes Krista.

The KoolSkinz Pet Vest kept up with Jake’s campground fun for over two hours.

“I was shocked that 20 minutes of chill time could stay cold for 2 hours but sure enough, after 2 hours of wear the Kool packs were still chilled and definitely helping to cool the dog.”

jake enjoying his dog vest

Image from The Dyrt Ranger Krista Z.

The one criticism Krista offered was the durability of the trim at the neck and chest. She noticed that after some wear, some of the stitching popped out, but says that it didn’t affect the functionality of the dog vest.

BONUS: KoolSkinz Warms Your Dog, Too

Heat is a big concern when keeping our dogs safe and comfortable in the summer. But temperatures change quickly, especially when you’re in the woods or at higher elevations. You bring layers for yourself, and your dog might need them, too.

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Krista and Jake were both thrilled to discover that the KoolSkinz Pet Vest doesn’t just cool your dog. It can also keep them warm.

Simply place the Kool packs in boiling water or a microwave, instead of freezing them. Alternately, you can put hand warmers in the vest if you don’t have a way to warm the packs.

Jake doesn’t like the cold. So when the temperature dropped at night, Krista warmed the packs in boiling water over a camp stove.

“[Jake] stopped shivering almost immediately and seemed to greatly enjoy the extra time he could spend outside with us.” koolskinz dog vest

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