Enjoying frosty camping drinks in the great outdoors is a time-honored tradition.

If you’re car camping it’s not a big a deal to lug the cooler from the trunk to the picnic table. But what if you’ve got a ways to go at a walk-in campground or to get from the parking lot to the beach? That’s when this backpack cooler saves the day.

The IceMule Boss

We ran into our friends from IceMule at Outdoor Retailer this summer and got the scoop on the IceMule Boss, a backpack cooler that boasts some of the same features as your favorite camping backpack. It’s soft-sided like your multi-liter pack, so you don’t have to worry about hard edges digging into you while you hike. It’s got ventilated airmesh back pads, padded carrying straps, and a padded hip belt, plus a sternum strap.

The IceMule Boss is capable of holding 18-24 cans of your favorite camping drinks plus ice, and it’s actually comfortable to carry. Best of all, those cans will stay cold for over 24 hours.

Carry Your Camping Drinks in IceMule Coolers

In addition to the Boss, IceMule has applied their same multi-day tech to smaller sizes, too, like the easy-to-carry IceMule Classic, which clocks in at 10-20 liters—that’s still a lot of camping drinks. There’s also the IceMule Pro line, which runs from 23-40 liters.

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Meghan O'Dea

Meghan O'Dea

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