Mud, puddles, rocks, and sand — this camping blanket stands up to them all.

Belmont Blankets is a new company out of Portland, OR making what they aptly call “adventure blankets.” Layering high-tech waterproof layers with high-quality Pendleton-style wools and fleeces, Belmont Blankets are the blanket you’ve been searching for. They launched just a few¬†months ago and have an understandably small presence online. But they’re already making big splashes in the outdoor market, having sold out several production orders and hosting a stand-out booth at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. We had the chance to see their new designs using Pendleton fabrics. You’re going to love them. Without further ado, here are several versions of what is arguably the best camping blanket on the market.

Belmont Blankets start at $150.


Tough outer layer, soft inner layer. Kind of like that one cowboy from that one movie.

Kerry, the founder and blanket guru behind Belmont Blanket, told me he’s working on a number of different carrying systems modeled after old-school picnic blanket holders. They’ll use synthetic fabrics like this nylon and also potentially leather.

Take it anywhere — it can stand up to anything.

A+ pattern, A+ construction. A simple idea, a not-so-simple execution. But it’s the very real beauty of Belmont Blankets.

Ryan Fliss

Ryan Fliss

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