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Pass it by, your business keeps it open.

There is sewage above ground, which is unhealthy and stinks very bad the entire day. This place is in fact substandard living. It is very unsafe with risk of fire and electric hazards everywhere. I highly recommend not jeopardizing your life and pass this place up for another.

July 4th Weekends

Had a great time celebrating the 4th. Ft Churchill staff had an old time type of celebration. Fun activities for the entire family.

July 4th Weekends

Had a great time celebrating the 4th. Ft Churchill staff had an old time type of celebration. Fun activities for the entire family.

4th of July weekend

Had a great weekend and a good spot.

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Great place

Everything was quick and easy. Bathrooms were clean, and everything was easy access. Very close to town and the free WiFi actually works!

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Nice Free lakeside camp!

Dry camping right next to town. Good cell coverage and you can drive right up to the water. Looks like it may have been an established fee campground at some point.

Dayton State Park

Great central location with lots of wildlife and amenities.

Clean and well cared for and maintained

Good place to camp in a central location with lots of nearby things to do.

Good family campground with lots of amenities and benefits

Bring all items you need or be prepared to leave camp to go to the store.

No Frills

Lahontan is an acquired taste. If you're looking for a cool "forest" experience, shady pines, and easy-breezy camping then this is NOT the place for you. It's a huge man-made reservoir in the desert. It gets very hot in the dead of summer and shade is limited in many areas. The trees are mainly cottonwood and willow. Most of the camping areas are not formally developed and you just kind of have to "cop a squat" if you can find a decent spot. The area is hugely popular with boating, fishing, and jet-ski enthusiasts so the beaches and the lake can get very crowded. The restrooms in some areas are BASIC - some would even call them "outhouses". Others are much less primitive. There is one developed camp ground on the Silver Springs side (no RV hook-ups).

I grew up camping, boating, and fishing at Lahontan so it has a soft spot in my heart. Just know that it's not for every one.


Camped overnight on the beach, but could not fully access location due to water conditions. The reservoir is completely full this year and the water has flooded out the established campground area and many beaches are not accessible. Dispered camping is allowed on the beach and limited access to amenities. Only pit toilet and no potable water. Area is patrolled by a ranger and appears to be popular with boaters and water enthusiasts! Beach campfires permitted, with caution.

Noisy but beautiful

Sand Mountain is an awesome experience… however- this is not a quiet and peaceful desert camping trip. 90% of the folks visiting Sand Mountain are OHVs… all of whom like to drive their buggies up and down the dunes ALL night.

We hiked the dunes in the evening when it was cooler, and had to make sure we flashed our headlights so that buggy drivers could see us. DO NOT HIKE without a light. It would be very dangerous.

The campsites are scattered, don't drive too far off into the sand or you will get stuck. Stay close to the main road/compacted areas. The sand is decently flat to set up a tent. No hookups.

Free entrance on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Fees apply at all other times.

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Sand between my toes

Playing on the go karts dirt bikes four wheelers and dune buggies was fun and exilerating. But my favorite part was exploring this 9000 year old dried up lake bed. Watching the blue butterflies that only live be there and no where else in the world made me feel as small as the specks of sand in this big place. Also there is the old station for the pony express which I found especially interesting. Rich in history and family fun.