I’ll admit that when I first heard about truck bed tents, I was a little confused as to why this would be a thing. What, exactly, was the point of pitching your tent in the hard bed of a truck instead of on the ground?

Well, as it turns out, truck bed tents are growing in popularity for a few really solid reasons: convenience, comfort, and ease. Those three reasons sound pretty enticing for anyone who loves camping, especially for a quick weekend camping trip.

Whether your pickup truck is beat-up and trustworthy, or fresh off the lot and electric, truck bed tents are pretty darn cool.

Go Farther in 2019 With These 6 Truck Bed Tents

These six truck bed tents will make spontaneity your best friend…just load up your truck and go. Weather and locations shouldn’t deter you from camping. Forecast of rain? You’re off the ground in a completely enclosed, waterproof shelter.

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1. Kodiak Canvas

a truck bed tent attached to a car

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The Kodiak is a favorite among those who know and love truck bed tents. First, it’s made from 100% cotton duck canvas and finished with breathable, water-resistant Hydra-Shield. This tent is used successfully in all kinds of elements—strong winds, rains, light snowfall, humid temperatures–and the interior stays dry and mold-free.

There are 5 windows, two interior gear pockets, mesh screens, and a rear access hatch for entry to your truck’s cabin. While the tent is floor-less, there is 5 feet of headroom and it sleeps two comfortably.

The Kodiak comes in two sizes: regular (5.5 to 6.8 feet), and long (8 to 8.5 feet). There are some limitations in compatibility, so prior to purchasing, you’ll have to make sure that your truck bed is compatible with this particular tent (which will be the case with any truck bed tent, regardless). The features remain the same, and are sized accordingly.

Buy Now: $369

2. Sportz Truck Tent

a set up truck bed tent with a sun shade hanging out the back outdoors

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Great for hotter locales, the Sportz Truck Tent is one of the better options for lightweight, breezy, well-ventilated truck bed tents. There is 5 ½ feet of head room, and with its built-in floor, rear-awning, large door, and rear window, you’ll have plenty of cross-breeze, shade, and comfort with this tent—all while sleeping 2 people comfortably.

This tent is considerably lighter than the canvas tent, reviewed above (nearly half the weight, at 25 lbs.). Reviewers have all expressed the ease in which to set up this tent.

This series is available in 6 different sizes.

Buy Now: $269

3. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

a truck bed tent attached to a pickup truck outdoors

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Just because you have a smaller, more compact truck, does not mean that you’ll be missing out on the fun of truck bed tents. This compact truck tent by Guide Gear is designed specifically for smaller trucks, sleeping 2 comfortably, but with all the same features as other, larger truck bed tents. Made out of polyester with a waterproof treatment for body, roof, and floor, you’ll have plenty of ventilation with 3 mesh windows and a large door.

This tent is a solid option for smaller truck beds.

Buy Now: $79

4. Napier Backroadz

a green truck bet tent hooked up in a park

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The Napier Backroadz tent is one of the most spacious truck bed tents with over 5’6” of headroom. It’s incredibly easy to set up, too, which is a repeated pros on all of the reviews out there. There are two mesh windows for breathability in addition to a large door, and for convenience, there’s even a flap in the tent for charging electronics through your cab window. With a full floor, you’ll be fully protected from the elements.

One of the best features, in my opinion, is the pack’s compact size. While it sleeps 2 comfortably, this tent will fit easily behind your seat in the cab of your truck…making the possibility of a spontaneous camping trip an option at any time.

The Napier Backroadz is available in multiple sizes that will fit various types of trucks, so you’ll want to make sure that your truck is a compatible option for this tent.

Buy Now: $169

5. Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent

a grey and orange truck bed tent attached to a pickup truck

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This 2-person truck bed tents’ floorless design makes set-up a breeze. Waterproof, sturdy, and roomy enough for two people plus gear, this tent also features a roomy entryway, gear storage pockets, and a sky view vent that is a beautiful ventilation feature for the added bonus of watching the night sky. Additionally, there is a removable rain fly for added protection from the elements.

There are 8 different sizes available in the Rightline Gear truck bed tent series.

Buy Now: $179

6. Milliard Truck Tent

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This strong, ripstop grade material is made to last, so reliability and durability are the most often found pros when customers review this tent. There is a built-in floor, as well as storage pockets, a lantern hook, and mesh ventilation screens added to the doors and windows.

This 2-person tent was built with the idea that it would fit standard truck beds at 6.5 feet. As always with truck bed tents, you’ll want to double check before purchasing to make sure that your specific truck will fit this tent.

Buy Now: $199

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