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RVing and fishing close to home

Great environment. Gma, Daughter and 3 grandson. Close enought to go home and take care of livestock and go back for fun times. Fishing, riding a Trikke and playing family games in the evening.

Great Family Campground

We got into the KOA of San Antonio and it was very nice. Mainly catered to families as there were a ton of things for kids, bikes and scooters to rent. Swimming Pool, a few playground etc. Looked like they had put a lot of money into it recently and it was a perfect location. There was even a bus you could take to downtown and the River Walk. It was a very nice campground and we really liked it. I loved being able to take the bus to the Almo and Riverwalk and not have to drive. They are working to add things to this KOA and update it.

One of the perfect campgrounds we think

We left Holiday Village RV Resort on Tuesday but we were their for 12 days and really loved the area. We had the best neighbors. Tons of Deer.

They have a pool and club house. You can walk around the area we took a couple of walks a day. Bring your boat they have a boat ramp and you can fish and get to the lake easily.

It has the sites around a huge open area that is filled with deer part of the day.

Great place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

It was a little hard to get to so follow their instructions well especially when they say you may think you have gone to far just keep going.

We loved that it only had 30 sites that they were nice size sites, that it was in the middle of nowhere, you were not listening to traffic all night, no train tracks, folks were very nice and you could see the stars. I also liked that it was an easy drive to areas we wanted to visit. Sits in the middle of the Hill Country of Texas.

Just over an hour to get into San Antonio 45 minutes to make Kerrville WE went to Kerrville numerous times we did have a few different adventures there. One was at the Kerrville Hills Winery. It was fun and we tasted some pretty good wines, of course we bought a few also.  Did you know the Hill Country has 54 wineries? 

 About an hour to Fredricksburg One day we spent walking around Fredricksburg TX. Did a few wine tastings at a few shops but no real wineries just tasting rooms. Not really the same. Had a great lunch at a good German restaurant. I forgot how good real German food is. The downtown still has some of the very old buildings but the town sure has grown.

One day we took the back roads into San Antonio and went to the river walk. Loved it. WE even took the boat ride.. It was fun and we ate at a Mexican Restaurant and watched everyone go by. 

We spent a few days just in the campground just relaxing. You could really walk around the area and we explored some of the places for sale, it is a Holiday resort but also has all year long residents.  

We are planing on coming back.


Great park with gated entry, pool, clean bathrooms, great dog area, and pizza delivered in a golf cart. The thing that makes this park so amazing is the staff. They are professional and helpful.

Great place!

The staff is very helpful and friendly. Very affordable and has everything you need for fishing and camping. We loved walking the trails and seeing deer and other wildlife. We absolutely loved it!

Ranger Review: Primus Trail Backpacking Stove At Boulderdash Cabin & RV

Texas is such a large state finding great campgrounds can quickly get a little overwhelming. There are so many amazing outdoor spaces and camping options that unless you really have something specific in mind you can get caught up comparing sites trying to determine which is the perfect fit for you.  

This has always been the case for me in my home state and I feel as though I have missed many great locations as a result. One hidden gem I hadn’t yet discovered was Boulderdash Cabin And RV on Lake Medina just outside of Bandera.

I was pleased to have this one brought to my attention and after booking through The Dyrt’s new online booking system I packed up my car in anticipation of a great trip down south. My original day to visit was met by some of the unpredictable Texas weathers, torrential downpour lasting 2 two days. I say that to say this, the campground owner and hosts were fully understanding of the predicament of me being a tent camper and unable to fully be able to enjoy the location in such conditions.  As a result they allowed me to push my reservation, something many campgrounds would not be so accommodating to do. 

This set the tone for my trip and was echoed throughout my stay, amazing and kind customer service!

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Campground Review:

Finally arriving at my site mid afternoon after a long drive, I was ready to get out and explore but also relax. I was greeted by the campground hosts upon my arrival with such a pleasant and welcoming reception. They showed me to my site, gave me a short tour of the small camp and told me a bit about the area so I could fully enjoy the amenities and know what to expect for a nights stay at the location.

Amongst the highlights were the lake where you can fish, kayak, take in the sun or have a great moment around the fire ring, the nightly deer feeding just alongside the entry road and an additional patio for sunning or enjoying a peaceful retreat.

The camp itself is very small, but with that comes a lot of charm. They did mention that there is currently underway an expansion possibly on the waterfront for additional tent camping options to expand the single tent site now available.  For those visiting in an RV there are several spaces available currently with substantial parking area for larger units in addition to the lake cabin featuring 3 bedrooms and an ample porch for outdoor entertaining. 

The charm of the campground is definitely in the details from painted rocks around the patio area, the campground mascots hanging out at key places for interaction, the unique bathhouse created from a small horse trailer and equipped with rustic finishings and the deer corn and bird seed left for each camper so they can interact more with their surroundings. This is a place which uniquely unveils itself the more you explore.

I had seen photos of the location but did not fully know what to expect, and boy was I surprised at how different my visit was than other reviewers from the site. When I arrived the lake was almost to the top of the camp border retainer wall, unlike other photos which I had seen when there was little to no water to explore.  Apparently the earlier in the season the more water usually you will find because later in the season the water is used for irrigation in surrounding areas and it becomes very low. Spring and early summer is the ideal time for lake related activities while late summer and fall are more about the discovery you can find along the banks and bed of the lake, which is more like hiking in my opinion.


  • Book in advance, especially if tent camping due to limited space. The Dyrt booking system is a perfect way to do this because it is extremely user friendly and allows you to communicate with the owner directly after your booking is confirmed if you have questions or any changes which need to be made before your reservation. 
  • GPS can be a bit tricky on the lake roads. While getting to the general proximity works well, the division of roads can be hit or miss with some GPS systems.  I use an Iphone and it had me take an extra block just to get to ultimately the same location I could have been a couple of minutes earlier had it have told me just to go straight.
  • Take advantage of the patio down the hill by the water. There is a full picnic table, 4 loungers and a fire ring with benches in this area. You can drive down or walk down, set up and have a great meal right by the water. 
  • Don’t forget to ask about kayaks! There are 2 kayaks available for rent, you need only ask in advance to reserve them for your usage.

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For More Information About Bandera CLICK HERE

Product Review:

As a Ranger for the Dyrt, in addition to having access to great campgrounds, I also am given the opportunity to try and review products and gear best suited for my active camping lifestyle. For my trip to Baulderdash I was able to prepare all my meals using the Primus Power Trail Backpacking Stove With Piezo.

I was a little worried I wouldn’t have the stove before my trip with only a couple of weeks between booking and estimated camping date, however from order to delivery there was less than a week’s time, arriving well before I departed for my trip. To be honest I didn’t want to try it out or anything until I arrived at my campsite so I could get a true feel for the size, the function and overall experience since this was my first Primus item.

First Impression: 

The size seemed a good fit for what I was looking for.  I have used a camping stove previously and knew I wanted something similar in size but also something which would address all my previous concerns with the other brand. 

What Were My Previous Brand Concerns?:

  • Uneven Heating
  • Wind 
  • Heating Time
  • Starting
  • Balancing

With all these concerns, I decided to play it safe and make sure I had the instructions with me just in case. (Available in multiple languages) And while I did read them, I really didn’t have to because the stove was very user friendly when I actually started assembling it. (I would suggest a new user who has never used a backpacking stove to give it a quick once over)

I opted for this stove because of its 4 stove balancing points. My previous stove had only 3 and many times it made it difficult to balance when my surface was not entirely even or if my food was slightly shifted in my pan. The 4 points are pulled upward from their fold and locked into place tightly, giving another layer of security to me when using the stove and checking off one of my concerns.

The stove attaches to your propane bottle by screwing it onto the top.  With this you want to have a firm hold because if it is not screwed on tight enough it will not start. You will quickly know if it isn’t on tight enough when you twist the piezo because you will not hear the gas flowing. I learned this on the second use when I was making my breakfast and I thought I had broken it by not putting it in my bag the same way it had been previously. Gave me a little panic, only to discover it was operator error not stove damage.

Having the piezo and igniter fully eliminated my frustrations which came from starting and lighting the previous stove, which I always felt was a bit dangerous because you would have to ignite it right at the source of the gas and many times it would intensely flair up. The Primus keeps you at a safe distance from the actual starting of the flame so check off another concern!

To cook on the stove I opted to really test its heating ability. I did so using chilled water, wanting to see just how long it actually would take to bring it to a rolling boil for use on a variety of common camping needs.  Less than 10 minutes and my water was rolling and steaming maxing out temps high enough for pretty much anything I could ever need from creating an egg omelet in a sandwich bag, hydrating a meal, boiling water safe consumption or making piping hot water thermos for keeping warm in my tent on a cold night. 

In my opinion, the timing was very good. In addition, though there was a bit of wind it seemed to continue burning consistently instead of all of the flames shifting to a single side.  While I didn’t test the overall even cooking because I had only boiled water I can only assume from the other results that this also would be addressed and answered by the balancing and also even flame.

I hydrated a dehydrated meal for dinner, anyone who has done this before knows if the water isn’t warm enough it will not cook through and you will be eating pure crunchy starch. That meal turned out great! In the morning, I made my protein packed oatmeal with dehydrated fruits and a coffee.  Layering the fruits on the bottom to allow them the most access to hydrating following with oats and protein powder I was able to with the Primus create a breakfast quality mirroring that of what I could have made with a full kitchen at home requiring a stove, chopping block and coffee maker, all with a single burner.


  • Try the Primus pots to cook with on the stove. Designed by Primus the materials are durable and have a non-stick element to them that is unmatched in my opinion. Not to mention by using these you are guaranteed an even cook because they are designed with the perfect dimensions for the cook surface and when using you will not have to worry about your pot or pan being sized to large on your surface and becoming tipsy.
  • Store items together. If you do choose to use the Primus pots and pans, you can easily store your Power Trail Backpacking Stove within its pouch and inside the pots and pans to reduce your footprint in you bag or when storing your items when not traveling. Think of those nesting dolls and how they stow one inside another, this is basically the same thing.

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Good but too much horse excrement

It's a good place to go with family but too much horse excrement for next family to stay

Loved it!

We called ahead and got a good idea of what we needed and what to expect. Upon arrival, we were beyond impressed. Wendy was so helpful and accommodating. She didn't rush us or seem bothered even though we came just after closing. (We didn't know!) We were able to take advantage of their active duty special. The store had everything we needed that we didn't grab beforehand. (Fire wood and energy drinks, plus cow candy for the little one!) She not only got us our map she was kind enough to actually take us to our site and show us where the facilities were. Since we came during the week, no one else was using the primitive tent sites with us which made for a private and exclusive experience. During the night, we could still hear trains and airplane but none of that could've ruined our amazing night. We were provided with a fire ring and couldn't have asked for more. She made sure to give us a 24 hour phone number in case there were ANY problems. Definitely will be back any time we are in town. Thank you again.

Not bad Not great

This place is close to San Antonio, but the sites are sardene like and there si no shade. This is an ok place to spend a night but nothing really nature about it.

Great spot!

Nice park with room between campers, and lakeside!

Awesome horseback riding trails!

Absolutely love the trails here! The views are breathtaking and the trails vary from easy to challenging. The only issue we’ve encountered is that the new maps don’t always give an accurate description of how challenging the trails are. The staff work really hard to keep the trails maintained, but heavy rains will cause the trails to erode, so they will close the trails depending on the weather. Hiking, biking and horseback riding are all allowed and hikers and bikers are required to yield the right of way to horseback riders. I’ve ridden horseback here for many years and have always found the hikers and bikers to be very considerate. Shoes or boots are recommended since most trails are rocky. The Trailhead Equestrian Camp has 6 sites with two pens at each site and water should be available in April 2019 at each site. There’s a vault toilet and water for horses centrally located in the camping area. There’s also a round pen for supervised use. Camping with electric hookups is available at Chapa campground on a first come basis unless reserving the entire campground. The Group Lodge is also available for groups. Check out the TPWD website for more information.

Nice Campground

We stay there for 3 months last winter. Campground is a good location to visit San Antonio and the surrounding area. The owners are great people and they always have things going on for the campers. You can fish in the creek or just relax. They have great campfires for everyone to enjoy.

Very nice for KOA

This is one of the nicest KOAs I’ve stopped at. Everyone was friendly at check in, the place is clean, and it isn’t all rock like many KOAs. They have several bathroom/shower buildings scattered around, and some have large “family shower rooms “ which is nice. There is even regular bus service from right in front downtown to the Alamo and Riverwalk. Be sure to visit the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park. Beautiful churches scattered along an easy drive.


Rocky and uphill both ways.


Available to all retired military and active duty…others but not sure who…Beautiful sites……..


Beautiful….very nice dog park…just really nice people and very helpful….

Really enjoyed it!

The views are amazing of the lake. We thought it was clean and well kept and were able to enjoy the spacing and the quiet. The kids enjoyed hikes in area and we even were able to have local family visit us as guests. Definitely will return again.

First to Review
Convenient clean dog friendly

In my opinion the best park in San Antonio. Large spaces,mature live oaks,beautiful pool,convenient to many attractions, lakes,rivers etc.

Great campground

Easy to access, even for larger rigs. We stayed in 39 foot 5th wheel. Plenty of pull thru spots, full hookups, regularly spaced bathroom/showers. Nice store for basic needs, nice laundry room. Great CG to view wildlife. Deer will literally eat feed out of your hands.

True Hill Country Experience

The campsites were spacious and there were quite a few options. There were quite a few trail systems closed that day due to the weather, but even with the limitations we were able to hike a good variety of trail. Be sure to get the info packet on the trails so that you don't find yourself hiking the equestrian trails as they can be a little rough for hikers. Be sure to hike to the top of the hill and enjoy a coffee on the bench - amazing view of the hill country!

I camp here often

Although this park is safe on its on canyon lake and the people are nice, improvements are needed. The place has trash everywhere, sad they dont pick it up under the look outs and the hiking trail and around the beach area. The bathroom is a mess, no sink, toilets leak , showers are like going into a power was station.

nice, bare

can be long hikes and hot

Camping spots look nice

The camping spots are quite private. Each one in a little nook. They're building new bathrooms so I dont think the Johnnie on the Spot will be the only bathroom for long. Make sure to plan for the weather as all the trails close if they are wet. They do have a casual walking path when the others are wet or you just want to still. My rating is purely based on a visit during arain event so I cant speak for how nice the whole park is. Took a pic of the camping spots on the way out.

Labor day weekend

Large RV Park. Large lake Frontage. Get there early. first-come-first-served policy. Sites are good size. Most have plenty of shade. Deer walk around the park all day and night. Dog friendly even with "aggressive" dog breeds. Very much a plus for us. Very quiet and peaceful. Needing to be a member to get entry code at front gate or have to call number for front desk clerk to let you in was annoying. Everyone was friendly and the employees were helpful

Top notch RV resort.

It is almost exactly what you’d expect and want. A pricey place to stay, but very close to downtown San Antonio with all the amenities and services you would expect to find and a high end RV resort. Laundry, a dog park, free WiFi, large paved roads and well spaced sites. Showers were in great shape and staff were incredibly friendly. If you have the cash and want to be close to downtown, this is the place!

Wonderful natural area with various levels of horseback riding trails

Love the trails and camping at the HCSNA. Camping is primitive unless you rent the Lodge or Chapas group camping, but the scenery and trails are varied and it’s not far to town. Some of the riding trails are quite challenging but there are plenty of moderate and easy trails to ride. Shoes or boots are recommended for horses due to the rocky terrain.

ok for a night

it was safe and the water is beautiful. The curfue for entering the park is quite early. The lady at the gate was unpleasant. There was a lot of litter.

Spacious, quiet & diverse

Super camping & hiking with our dog and friends. Set up two tents at one site, and had plenty of space for everyone. The hiking was great with some challenging trails and some moderate ones, which allowed us to explore quite a bit of the park. Seemed to boast lots of fossils according to some fellow hikers.

Convenient to explore San Antonio

Easy way to see San Antonio with a bus stop right outside to take you to Riverwalk and other sites. Bus is safe, inexpensive and runs often. Park has many long term residents but well kept. Sites adequate. Some trees but they dropped pods everywhere.

Stagged were very helpful and friendly, full of great information.Did not use amenities.

Boulderdash tent camping

this was a great location for spending some time on the medina river and close to medina lake. we camped in the tent camping area above the cabin. it's a bit of a steep walk from the campsite to the river, but not bad. we were able to carry our kayake with no problem. we were also able to use part of the grassy lawn next to the cabin which is closer to the river. only downside was a lot of dogs barking all night long. but if the time of year is right you will see fireflies and lots of deer. overall we enjoyed it a lot.