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Epic Native Beach Camping

The largest barrier island in the world known for sheltering sea turtles. Make sure if you camp on the 50 miles of beach to bring long stakes to hold down your shade and tent - and camp way back to keep from waking up wet. Actual sites are great and have plugins as well.

Beautiful and natural!

This is PRIMITIVE (even 1 mile down there’s no luxuries)= bring plenty of H20, food, GAS, supplies and a 4wd for the farther down areas. Having some understanding of beach camping will serve you well! The wind can easily blow over fiberglass pole tents (metal is best w/sandbag type weights & sand tent stakes, you will thank me!), the tide can sneak up and bury your tires while you sleep, read the beach and park accordingly. A shovel for a level sleeping area, dig out or unfortunately removing the occasional trash is a good idea. Come prepared to go without cell service and resort to communicating with one another! Any style portable toilet is necessary! I use a Nemo pressure shower to stay clean and sane. Pack it in, pack it out. Dumpster/toilets at beach entrance. The beach is a road, beware of speeding vacationers @ all hours. The Malaquite visitors center has showers and a park store. Rates are amazing for the experience trade off! Pay at the booth at the entrance or at the toilet/dumpster area (honor system). A great place to enjoy the beauty of the Texas coast!

RV Camping

Loved the community

A Bad Thirty Day Long Blind date

Be careful to check what you are getting into before you give them any money. If you are not happy here you are free to leave but they will not be returning your money. $470 plus electricity a month is cheap. The plus cost of electricity which you are not going to find out until ten days after you leave. Is a total rip off. $100 to run a refrigerator, TV, an occasional light and a fan for a month. God help you if you turn on your AC. Kiss good bye to your$200 deposit. This place is by no means worth their by the day charge of$70. 

This is not a RVer’s vacation spot. It is a low rent trailer park filled with permanent residents. Do not expect the usual camaraderie found at vacation spots. There are a lot of people living here that you never see. My home Town of Paradise was destroyed by fire in 2 hours on Nov 8th 2018. I look for escape routes and fire exits. Sea Breeze has none. It has one way in and out with a narrow pinch point at the trash containers that will be a bottle neck in case of fire. For anyone trying to get out and preventing fire trucks from entering the property. Not all of the wires are underground or well maintained. Just days after I left, I was told the old overhead wiring I worried about where I was parked, did start sparking. Sparking electrical wires caused the fire that burned my home to the ground. Keep a go bag handy. When a fire starts here you will have to abandon you car and RV to escape on foot. I saw only one fire hydrant in the park. 

It was far from a welcoming experience. I wanted to leave that same day but they had my money. I could not afford to write it off by leaving. I booked a month in Port Aransas where the Gulf Coast beach is that very day. 

There is no beach at Sea Breeze. The shoreline is littered with construction demo debris. They do have a swimming pool. The slow speed wifi will let you watch Netflix most of the time. If is pretty much useless for anything else like FaceBook, Couchtuner, ECT. It took overnight to download pictures. Although the fellow they send to“ fix" the wifi was one of the few friendly staff I encountered during my stay. 

If you are looking for a low rent trailer park to stay in and are willing to forgo safety to save money Sea Breeze may be the place for you. 

They really don’t seem to care about bad reviews. The rude staff is a common complaint spanning years without improvement.

Gorgeous beach camping

Amazing coast and camping. Marred only by the speeding trucks and park personnel whose main job appears to be making sure the beach is clear for trucks to continue speeding.

Family Friendly, breezy, clean, Swimming pool.

Facilities include fishing pier and swimming pool. Family friendly medium priced. Horseshoes, pet run, Wi Fi included.

Large Shaded sites; pet friendly; Adult Only

Easy access to Rockport and Aransas Pass Texas.  Only 10 minutes from Port Aransas Texas.  Sites are large and quiet.

Nice place.

Stayed here many days!

Really on the Beach!

As you drive on PR22 you feel yourself getting to a slower way of living! Once thru the main entrance enjoy the drive. You'll pass the Visitor center on your left, be sure to stop in. They have an excellent little gift shop, great displays & good information. It is also where you can shower. Several good overlooks of the beach also. Worth the stop!

Once you reach the pavement and you're on the beach, just a couple of miles past the Visitor Center. There's a bathroom & dumpsters at that point.

Continue on and you're driving on Padre Island beach! It's beautiful! The first 5 miles are where RV's & regular cars & vans can get with no issues. At the 5 mile point you'll see a sign that says high clearance, 4X4 only part this point. The sand gets heavier, deeper & harder to get thru at that point.

1-4.5 miles from the road are the places to RV camp. Beyond is for the adventurous & tenters!

I found a spot about 1 mile I . It was great! Got my RV 🚐 level, place to park my 4X4, breezy & beautiful!

If you're a sun & sand person, you'll be in heaven! 🐸 LOL. For me, my favorite time is about 7pm to 8am! I cook quite easily! 🐸

Not too many people during the week. Enough room the even on Cinco de Mayo weekend the beach was not packed…busy, but with room left over!

If you do the beach, only fee is park entrance fee. You can stay up to 14 days. Be sure to pack it more teach than you generate to help the beach! Make sure you have extra clothes. I highly recommend either a good weather app on phone or a NOAA weather radio, or both!

I spent 6 nights there…it was awesome! Would have stayed longer but weather got me! Between a storm front & wind driven tides, 7th morning woke up to the tide under me! 🐸 LOL! Called in the cavalry…my kids…to come help me dig it & pull me out! But it was grand!

If you have the National Parks annual pass or the Senior Pass, it is free camping on the beach. If you need supplies it is about a 22 mile roundtrip to Wally & HEB.

Would I recommend this beach - YES! Excellent views, great wildlife, peaceful & breathtaking!

For more of my adventure, please go to… or

Enjoy the Nature! 🐸

Love this rv park!

I love this rv park! They have a pool, it's nice and quiet at night time and the fishing is the best!

Beautiful,peaceful and quiet.

Very clean and well maintained. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended.

Great Beach community

This is right on the beach with hard packed sand. Hard enough to hold large RV's. A beach parking permit is needed and can be picked up at the local Stripes gas station. Currently the permit is $12 for a year. However, parking in the same spot for a few days are allowed then you need to move. There are miles of beach to move to. Only Port a pots in the parking areas, no other facilities.

Port A RV Resort

Sites are good size, staff friendly. Nice pool and hot tub. No planned activites.

So so

Nice staff. Small crowded park. Lots of old run down RVs for the cost of 45 a night.

Nice place

Rebuilding everything is like new! Lost over 47 trailers to the 12’ water surge from Harvey. Wonderful owner and staff also the least expensive of all the open campgrounds on Port A. Looks awesome now lots of hard work. Pay these folks a visit!


Beach camping and the state park is still closed. Unknown when it may reopen. Still lots of devastation from Harvey. Although on the road to recovery.

Convenient to beach and nearby turtle hatchlings.

Toilets & showers on site. No food nearby. Purchase supplies before entering island.

Busy on holiday weekends

Amazing! Bring huge kites with tons of string or you will feel left out!

It’s ok

It’s not bad for a Texas beach campground. Very little shade, picnic areas could be a bit bigger- it’s texas a s it’s hot, shade is a must.

Convenient location!

Colonia Del Ray is a nice little park, nothing to fancy. We usually stay here when visiting family that lives in Flower Bluff. It is a very convenient location, about five minutes from an HEB and within thirty minutes of most of the Corpus Christi attractions. They have a lot of rental spots for such a small park, so there is not much room between you and your neighbors. If you going for a fun trip at the beach you wouldn’t be spending much time at your RV anyway.

The rate is forty bucks a night for an RV with free wi-fi and cable. The facilities are clean, but don’t expect much scenery. There are not many trees, but at least you can see the ocean. There are coin laundry machines, pool, playground, and a mini gated dog area. I believe they have rental cabins on one side of the park. It seems like locals use this park to post up their boats and RVs as well. You can make reservations online, and the owners of the place are very kind.

Flower Bluff is a great town with wonderful people. Make sure you check out some of the locally eateries. About two blocks from the park is a seafood restaurant located on the water with a huge deck. They have excellent food and it is in walking distance which is a plus! Also if you have kids take them to the U.S.S Lexington! It is so awesome and hands-on with airplanes on the top deck!

Love this place

Not a lot of sites but was clean and great showers unfortunately it was destroyed by hurricane Harvey

One of the best in Texas

Beautiful quiet and safe.

NAS camping

Very nice campground if you don’t take your dogs or walk barefoot. Lots of what I call goat head stickers. It also has a constant wind flow but beautiful views and lots of beach walking. Clean laundry room, close to town but you’ll need a car. No base transportation from this area. You will need reservations to secure a spot.

Great camping for the family

get there early as weekends fill up fast. we usually get there Wednesday night and stay till the following Wednesday. June-July are great to go and watch the sea turtle releases.

camp right on the beach

you are camping right on the beach. you will wake up to the sounds of the ocean, and gorgeous sunrises. since you are right on the beach, bring baby powder to remove sand from your skin. the restrooms here (prior to the hurricane) were not great. the campground has been closed since the hurricane, but they are building new restrooms and they are looking really nice! I’ve seen amazing sea life on this beach including: sea turtles, stingrays, starfish, and blue crabs. I’ve also had a great time shelling on these beaches. you can’t have public display of alcohol because it’s a Texas state park- so it’s not a party spot. however, if you are looking for a peaceful, quiet place to build a campfire and watch the waves roll in, this is your spot.


My husband and I travel for his job and live in our RV. The hitch in Post is one of the better places we’ve stayed. The staff was incredibly friendly and nice, the club house bathrooms and showers were very clean, laudromat and propane refills onsite at a good price. We have no complaints about our time spent there.

Peace on a beach!

We have family that lives in Flower Bluff (basically Corpus Christi) and Mustang Island is just 15 miles from Flower Bluff. We usually do Thanksgiving at their house so it is convenient for us to stay here. It is a nice clean beach with some great fishing spots. (Fishing is free and legal in state Texas state parks without a license.)

The beach is away from the touristy areas of Corpus! They do have RV hookups up from the beach, but they have primitive camping directly on the beach with a permit, which is what we do. It is only a short walk to the bathrooms and covered picnic tables. It is just 5 dollars to get in, or free if you have a State Park pass. There is also a little store in the park with snacks and stuff but nothing to fancy. Also bathrooms are port-a-potties, but hey! it's the beach!

You can swim, fish, kayak or hike! The hiking trails are nice, just not a whole lot of shade. Very easy trails nothing to extreme, but great for kids! They also have a wonderful paddling trail along the coastline , so don't forget the kayak!

There is lots to do around the park as well. If you have kids, which is our main concern when going new places, there are a lot of educational attractions. There is an aquarium in Corpus. Don't expect Sea World, it is smaller, but just as fun. There is also the USS Lexington which is my little boy's favorite! You can go inside and tour the ship, plus there are airplanes parked on the top!! We also saw some Sea turtles being releases back into the wild so make sure you check for events around you!!

Hot sticky paradise

Imagine parking your temporary home 10 feet away from

the ocean. That’s padre island national seashore. No, there aren’t hookups in the place where we stayed, but getting to wake up with the sun and step right into the water was worth the heat and humidity at night. Make sure you pack in lots of drinking water! This beach had the most wildlife we had seen in a while: man o wars, sand sharks, clams, plenty of seabirds. Definitely an amazing experience.

Malaquite Campground

People friendly. Tent camping on beach.could be quite sandy. Sand will go through mosquito netting. Keep pets leashed!

First Release of Seaturtles 2018

The showers were warm in June.There is no warm water setting . Man-O-War on beach be careful. I wished motorhomes would turn off their lights at night, so we could get a full view of the awesome sky.