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Most Recent Big Bend National Park Camping Reviews

We camped at las Buras 3 it was quite the drive in and a very rough do not attempt if you do not have 4x4 and don’t mind getting a few new scratches. It takes a good 2.5hrs to get to the camp site. It is a beautiful spot and very very secluded.

Looks can be deceiving

We weren't sure what to think upon arrival. The park is very stark, sitting right off the road that runs through the Terlingua desert.  The laundry and restrooms are in an old mobile home. It didn't look like there were many services at the park. Once we got settled in, however, we realized it was a great place.  Great location close to the village of Terlingua and all the services, close to Big Bend State Park, and close to Big Bend National Park.  In addition, the people were great.  We even had a communal fire in the evenings and shared our day's adventures.  We will definitely be returning!

Incredible campground views

We did a road trip from CA to TX and decided to camp at Big Bend NP on the way to Austin. Since we were traveling during their less busy season (first week of October 2019) we were able to find a site on first come first serve basis. It was a little warmer than used to, but it was not that bad honestly. Especially once night fall hit, it was chilly and comfy. Something I wasn’t a big fan of was that no camp fires were allowed, which I understand with the climate and all. But it was just so dark and I’m used to having a fire for light and hanging around having beers. The camp host was so kind! He gave us a lot of information on the area and let us know that there is a bear (aged at almost teen) who likes to roam the campground. He’s just a curious little guy and leaves. I was kind of excited to see him but didn’t end up seeing the guy. We hiked the window trail since we only had one day/night to explore the area unfortunately. But that was such a worthy hike! I had never seen anything like it. Campground overall very clean and beautiful with restrooms right nearby, showers are a drive up hill to the visitors center, and a camp host ready to help on site!

Mosquitoes everywhere

There was a little creek with standing water at the back of the campground. This meant that there were so many mosquitoes at our campsite that we were unable to spend any amount of time outside of our vehicle while we were there. Our campsite was #2 on loop 4. A general store with laundry and shower facilities was available nearby, so that was nice.

Isolated tucked away in the foothills

Great site tucked in-between foothills.  Nice sized space with picnic table and fire pit.  Plenty of room for multiple tents and additional vehicles.  Could bring small camper but one washout in road could prove challenging unless have short tongue and higher clearance.  Old windmill and tank make for nice scenery.  No bear box.  About 20-30 mnts from ranger station on dirt and bumpy roads.  Nice solitude and very peaceful!

great place for beauty and solitude

3 large sites that share one parking area.  vistas and views are incredible and almost located exactly in the "middle of nowhere".  wonderful place to watch sun rise and set over mountains.  One large bear box that is shared by all three tent sites. great base camp to explore the southern half of the park and you could spend your entire trip never seeing a paved road.  Around 20-30 mnt travel time from Panther Junction to site.  There is one considerable dip in road leading to site that may prevent all but the shortest tongued pull behinds from reaching the site. If you do get a trailer there, it will be staged in the parking area as the wooden borders that designate the tent camp areas are too narrow to get any vehicle thru. Be prepared to be isolated and tranquil and all the beauty that comes with it!!

One of my favorite spots I've ever camped, Yedra 1

We camped at Yedra 1 for 2 nights during our trip to BBNP, Guadalupe Mountains NP, Carlsbad Caverns NP. This was our favorite spot of the whole trip and in my top 3 camp spots I've ever been to. Yes, the road to get here is rough but not bad. Sedans would be fine on the main road but side road to Yedra was tight with some large pits (our wrangler was fine). Each camp site has a nice fire pit and picnic table. As you can see Yedra 1 has spectacular views. I was worried about the proximity to Yedra 2 and papalitto but there are miles between each site and you truly feel alone. Yedra sits in between the main road and ranger station. The ranger station and showers are amazing! Staff is super friendly and helpful. Bathrooms were clean and water was hot.

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Worth it to camp outside of the park

We stayed at Rancho Topenga for 2 nights during our week long trip at Big Bend National Park(we also stayed in the park for 2 nights). We wish we would have stayed at Rancho Topenga for more nights than we did. It's only about 20 minutes to the park entrance from the campground. Guy, the owner, takes such good care of his campground. The showers and bathrooms are amazing and meticulously clean (sorry I didn't take any pictures, you'll have to trust me). Some of the campsites are a little close together but have more space than the established campgrounds within the park would have. In addition to having showers and flushing toilets, you can have a fire which is a huge bonus for us. Each campsite has a fire ring, picnic table, and tent pad. You can hear a little road traffic(depending on what site you get, some might have more noise). The sunsets were amazing here and we liked walking around the property to say hi to his dogs and horse. We would definitely recommend Rancho Topenga for camping while in BBNP.

Seclusion but lacks scenery

My husband and I stayed at Grapevine site 5 during park peak season. Sites 4 and 5 are at the very end of Grapevine Road. Sites 4 and 5 are close but there is plenty of privacy and you would never know there's another group out there close to you. It's about a 15-20 minute drive to get to 4 and 5. The road is dirt and gravel with a couple of areas with deep ruts but we were in a wrangler and did fine. A large SUV might do OK. Sedans would be questionable. It's obviously way out of the crowds since it takes awhile to get there. Sites 4 and 5 are about another mile after the Balanced Rock/Grapevine Trailhead which can get crowded during the day. We loved being out of the crowds. However, sight 5 had a lot of overgrown brush so you couldn't really see anything. Site 4 on grapevine has much better views (we would recommend booking site 4 over site 5). The bear/javelina box is nice to have (however I'm guessing most people would drive there). Since it's a NP, no fires are allowed which is a bummer while camping. There's also no picnic table. We did like that it is somewhat central to to park so it's easy to get to your day time activities.

Quiet, beautiful trees and scenery

When we visited a few years ago, the camp was sparsely populated. Javelinas were about though, so exercise caution.