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Most Recent Breckenridge Camping Reviews
Very nice RV park

This is a nice RV park with a meeting room and work very well for Chapter meetings

Big Beautiful PK State Park

What can I say? PK State Park is beautiful with full hookups right on the lake. All the facilities you need are here and in good shape. Highly recommend!

Chaparrel camp site #112
 First impression- 112 is located perfectly right across from the bathrooms, and has a semi “easy to access” water’s edge. Not ideal for kayak releasing, but there was a small cubby hole in the rock where the water comes in that we discovered once the other half arrived. 
 Only about a 35-45 minute drive to Hells Gate, which seems to be a hot spot for parties. Boats all tied together, bands playing, beer drinking, good time spot. That was where we met Carol, who allowed us to access her property to unload the kayaks, and proceeded to have an incredible time, being the only two people on kayaks in a multi million dollar neighborhood. 
 Stopped at Boondocks Bar and Grill, and met the lady responsible for the pea salad... an unsung hero of the culinary world. 
 Once back at the campsite, we had the privilege of meeting the state representative/ rule enforcer that happened to be on duty that night. He gave us a lesson on how to properly consume alcohol while on the campsite, even though no one was being harmed by the methods chosen to do so before he arrived. 
 Someone from the group thought it would be a good idea to leave out the chips and queso, previously ordered at Boondock’s, for the raccoons. It would have been adorable to be able to feed them by hand, the chips, that we had learned they absolutely loved, not too long before. Once they arrived, we would surprise them from out of nowhere, and shower them with love and affection, in hopes they would take to us as family, and allow us to hand feed them. We were very surprised to find, not only were they not raccoons, they were skunks, but also, skunks also enjoy the salty taste of a tortilla chip or two as well. I regret to inform you, that we were not able to hand feed them like we hoped, but all in all, the skunks were an exciting addition to the adventure. 
 Overall, I would say it was a trip that was

better than expected, in a very peaceful environment.

First to Review
Free tent camping

Located on Possum Kingdom Lake, Bug Beach has tent camping (without designated sites), a boat ramp and roped of swimming area. There are a few fire pits, picnic tables and shaded areas to pitch a tent along with restrooms. A general store is located 5-10 minutes down the road for drinking water and food needs. During the summer months this area gets busy but there is plenty of room to pitch a tent.

Our favorite Texas State Park!

We have been camping here for about 35 years.  Started out tent camping and now prefer a RV.  Love this park.  Many of the campsites are directly on the water, the wind coming off the water will keep you cool in the summer.  We camp here year round.  We camp to relax and this is great place for this.

Texas beauty

I have visited here many times and now that some time has passed since the golden alge epidemic that the area has returned to it's natural beauty.

Great place to kayak!

This is one of my favorite parks to kayak or canoe at! You can rent them right there at the dock. You can rent jet skis, as well! You can’t get to the famous Hells Gate from the park, but if you take the loop through a private community called Sportsman’s World, you will run right into a view of it.

It's as if the stars are so close you can almost touch them.

Rhis has to be one of my fave places to camp. There is so much to see.

Fort Griffin Camping Trip

Wonderful place to see the stars at night. I have been here a few times before and it doesn’t disappoint. Clean bathroom facilities and a nice quiet place overall. I definitely will be coming back here as it is only a few hours from Dallas.

Path of resistance

The campgrounds at PK look well kept and cleaned up. The trails are nice. They have plenty of shaded areas as much as they do have open and sunny areas. Summer I was alil weary of the sunny areas because of the overgrowth of vegetation on the trail for the worry of a rattlesnake encounter. Other than that there are nice wide trails and great outlooks of the lake for just sitting back to rest with a view or snapping a few photos. You can see far on some spots. Overall it was a good experience. Might look into camping there once warmer weather hits us again.