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Appropriately named

Just like the name says, there are some amazing views from this campground. They have lots of options, tent camping, RV spots, and cabins. My family stayed in one of the cabins on the cliff on our way up into Utah. The views were beautiful and unreal. They were a little pricy, but I’d say it was worth it for the scenery. 

There are some really cool hikes in the area too. Definitely check out Goulding arch and wildcat trail. The slot canyons in the area are pretty cool to see. Also, there’s a lot of cool Native American history to learn about in the area. This was an awesome place to hang around in for a couple of days.

It’s all in the name.

Pros: The view. Duh. Unbeatable. Near everything - guided tours, visitor center, restaurant, showers all within easy walking distance. The desert sand is nice and soft!

Cons: Tent sites are separated from RV’s which is nice but put together in such a small space that sites are literally on top of each other. For not even a picnic table 20$ isn’t cheap.

Surreal beauty

I can't say enough how much i loved camping at The View. 

We arrived at the campground at 11:30pm and were so afraid we'd be unable to register or find our site in the dark, let alone set up our tent. Luckily, if you arrive after 10:00 or so, you can register at the hotel on-site. Staff is incredible helpful. Apparently we were not the only late arrivals; quite a few seemed to be setting up and/or showering when we arrived. And lucky for us, a high, bright moon made it easy to see and get around, and provided one of the most majestic views of the rock formations i can imagine. We kept the tent fly off to enjoy the views all night.

Parking is a few feet away from the campsites; you'll have to carry your gear in. Be aware that there are rattle snakes and scorpions in the area. Staff warned us to close bathroom doors and tent doors behind you.  We saw a snake in the morning, but it did not look like a rattlesnake. Security circles around at night, which was comforting for me.

No additional costs for showers, but you do need a bathroom/shower code which you receive upon registering. Water drains slowly, causing slight flooding in the bathroom. Don't forget some shower shoes.

It felt like most families woke up early for the gorgeous sunrise, packed up, and left before the August heat set in. By 9am, seemed like everyone was gone, so we got to enjoy some solitude before the 11am checkout. Might not really be the type of heat one can camp in for multiple days. 

There's a trailhead in the campground that goes near the cabin area and down into the valley. There's also a loop drive with unbeatable views. Campground lives up to it's name!

Expect it

Nothing is really going to jump out at you here and really say that it’s amazing or breathtaking. The view during sunset are probably beautiful but we were here on a cloudy day so we didn’t see much of that beauty. The campsite for us was a little run down and it was very dirty, which was probably just the wind. Close drive to the park and going around is so many hikes.

High traffic low privacy

Indian Route 12 runs north to south and bisects the wheatfields lake and the main campground areas. Overnight camping and fires are discouraged along the lake but people get away with it. There is sporadic night traffic on the roadway throughout the night and it is sometimes loud. The campsites are hit and miss. Some have old dilapidated picnic tables and along with sandstone fire rings or barriers. The roads to the campsite are not graded and over time roads have been created through campsites with no regard.

There are 3 compost type toilet facilities at various parts of the lake. No running water. There are some trash receptacles but most leave their trash in piles next to the receptacles because the chutes to the receptacles are about 12x12 and wont accommodate a large trash bag. There are numerous stray dogs in the area that take advantage of the trash piles.

Fishing: I have only seen small rainbow trout. Stockers from the Navajo Hatchery in Toadlena NM. There is no motorized access to the east side of the lake as it was blocked off years back by metal tube barriers.

Too many rude fishers and kids running around unchecked. Fiddling with your fishing area and fishing gear.

Nice quiet dispersed area

To find this, go north out of town and go right (east) on Mexican Hat Rock Rd. Bear left at the only fork. Road ends at the San Juan River and the suggested spots are before it ends, near the river. After sunset it was cool on a hot day, and the river made for nice foot-washing. There are several pull-outs that make decent camp sites. No services of any kind but it’s close to town and there is a decent cell signal. And the night skies are lovely, as is The Rock.


Stunning views from every angle. Hike-in for tents but drive-in for campers & RVs. Sunsets and the stars are breathtaking. No pets (at least for tent sites), clean bathrooms, walking distance from hotel/restaurant that they have on site. Must reserve online for peak seasons. If going to monument valley, I highly recommend stopping here!

Calm and Charming

Had a blast staying here. Went fishing took my 12 footer aluminum boat caught a good amount of fish.

Visit Canyon de Chelly

Stayed here two night so we could hike and horse back ride in canyon de Chelly. This campground could be better the grasse in the site needed to be mowed. It’s a nice location close to the opening of the canyon and horseback rides are across the street. Be careful what you leave out theft here is a problem, we had our bumper hitch stolen while we were in town shopping.


… As far as campgrounds go, I would not choose this spot. It is close to a scenic national monument and is located right at the entrance and is easy to get in and out of. That is where the positives end. It is sparse and fairly packed. It doesn't have a ton of vegetation as it is in the desert so expert dirty and hot. The monument itself is worth experiencing but I wouldn't plan for it to be a destination, just a pit stop. I won't stay here again.

Overlooks the mittens. Separate tent sites. RV sites line up and face East.

RV and campervan sites line up and face East for a sunrise view of the Mittens. There is a separate tent location below the RV sites. Each site has a picnic table. No tree cover or shade. There is a code accessed bathhouse with flush toilets, sinks, and showers. Showers have a changing area which could benefit from hooks or a bench. The greatest benefit is the superior view!

The Wildcat Trail (3.7) miles is s great hike in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t directly overhead it took is a few hours at a slow pace to take plenty of pictures.

While in MV we took in two adventures, horseback riding and a Jeep tour. The two hour horseback tour was with the Dinah Riding Stable between point 4-5 on the scenic drive. The Navajo guide provided information on area history and the specific lore around spires and buttes. My daughter, who is an experienced rider, was able to run her horse up the trail while my son and I hung back at a trot- walk.

The three hour jeep tour was with Majestic Adventures and included a guide who shared generations of stories based on Navajo culture. She played a flute under a caved dome and took us to a traditional Hogan to learn about living in MV.


Its really awesome. The view is spectacular. The showers and washrooms are really good.

The VIEW is the reason to stay here!

The View Campground is located in Monument Valley on the Navajo Tribal land. There is an additional $5 fee to enter the tribal area, in addition to the camping fee. The campground area consists of RV sites (basically a series of parking spots parallel to each other with a picnic table), and the tent sites are hike-in only from the parking area. We stayed one night in a campervan in an RV site. I reserved the site ahead of time, and on arrival we were given a map with the occupied sites marked off, and we were able to choose our own site from the remaining sites. It's not called "the View" for nothing! Our site had a phenomenal view of the Mittens, and sunrise and sunset were stunning. While there we drove the 17 mile scenic drive around the monuments, and in the morning ran the 4 mile Wildcat trail. What a unique place to stay. It was VERY windy when we were there, but we were able to position our van so that cooking, etc. wasn't an issue. There are cabins adjacent to the camping area, and a hotel and store on the way in (we didn't stop at this). The staff were very friendly. Bathrooms were very clean and showers were available at no extra cost, which was great! (we were given an access code to the bathrooms on check in). No fires were allowed. The site is pretty pricey as it is essentially a bare parking spot; but this is the most beautiful parking spot I have ever slept in ;). Potable water was available at the far end of the campground. A one night stay was perfect for us to experience the area. The camp sites are not great for just hanging around at, but there are other tours (jeep, horseback) that you could take advantage of.

Camp site was about $40. A credit card was required for the camp site. The park entry fee was cash only. Sites ~17 - 24 (or 25, can't remember) had the most unobstructed view.

X Talker Extreme Duel Pack at Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat is free dispursed camping on BLM land outside of the town of Mexican Hat Utah. There are sites available for RVs, tents, vans, etc. This is desert dispursed camping so there are NO amenities, however there are occasional camper made fire pits. We made it into a site with a 2WD Pontaic Vibe with no issues, although we did watch a couple campers struggle to find a place to turn around. This is hot sunny camping with no shade opportunities, so it warms up fast in the summer.

This is some of the best dark skies and quiet camping we had on our trip. During my 2 am pee, the milky way was out of control! This area is named for the geological feature that is the name-sake for the town, the Mexican Hat, an obvious toadstool like sandstone formation. Because it is here and you are camping below it, you will have passerbys swinging through to take photos or climb the feature (technical rope skills required). This site also gives you quick access to Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods.

Midland X Talker Extreme Duel Pack Review

We were those crazy people climbing the Mexican Hat, and it was an ideal location to test out these walkie talkies. In climbing, communication is key and for a climb like the Mexican Hat where it is steep, overhung and roof like, the climber and belayer get separated. The walkie talkies came in hand!


1.) Battery life- we charged these up on their charging station at home before we left on our trip and they lasted the entire 10 day trip on regular use. This is extremely important to me, as it is my biggest bet peeve when electronics die in the moments you need them most.

2.) Intuitive usuage – We didn’t need to score through the manual to figure out how to use the walkie talkies. Everything made sense and was user friendly.

3.) EXTRELEMLY Clear Communication – These were crystal clear when using them, not at all like the static-y walkie talkies of childhood. Also, we had them hooked up to our harnesses (at waist level), and they picked up our words without having to yell into them, or unclip them to bring them to our mouth.


1.) There is no closed attachment potential. We couldn’t carabiner or string them to ourselves as there were no loops or holes of anykind. This meant that if at anytime during the climb, we dropped the device, it was going to be a goner. We managed by using a rubber band to “close” the clip (See photos), however this wasn’t ideal. Additionaly, the clip isn’t super strong, as I had the walkie talkied hooked to the strap of my backpack on our hike off and it popped off super easily when doing my pony tail. It does come with a headset, however, it needs to be plugged into the device (not wireless), so it doesn't solve any issues.


A great product for casual hiking, but it might not be ideal for more extreme situations where it has the potential to fall off/get lost or damaged (rafting, climbing, skiing). We will most likely just try to keep them in a pack, rather than on our body in those cases.

Pricey, but the VIEW!

Probably one of pricier campgrounds I've been to when considering the campground fee and the Monument fee. However, worth it to see the views from the campground. Fairly clean and well maintained, I think the name has actually changed to "The View". For the most part tents and RV's were kept apart. The bathrooms were clean and it was nice to have showers to rinse off the desert sand (and my site was very sandy!). I didn't use the picnic table or fire pit as I was only staying one night, but it looked like all sites had the same set ups. The night sky would be spectacular on a clear night, but my one evening was cloudy.

Stunning views

Only ten bucks per night. It was very close to the information center, so it was convenient for us to catch rangers to ask questions. All the basic amenities were available, like shower or potable water.

My friends and I went for horseback riding, and I had a lot of fun because it was my first time! Not much instructions on how to ride horses were given, but it was not that hard to ride the horses, so we were assuming that the horses were probably very well trained. There was a spot where they set up a couple different booths and sold jewelry and other things hand made by native indians. Pretty cool!

VIEWS!!, clean bathrooms, nice folks

The views. There is nothing like it. It is very sandy and you have to walk your tent stuff down the dunes to your site, but it is all worth it to look out your tent and see the most gorgeous sunrise/sets ever.

Wide open spaces

So open and wide in this state park, the sky is beautiful and the rocks are orange. I remember going here when I was younger and to revisit is just amazing. I would defiantly recommend this state park to anyone.

A view that can't be beat!

NO SHADE! Be prepared to be out in the wind and sun. Campground is cut out of the side of a hill between the cabins and the visitors center. You can beat the price or the sunrise! If you love the west this is a place you must wake up one morning. There is a very clean shower house but no other amenities. I did see someone making coffee on the porch of the check in station where he found an electrical outlet. Was not at all crowded and at night the stars were so amazing! The local dogs may visit for a scrap or two and are very friendly - I really wanted to take one home! Nice breakfast can be purchased in hotel area. The horseback ride out into the valley is something not to be missed. We did the Gouldon's truck tour but loved the ride we took with Black's. What an adventure to be galloping those mustangs through the valley….one I will never forget!