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Gorgeous Hiking & Climbing Opps!

Various Oaks and Alligator Junipers abound at this cute little National Forest campground tucked in the Dragoon Mountains, another of Arizona’s beautiful “Islands in the Sky.”  Named for the late Apache leader, Chief Cochise, this campground sits at the base of a few absolutely gorgeous hiking trails and rock climbing areas.

Each site has a good amount of space but oddly a small amount of space for tents and RV’s longer than 24 feet won’t fit in most of the sites.  There is no privacy in between sites, but each site has good tree coverage (almost too much for our solar suitcase on an extension cord). Each site has a huge cement picnic table, fire ring, and grill and there are a couple composting toilets.  There was no drinking water available at the campground (the website says there is water), but there is a creek you can pull water from for filtering, so come prepared.

Important note:  If there is rain in the forecast, be aware that you may get stuck in this campground for a couple of days, as you have to cross numerous washes on the road to/from the campground. We were there for 3 days before it was safe to pull a small camper across the “death wash” that grew to 6 feet high and 20 feet wide during a 24-hour rain event!


Kartchner caverns is an incredible place in the desert. It’s worth it to take the cavern tour! Beautiful views from the hiking trails. Large campsites.

Best place to see sand hill cranes

Go in spring.

Love it here!

So friendly! Nice dog park, good wifi, activities like potlucks and poker. Would definitely come back.

Stayed Feb. 14, 2019 - March 14, 2019

Staff is very friendly, good size sites, beautiful views, and bathrooms are clean. Cable and WI FI available. They had a luncheon for Valentines day and Fat Tuesday, We enjoyed our time and will return again.

After 10 years of RVing this is still my favorite campgrounds.

Secluded and very private. Large enough for your every need. Two nearest towns are 15-20 miles away. Sierra Vista has anything anyone would want and Tombstone is a tourist haven. Recommend this site to anyone that wishes to avoid large crowds and loves open skies and spaces.

Clean & Very affordable

Can’t believe this place is only $10 a night! Clean bathroom and nice space. I’d definitely return

We had to stop after being so shocked to find out what "THE THING" was

If you have traveled anywhere within 70 miles of Dragoon, Arizona you know you have seen a sign saying come see "The Thing", so naturally after seeing that for over an hour we decided we had to stop! We decided while we were here to check out a few campgrounds to give a little feedback and the Half Moon Ranch was one of those.

This is not a site I would usually consider for stay because while it does have tent sites it more focuses on the ranch aspect with ranch houses and focus on horseback riding and rock climbing, neither of which are really my thing. In fact, when I checked in to the facility I actually saw nothing to indicate tents would even have a space if they were considering staying the night.

The site was nice for what it was and is run as a part of the Coronado National Forest so it was maintained to standard.

This was a great place to stretch out and check out something new and who knows maybe in the future if I decide I need something a little different in my life I can check it out. But until then, I'll just chalk this up to a good stop after paying my quarter to see "the thing" nearby.


I can’t lie it got 5 stars on the bathroom/showers alone!!! Beautiful scenery great places to hike. Rangers and park staff are so friendly and great with kids. Park hosts are all business as I’m sure they see all kinds. we really only interacted with them upon set up. No dog run but dogs are welcome you just have to keep them on a leash. Spacious showers good water pressure. If you’re in a tent I did notice a sizable platform area. Lots are fairly level. We had some wildlife visit or site. We also took the tour of the caverns. It was good but extremely humid so beware. It was about 30 min drive to Tombstone I think.

Themey like the town

So everything in Tombstone is pretty much a theme draw trying to get you to spend a little but I will say that when we found this campground it was a little chuckle because all the different rows are named for different aspects of the western world which is known to be Tombstone. ( Like Lariat or Marshall)

What wasn't old though was the feel of the facility which had modern amenities such as a pool and nice restroom facility. I can only imagine in this area things are highly competitive so keeping to theme but also meeting needs of campers is very important.

Sure it is a little dusty like the west, but you are in Arizona so it can be expected.

They do have rustic accommodations and cabins for those wanting to get the real old west feel and also accommodate both RV and tent campers like myself which was really nice to find out. In fact there was an entire row just dedicated to the good old tent hombres (lol, we will keep in the western theme as well).

Everyone seemed very nice around camp and many were exploring in town at night at one of the many saloons and even asked us if we wanted to come with. They do offer a shuttle service as well for those not wanting to get swept up in the attempting to find a non-pay parking stop.

We paid $25 but had full service at the campground which also included laundry and ice availability without having to get in the car to find a different location. That combined with the pool made it worth every penny!


  • Remember everything has a price tag here so find the deals by researching in advance. There is one ticket for $10 that gets you a show, free souvenir and viewing of the diorama.
  • Take advantage of the propane at this stop if you are in an RV!
Chiricahua Mountains

Chiricahua Mountains. The eastern route to Chiricahua National Monument is dicey in areas. Check with rangers before traversing this route.

great place

Great caverns and the hosts were very friendly. Very clean restrooms and showers thanx to the DOC

Family camping trip

Dry camping in Carr Canyon. Beautiful surroundings. True primative camping but extremely close to home!

Outdoor Skills Weekend Workshop

Spent a weekend here helping Girl Scouts with outdoor skills.

Cool caves

Even if you don’t want to camp here the caves are worth the drive from Tucson for the tours and to hike around the grounds (gift shop is good too). The trails are not long but have some good views and give a good sense of cactus country without long grueling hikes. The campgrounds are a short distance to the caves and museum. The campsites have sparse shrubs and nice views, not huge sites but not awful, lots of water. Birding is great certains times of year.

Excellent campsites by the stream

The campground is situated right next to a mountain stream that is cool to explore. It's a little tough to get to but it's worth it. Not very many sites though so it may fill up on weekends

Great History - Fantastic Canyon View

This spot is high in the pines which makes it a great get away from the desert below! The camp site itself was well maintained but didn't seem to be utilized for camping all that much. We had our pick of the spots and selected one an the northeastern most corner which ended up being a great selection. If you hike to the northeast right out of the back of the campground you will end up in this amazing canyon which had some great pools of cool water to dip your feet in. The interpretive trail heads out the northwestern corner of the campground and is very nice and has interesting signs about the history of the area. Overall it's a great Ponderosa getaway and worth the windy drive up the mountain.

Great Rocks!

We went here for a quick overnight and it did not disappoint. The campground itself is pretty small and would be cramped if full, luckily it was no where near full when we were there (late fall). The rocks of the Dragoon Mountains are amazing and wandering among them is certainly worth it. We came back another time and discovered multiple dispersed camping spots on the Forest Service road that veers off just as you cross the Forest boundary as you head in towards the campground - this is where we will camp in the future (no fee). The hiking is amazing - head to up at least to half moon tank to see water and amazing rock formations.

Arizona Waterfalls!

This is a fantastic spot! Turkey creek flows right next to the campground and offers fantastic hikes along it's banks. There are multiple small waterfalls and pools to splash in. There are several dispersed areas offering a bit more privacy both below and above the official campground. This little out of the way spot has never been busy during our multiple visits. Plan to stay more than one night because you'll be sad to leave.


So very very pretty! The giant mountain is a perfect backdrop for camping! It's super dark at night, so sky viewing is great!

Family Camping

We regularly camp here with our cub scout pack and their families. Nice and well maintained sites, accessible bathrooms, and great rangers.

Tiny Camp with Big Adventure

I love it here. The campsites are fairly small and there's not much room for tents, but you don't go to the Stronghold to spend much time at camp anyway. The climbing here is rugged and relatively undeveloped and the views are pretty amazing. The rock that's formed here is unlike anything else in the area and just spending time here far from civilization makes you feel like an Apache warrior hiding out in the mountains.

One of the best

We loved staying at Cochise. The sunsets were amazing every night, there were tons of trees for shade and hanging hammocks and it was a great place to make a basecamp for a couple days of climbing.

First to Review
Watch out for skunks!

We loved this campgrounds accessability to water! After camping in the desert for a few days it was nice to let my dog swim around and to dip my feet in the many lakes this campground is close to. The sites were big and perfect for hanging hammocks. Our camp neighbors- although close were mostly in their RVs- and didn't bother us tenters. The one thing was we had an influx of skunks while enjoying our nightly fire! There were about five of them all invading our area and we (four adults and two dogs) were all on the picnic table trying to be as still and as quiet as we could. It must have been a really funny sight-- but we were really not about getting sprayed! Toilets are typical pit- but the host was awesome and put some air fresheners all around. It was an awesome place to rest our heads for the night!

Unforgettable Adventure Grounds

Rustic camping paradise. Endless trails, with amazing sights at every bend. Stumble upon rivers, vistas, sunning reptiles, and imagine what its like to be a native, shaking up settlers and hiding from Colonialists.

I can't wait to go back. I went in March and the weather was perfect. Aim for spring or fall, and get in early to find a spot. There's always something available, but get in early to find the good spots, lots of them spread out! COCHISE IS THE BEST!!! Lots of rock climbing too! So much scrambling, bouldering, and trad and sport routes. You'll love it even if you don't climb.

Far out but beautiful place

We drove here from Tempe AZ. Was a long drive but well worth it. We wanted to visit Chiricahua National Monument but camp more in the mountains. The drive up was a long dirt road. The campsite was covered in pines and had very nice amenities. You could hike straight from camp for hours up into the mountains. Being from Colorado I felt like I was home. Highly recommended.

unique features

Camping at Kartchner Caverns was wonderful! It seemed like the sites were geared towards RV campers, but tent camping would work out ok as well. The camping area was somewhat open, but the sites aren't too close together that you feel uncomfortable. The obvious draw is the caverns which could occupy a couple day of a persons camping trip. Because of this attraction, it does get rather busy but camping is still not disturbed too much.