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The campground is really nice, well maintained however there’s not very many. I believe there’s about 6 campsites. There’s no fee but they go quick. We stayed on night, it was nice. The road is very close, so you’ll hear cars passing by. They do have restrooms as well.

adequate for one night

We were there early in the season so parts weren’t open. There had just been some snow. Facilities were ok for our needs. Location is good. Flagstaff is a great city and lots of recreation nearby.

Great views, good sites

If you’re willing to risk not reserving and don’t mind the three-mile dirt road up the mountain, this is definitely better than Potato Patch Campground!

The details…Mingus has three loops. The first and second loops’ sites are pretty close together so work great if you are camping with friends, or you want to get to know your neighbors. The bathroom between those two loops is definitely more rustic (smelly) than the others around. The bigger loop has some great sites that overlook the valley (you can see all the way to Flagstaff) and, while the sites have less privacy, they are more spread out than the other two smaller loops. Fishing, hiking, and only 15 minutes from Jerome.

Great campground

Rock Crossing Campground is, in my opinion, one of the best campground we have stayed. It has water and toilets near the camping grounds, which by the way are super clean. They have grill, fire pit, and a picnic table and bear safe storage.

Nice but crowded

Its a large KOA right off the highway. Nice facility, with bathrooms, showers, a store, and more. We’ve stayed here twice. Once in a tent and once in a cabin. They offer nicer cabins that’s almost it’s own little house with your own bathroom and kitchen. We stayed in a basic cabin with only beds and a heater. But it was enough for what we wanted. Camp sites are close to each other a long with the cabins. It’s a nice facility to stay at that’s on alternative to a hotel however you don’t get that camping feel with all the people being packed in one area. While staying here we visited our beloved Bearizona, and downtown Williams. Some of our favorite things to do in AZ. If you really want a camping feel, then I would not recommend however if you want a nice alternative to a hotel and to enjoy the outdoors this is your spot.


Great camp sites. Been camping here for years.

Busy but fun

Lots going on here, quite a bit of noise but plenty of fun, especially if you have restless kids!

safe and fun place to camp

it was my first time camping; so this was a safe and fun place to start 🏕

Really nice horse campground

This campground has really nice sites, that can accommodate large trailers. Each horse site has two large corrals, a fire pit, and picnic table.  There is water locations around the campground as well as bathrooms. Across the street is the main non horse campground, and there is pay showers if needed and an amphitheater there. The trails weren't my favorite, a bit rocky, but were not bad either. The campground is a great location near Payson.

Best location for Overland Expo

This place was perfect for Overland Expo West and camping. While the venue was packed, our camper was tucked under the trees and plenty activities to do.

White Horse Lake spot D68

Nice quiet area, short drive to Williams, Az & Flagstaff. Restrooms are available but no showers at the location I was at. The grounds were extremely clean. Fire pits available, two large concrete picnic tables were on the site. We had 3 cars there and plenty of room at this site. I’d stay here again if I could.

Boondocking Walnut Canyon National monument

Many boondocking sights to choose from. Some access roads are 4 wheel drive only.

Closed currently

Drove up and they had the campground closed down.

Makes camping easy!

There are tons of in camp activities for the children to do like playing in the park or go karting. Hamocks are not allowed on trees and fires were also banned due to the wind. Facilities are clean and nice. There is a game room in the laundry room and the pool was indoors.

Not Perfect But Close

Other than being close to the highway, we love this campground. It is in a heavily wooded forest next to Oak Creek. It has multiple bathrooms and accessible drinking water. A decent distance from other campers and a large camping area. Staff is friendly, and close to all that Sedona, Arizona has to offer. Its only a few miles from Oak Creek Canyon’s West Fork trail where we hiked the 6 mile round trip trail, would recommend. There’s also a campsite a mile south that allows visitors to use their shower for only 4 dollars, which we utilized. Highly recommend this campground!

Ranger Review: GrubStick at Houston Mesa

Campground Review

We LOVE Houston Mesa!  This is our second time staying here, and we had an even better time this time then last time  (and we had an amazing time last time, so that was hard to beat).

Located just 1.5 hours from Phoenix, this is a super easy getaway from The Valley.  Houston Mesa Campground is also right off the main highway of town, so if you forgot something (or just want McDonalds instead of hot dogs) you can find civilization about 2 minutes away.

This time we went up with friends and stayed at sites Black Bear 4 and 5.  These sites were PERFECT to book together, since they made one huge space when connected.  We had 3 families, each with large tents, and had plenty of space. We will stay at these same sites next time.  The bathroom is also right next to site 3, so it was easy to walk to.

Bathrooms are clean and have flush toilets.  There are showers available at a central shower building, but we did not use those.

Each site comes with a picnic table and a fire pit (complete with BBQ grill topper).  I also found the sites to be freshly racked on arrival, so that was nice.

There is also a great nature walk at the park that you can do with young kids.  Every few feet is a sign describing local animals and plants.

A short 15 minute drive away is the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park --  a must see in the area! Beautiful and easy hike to see a absolutely gorgeous natural wonder.

Product Review

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time - at Houston Mesa I was testing the GrubStick Deluxe Kit.  

Wow. Wow.  WOW. This set is a GAME CHANGER for campfire cooking.  We have been using dinky little forks forever and having to buy new ones every few trips because they get bent out of shape or burned up.  This kit will last you FOREVER. They are so well made!

This kit includes two grippy telescoping handles, and then a ton of accessories (2 fork toppers, a cage for whole S’mores, a cage for burgers, a small metal rod to make bacon cups, and a large metal rod to cook dough). There are also 4 other accessories, like hot pags and cage openers that are thoughtful additions.  AND they come in their own mini duffel bag!

My friends were seriously blown away when they saw our set and were asking so many questions about it.  My favorite part was the dough rod, because we made delicious campfire cinnamon-sugar crescent roll cylinders!!

5 Stars for GrubStick, can’t wait to try out new recipes!

Check out my video review here:

Remote, Underdeveloped and Quiet

In the middle of the desert, there is an excellent oasis of lush trees and a cold creek. The hike to the creek can be long and hot, so plan accordingly. (It's Arizona. Please always have water with you.) There are parking lots giving better access, but they fill up quickly.

The campsites contain little more than a fire ring; our site did not have a table or any kind. I personally prefer this, but realize many people don't know proper waste disposal. Speaking of waste… no trash service is available and there are few toilets. Basically: Pack it in, pack it out.

Our kids had an awesome time, especially when they found the rope-swing… total freedom.

We took SR 260 from Camp Verde and had no trouble navigating the dirt road in my Subaru, but it hadn't rained recently. I imagine the dirt road becomes quite a bit rougher after rains.

You must have a permit now to camp:

Great campgrounds

This place has it all. River access, 2 lagoon areas, horseback riding (not affiliated with park), hiking, a playground with a zip line, fishing and Cottonwood is 1 mile away! There are full hook up sites and tent camping plus cabins. I love this state park- camp hosts are helpful.


So grateful for the showers. Love this campground.

The Best Views in Prescott!...

Definitely one of the best campgrounds in the area. With several hiking trails around and to the lake- one will have enough activity to do. Fees are not crazy expensive either. And it is only located about 15 minutes from downtown Prescott. But make sure to make reservations online beforehand because spots tend to fill up pretty quickly! Have fun!


Apple Creek Cottages is a hidden gem in the heart of Prescott. You’re surrounded by trees with a creek right next to the cottages. The cottages are old, but were still cozy, with a full kitchen and “fire place.” We had a bonfire out back near the creek and enjoyed the rustic decor. In the morning we made breakfast and sat out back again enjoying the views. Not too pricey, our new place to go in Prescott.

Ranger Review of Aftershokz headphones at Lockett Meadow Dispersed in AZ

Lockett Meadow is supposed to be gorgeous, and that's why I picked this location for camping, but when I got there, the main campground was closed (which is why I gave it 4 stars). But interestingly, there was a ton of dispersed camping, for free, between the main highway and the campground itself. So I found a spot, and stayed a while. Unexpected bliss!


I had wanted to experience the ambiance I'd read about Lockett Meadow online. The photos of the meadow and the space between the mountains looked incredible! Not to mention the idea that I could hike some trails and maybe catch a glimpse of some elk, and who wouldn't love that?? But alas, that was to be for another day. Just at the entrance to the road that led to the camp, there was a CLOSED sign. sigh Disappointment. But it wasn't terrible, because there was a ton of dispersed camping in the 1/2 mile that led into the area. It was kind of strange, though. Not advertised. Not clear what is going on. Just a bunch of apparent campsites with established campfire rings that look like they are ready for tenants. I guess this is more common in AZ than where I'm from in MN. Lots of places offer this type of camping. Just like they say…when in Rome, I mean when in Flagstaff.

It was kind of odd, at first, until I saw that other people were taking advantage of this situation too. Then I felt better about "popping a squat" and using the resources around me. It was primitive camping, but there were plenty of spaces for everyone (and tons of hammock trees!). I was still careful of my surroundings, since I was alone, but that's just common sense anywhere you go. I chose a spot that already had some fire wood and I made myself at home. The spaces were decently spaced, and with only a handful of occupants that night, everyone chose space away from each other. I could see my neighbor, but it wasn't intrusive. And it was very quiet. Something that's rare at campgrounds! And super pretty. With plenty of space for my tent, ability to pull my car to the campsite (it was windy and I wanted a little wind break) and lovely night sounds that weren't "human" related. Delightfully perfect!


As Ranger for The Dyrt, I have the incredibly awesome chance to review amazing gear in exchange for an honest review. This time, I had the pleasure of trying out a pair of unique headphones called Aftershokz Trekz Air.

The product, right out of the package, is gorgeous, sleek and almost sexy. It's and earthy, rich color (I chose the blue), comes with a sleek carry case, and the cords to plug it in. It even had a charge that allowed you to try it out, right from the get-go, out of the box. So of course, I got down to business and hooked them up!

These things are totally different than anything you've experienced before. They don't go in your ear, but beside your ear. Weird, right? They wrap around the back of your head, and are super light. Mostly because they've used Titanium anywhere they can to make these things something you want to put on, want to keep, want to use. Now, that said, I think they take getting used to. I need to mess with them more to get comfortable with them because I'm not sure I had them positioned quite right. I had to have the volume cranked to get it sounding nice (no, I don't listen to loud music), but then the vibration on my jaw is almost ticklish! But that said, they work, and that was a very interesting experience! To hear something through my headphones, but without anything in my ear. They rest on your jawbone and the sound vibration is conducted into your inner ear through your jawbone. They say this makes them great for people with hearing issues because it bypasses the ear canal. Such an interesting and fantastic experience. However, I'm not sure they are for me. I'm confused about why there is still sound coming out of the headphones if they are supposed to let me "listen" through vibration. If I pull them away from my ear (no contact at all) I still hear sound. And the wrap around is too large for my head (do I have a tiny head??). They float above my ears and behind my head. Makes them uncomfortable for me to wear. Maybe if I had a ponytail (my hair is short) I could rest them there and make them more comfortable.

They come with earplugs, too, in case you want a more "traditional" experience, but if you have earphones like this, doesn't that blow the concept right out the window anyhow? Experience the technology! And they are IP55, so they are sweat, moisture and dust resistant. Perfect for that workout, or when you nap, in your hammock, in the rain! They weren't quite my style, but they might be perfect for you!

Take the time to appreciate the things in life that don't go as planned, and you might find the "road less traveled" is worth it's weight in gold! And while you're at it, try at pair of Aftershokz Trekz Air to sooth you while you find your camping bilss! They have a great warranty and might be just what you need to complete your adventure.

National Forest Camping

So we didn’t actually stay at the campsite, we camped a few miles down the road from the campsite. We have done it multiple times and love it. You aren’t on a campground with multiple people and are only a few miles from bathrooms and the beautiful lake. Bathrooms aren’t overly nice, but better than nothing. Water is available at the lake. Decent fishing, plenty of crawdads to catch and eat during the summer months! They do have a boat ramp and we have brought our kayak before. Williams is a cute small town. One of our favorite places to camp!

Small But Cozy

It was a smaller KOA camp than most. But there were only a few people there in the middle of November, which made it nice for feeling “away” from the world and not having to wait for bathrooms. Any where that’s not inside is great, but it was more of a high desert terrain than woodlands like I was hoping, however that was my error for not looking into it more. They provide a small heater for the cabins, so if you go during the winter season be sure to bring warm clothes and warm blankets! Clean, and friendly facility, nice bathrooms.

Nice respite from the Sonoran Desert heat

In the off season, this sweet little national forest campground is a quiet oasis in one of the beautiful “islands of the sky” which are scattered throughout Arizona.  Up at 5000 feet, this place becomes a busy retreat for Tucsonians seeking to escape some of the summertime heat, according to the park ranger we spoke too. It's also a haven for birds!

The campground has designated section for RV’s and tents, though they are same price at just $10 per night.  Many pull-through sites are available for larger RV’s, as well as some back in spots. Each site has a HUGE cement picnic table and fire ring and are a nice size with plenty of space between sites. There are trash cans (though no recycling) throughout the campground, and a water spigot near the very clean pit toilets, thanks to the dedicated and very friendly camp hosts.  The tent sites overlook the Parker Canyon Lake and are quite spacious. There are few tent sites for groups too.

There is a nice boat dock, as well as small store near the water that sells snacks/drinks, bait, and a few camping necessities.  You can rent kayaks, paddle boats, SUPs, sailboats and small motorized fishing boats…or bring your own. There is also a nice and easy trail that follows the lake shore for about 6 miles, accessible to both hikers and mountain bikers.  From the lake trail, you can also access the Arizona Scenic Trail (the southern terminus is about 15 miles south of the lake). We also saw quite a few fisherman out enjoying the lake during mid-week.

The closest grocery stores and gas stations are in Sonoita, about 30 miles away.  Cell coverage is limited here as you are very close to the Mexican border – none in RV campground, just a bit of coverage in the tent campground.

Nice NFS well kept

All paved driving and campsite parking except equestrian area no hookups they have places to fill water and to dump. Restrooms and showers nice a clean.

Nice place but tight!

Nice fairly quiet well kept. Only complaint spaces are tight if you have slide outs on both sides and the only trash disposal is at the office.

Great location for exploring the area

Newer RV Park in Clarkdale, AZ. It is located right on the main road for easy access, but we did not hear road noise st night. Amazing views of Tuzigoot National Monument and the surrounding mountains, especially from the sites at the rear and west side of the park. 63 RV sites, no tent camping allowed. Sites are average size, level, gravel, with paver patios. Restrooms/showers are private, very large and clean. They have a pool, sauna, and rec/game room. No fires or charcoal grills allowed. Some sites have tables. There are trees, but they are very small. Rain Spirit is located between historic Cottonwood and Clarkdale, about 5 miles from Jerome, and 20 miles from Sedona. Great restaurants, wineries and shops in Cottonwood are close by.

Favorite camping spot in Sedona

Love cave springs it’s my favorite spot it’s clean and well cared for has some awesome nearby hikes and the creek is right along here.

Crowded but fun

This campground has tons of amenities and is not far at all from downtown Prescott. It seemed pretty crowded when we went, so we actually hiked around a bit to find a little more seclusion. Amenities were good and plenty of activities.