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Most Recent Engesser Junction Camping Reviews
Beautiful desert spaces

We enjoyed our 3 day stay here, but had a big dusty mess to clean up afterwards. Fishing revealed catfish and bass at the waters edge. A watercraft would be ideal; no swimming allowed. We parked on the lake near the road when gravel trucks worked weekdays. They did a good job of wetting down the road with water trucks. We might stay up on the “second deck” next time.

Quiet and basic.

I stayed off of King Rd. which was accessible using a regular. I would take a truck if I did it again. Not a bad place to camp out at if you're heading to Yuma. It was free. No bathrooms and no water. Had a fire because it gets cold in February. There were many RV's in the area with plenty of room. Looks like people take their dirt bikes around those parts.

Great central location

Great views, hikes, interesting people.

Very Large14 day limit BLM

This is one five of 14 Day LVTA camping areas in the Quartzsite vicinity. 

It was a very large site that had entrances on both sides of the road that each had their own host. Lots of flat open spaces. It is managed by the Bureau of Land Management(BLM). BLM lands have special rules, fees( sometimes none) and can be popular with boon-docking.. I have seen other reviews saying it was free to stay here, but there are signs that say LTVA permits are required for use between September 15th and April 15th. Seasonal fee is $180.00 and 14 day permits were $40.00

I only had a look around, and decide to move on looking for actual free locations.

Nice area, but to many campers for me.

This is a very nice long term (14 day) campsite, very close to the highway noise, and I prefer some place less crowded and quieter. Very easy access to and from the freeway. I would definitely consider this place for a stopover when traveling through and needing a rest.

Looks like there was a recent fire here

Camping along the river is great, but the main dispersed camping area looked as if there was a fire there recently. Some campers there, but lots of burnt trees and ash.

I did find a beautiful spot along the river, and a nice clear path to the river. The sounds of the river reached my RV and was so soothing and relaxing,

Not Crowded and Quiet

I camped here with a friend in January/February 2020 we went back the end of January 2021 but it had rained heavily and the road was flooded. Looked like we had a riverside camp. We ended up camping between Boyer Rd. and the Alliance Church parking lot.  It's a nice area.  I'll definitely camp in this area again.

We stayed only a couple days at this location. It's close to shopping and other things you need like drinking water and RV dump services etc. I included a couple maps showing the RV Pit Stop where drinking water is $0.25/gal or 5 gallons for $1.00. To get there from the camping area go back to Hwy 95 and head south toward Main St. you'll see it on your left.  The senior center is also a good place to go to get information. They have an arts and crafts sale the 3rd Friday of each month and a garage sale the 3rd Saturday.  You can get to the senior center from this camping area by going east on W. Desert Vista St. in front of Alliance Church to where it ends at N. Moon Mountain Rd. turn Right (South) and follow N. Moon Mountain Rd. until you pass Cowell St. the senior Center will be on your right. A little further on the left is the Salvation Army Thrift store.

This is good area to unhitch if you're towing and do all the things you need to do in town before heading to a more remote BLM area.

A Little Too Crowded For Me

It was an okay camping spot. Phone and internet service was reasonable (internet was slow) but there were just too many other campers for my liking.  I was there in early-mid December 2020.  I took a hike back behind the Dome Rock and found that enjoyable. It was a very easy hike. 

It was easy to get to, maybe that why it was so crowded. I doubt I'll camp there again except in a pinch.

Free BLM Camping Polmosa Rd. Quartzsite AZ

I've camped in the Polmosa Rd. BLM area several times during the past three years. My first couple years I didn't venture far from the area with the camp host.  This year I drove further east, about 5 miles, on Polmosa Rd. because my brother came from New York to camp with me and I wanted us to have a more isolated spot.

I spotted a dirt road to the right and took that. We followed it for a while basically running parallel to Polmosa Rd. then it went off to the right (south) and got a bit more rugged. We had to go through a pretty bad dip in the dirt road (through a wash) which bottomed out my brother's trailer which was much lower to the ground than mine.  Shortly after we got past that the road got even wore so we pulled off into a flat area to set up camp there.  It was nice.

We spent a few days the first week of January 2021 in that area. I found several nice agates while hiking there. When we were ready to leave we were concerned about my brother trying to get back through that wash so on my daily hikes I search for another way out and found it a mile or so further east from our camp. It would have better to come in that way.

I was trying to find the exact spot on Goggle map but couldn't. I like it enough to go back again so next year I'll get the coordinates and take more photos.  One morning I was looking for rocks and turned over a big one to find a little lizard under it. He was hardly moving so I picked him up thinking he was injured or something. I carried him around with me for awhile. He was fine once he warmed up. It was really cold that night so I guess being cold blooded the little guy wasn't able to move until he warmed up.

Beautiful Sunsets by the River

My brother drove out from upstate NY to camp with me. We camped in several BLM dispersed camping areas in AZ and this was one of our favorites.  We were lucky to get a spot right on the river. The dirt roads getting back there were a bit rough especially for my brother whose van and trailer were low to the ground, but it was worth it. (We drove around 5mph towing our trailers so it took forever.)

There were other campers around us because we were on the river but it wasn't bad.  There was only a fifth wheel directly behind us on the river spaced much farther away than if we'd been in a paid park.  Across the road a delightful woman was camping with her converted cargo trailer and pet pig.  There were some other campers not too far away but you couldn't see them.  We had glorious sunsets each night. We were there in January 2021 and the weather was nice in my opinion; a bit chilly at night. We stayed at least 10 days a really enjoyed it.

The only negative was that around 5 or 6 pm most evenings very loud military planes flew over. It was a bit startling the first time, but we got used to it. We unhitched so could drive to Blythe CA for groceries (there's not much available in Quartzsite AZ.)

I'll definitely be going back to this campground.