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Popular Washington State Park

Popular state park that is, as the title hints, at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia Rivers. Big, wide open spaces that are available for day use and popular with locals on the weekends for barbecues and games. Large beach area on the river with swimming.

Many tent and RV spots available, but they are all out, exposed in a kind of open field with a few trees. Nice showers and bathroom facilities on-site. Gorgeous views of the river and surrounding hills everywhere you look. However you do have to navigate the city of Wenatchee office park to get there.

Only 20 miles from Leavenworth, Washington and about 2.5 hours from Seattle. Popular with kids for the playground and lots of flat areas for biking and pick-up softball/football games.

Western Themed KOA, Worthy of KOA Namesake

We are all familiar with KOA and that the company prides itself in bringing more features to their campers. But many times I have found that comes with a hefty price tag. On some occasions I have been ready to spend it and other times I have to be convinced a little more due to the location. 

When pulling into Winthrop I really wanted to find out a little more about their KOA and if it was more of a hit or miss. Themed much like the other portions of the community in western decor, the campground welcomed me immediately. I found that the rustic them of the stacked fence and the cabin like exterior of the main office was just a taste of the what was to come within the community. 

It only continued with their other offerings. They had many old pieces along the way which would be perfect for taking photos, enjoying a piece of the old west and setting the tone.

 This park offered camping for RVs and tents but also had cabins. Cost was on target for the other options in the community and came with many luxuries which others did not including a store, pool and play area. Laundry was offered at this location as well and they had kayak and boat rentals if you were wanting to go and enjoy some of the many waterways in the area. 

I really enjoyed the spacing of the sites, however many were not well covered by trees and left something to be desired. The gravel roadway was muddy from recent rain and made it a bit sloshy to get to the sites themselves. So while they were nice overall that particular thing would something I would say is a bit of a let down in comparison to the rest of the facility. 

The play area was another area which would be perfect for grabbing a few memorable photos, with oversized brightly colored chairs which could fit then entire family. Additionally they offered a nice outdoor space with patio chairs and umbrellas by the office which was a nice place to stop in and enjoy some time. 

Overall the biggest asset to this campground still laid in their proximity to the community itself. From here you can drive only a few miles and be in the middle of the historic downtown western themed community and enjoy some very unique activities. For that I would say that the benefits outweigh the downside of cost which is between$30 and$50 for tent or RV camping. 


  • Book online in advance of your stay if you are wanting a tent site, they are more limited. 
  • If you are in a larger rig, bring a detachable vehicle to navigate in town as there are not a lot of places to park larger rigs in the community itself.
Short & Long Term Stay Options, Great For Larger Rigs But With Tent Spaces

Washington Rolling down the road on the Cascade Loop I took in all the scenery and enjoyed every moment. But something I noticed along the way was that cell signal was minimal and with that it made it a bit harder to find locations to stop for the night. Typically I enjoy a more remote site or a good forest camp, however along the loop, though there are many forest service roads, most certainly with camping available, being so remote without cell signal and roads looking more questionable in some areas, I feared going to far off the beaten path into the unknown in my small car. 

This brought me to the Riverbend RV Park, a Good Sam park along the loop which actually allocates some of their spaces to tent campers. Privately owned the features were a bit more expansive than many of the sites I had visited along the way including running water and full hook ups for those in RVs. Additionally they had a propane refill station which was quite nice for a small charge without having to wander into town to find supplies. 

The layout of the location was nice as it formed a large loop easy to access even by the largest of rigs. The office welcomed you as your drove in and made it easy to stop, pay for your site and find out all the information you needed to know not only about the campsite but also the surrounding area. A few brochures inside noted area attractions and information about the loop itself. This office also housed a small general store which had a few items you might need while at camp and some general items which could be nice in way of snack and food. Nothing large, but certainly helpful for those who were weary from the road and all the traveling excitement. 

This park welcomes families but also their pets, with a large pet area for them to run free and enjoy stretching their legs. Otherwise throughout camp they do ask you keep your pets on a leash, which seemed more than fair considering the large space they were given to enjoy free of burden. 

The kiddos were also welcome with their own play area that was well maintained and away from the other campers just enough to not disrupt the silence of the camp. This area had its own water fountain to assure hours of safe and hydrated play. 

The sites themselves were typical of an RV park, a standard picnic table and enough room to move around a little but still somewhat closer to your neighbors than you would be at many forest campsites. I found that the camping area I checked out for myself had a little more distance between the sites which was nice but there was no tree coverage so it is a bit of a trade off for space or shade. 

On premise is an activity room and also a restroom area. Restrooms offer showers and warmth on the cold days and night and the activity room is a large room with plenty of space to enjoy a game night or some time watching television in a more social setting. There is also a laundry facility at this building which was super helpful for catching up along the loop after several weeks of travel. 

All in all though this was privately run and thus a bit more expensive, around $30 a night, the benefits of the stay at this location were vast. Though it wasn’t my style of camping for every night a stop here was a nice way to check out some of the many amenities which contrast some of the other camps along the way. Definitely worth a stop if you are in an RV or if you want to have a place with a lot of benefits.


  • If you are a larger unit this is a great place to stay for amenities and size of spaces you will easily be able to pull in and get comfortable with your slides at this location.

  • Location of this campsite is key as it is close to town but also along the loop within driving distance of the North Cascades Park and also some of the Washington State Parks.   If you can detach and use this as a home base it will work well with your travels.

BeBee Campground

One of the best campgrounds I have stayed at. Ball fields, tennis and basketball courts. The restrooms that are kept in very clean condition. Swimming and boating right there on the Columbia River. Walmart up on top of the hill 6 miles in Chelan. They have a dump station here also. Great Place for family and kids…

Sinlahekin Campground

Dry camp only with outhouse, that's an outside toliet for all you youngins.

Blue lake

Beautiful lake, long, big and I hear they have fish (not a fisherman). Has several points of access to the lake.

Platform Style Camping Pads Ideal For Scenic Views

If a single site could ever embody a feeling of being detached and isolated while also being surrounded by natures warm reception, the Lake Creek Campground would be that location. 

Having checked out Fox Creek only a short distance away from this location I thought it simply could not get better, however having arrived a bit later in the day I had missed out on the riverside location I had desired. I opted to drive upward toward the Chelan Recreation Area and try my luck as the road began to change to a more bumpy terrain. Just before arriving at the area, to which I certainly could not navigate with my small car, 

I found this location and was inspired to stop and see how it could differ from the last. I was elated to discover how the site was near empty in comparison and seemed to offer such a unique experience in comparison to others. 

Each site was distanced at a comfortable spacing from the last and provided a comfortable amount of room to move freely. I really enjoyed the layout of these sites, while they did offer a bit less tree coverage they more than made up for that in views. In the not so distant view there were mountains visible and the escarpment of parking level and camping level made for a beautiful dynamic for camping without interruption. 

A parking pad was located at the top with a few steps downward to the camping area. Though only a few feet higher than the lower pad, the barrier of the height formed a near soundproofing from the roadway or other campers. 

The camping pad was equipped with standard amenities of a fire ring and picnic table but more impressively the view of the river flowing just a short distance below was like a post card. The pad site was even and hard packed but had just enough give thanks to the pine needles which lined its top layer. Camping here is no frills, no water or electricity and only vault toilets. 

But with views like this who even seems to mind. It seemed like a steal for only$10 and though I had no cell service I felt safe as I saw a Forest Ranger pulling though to check on the location and make sure fees had been collected at the honor box. 

If you visit this location I recommend Site 6. After driving through camp there were several very impressive sites but this one had a magical feel to it as the sunset over the treeline and beams of light filtered through well into dusk. It also provided some amazing night sky views. 


  • You will need an America the Beautiful Pass or a National Recreation Pass, Discover Passes are not honored here as this is a national site not a state maintained site. 
  • Check the entry kiosk at the pay station, this will have a full listing of rules and regulations and will additionally have information about any possible burn bans in the area. 
  • If you are wanting to visit the Chelan Recreation Area and do not have a 4 wheel drive or high clearance vehicle I do not advise visiting from the entry point on this side. Instead enter on the Chelan Lake entrance side.
Remote Campground On River

When I was traveling the Cascade Loop I quickly learned that cell signal is something to be desired.  However it was through this common issue that I discovered a happy accident with Fox Creek Campground.    Nestled many miles down a well paved roadway winding through the forests a small sign indicated the turn in for a quaint campground maintained by the Forest Service.

A word of warning before you venture here, if it has been raining a lot you want to be aware that you might experience flooding in some of the campsites due to their proximity to the river.   But should you venture when it is not raining, this campground is one you would fall in love with quickly if you enjoy something a little off the beaten path.

Sites are available for only $10 and the no frills camping offers only vault toilets as amenities.  However each campsite is fairly even and has room to spread out without having to worry to much about your neighbors.  Each site offers the basics of a picnic table and fire ring in addition to lantern hooks.    Sites have clear marked paved parking areas and signage indicates there is no parking in non specified areas.

Much like other campgrounds in the area this location does not accept the Discover Pass however does require a Recreation Pass to be displayed.  This includes the America the Beautiful Pass.

The campsite I decided upon was well cleared for camping however offered the canopy of tall trees to keep the sunshine from beaming down.    The pack of the ground below was even and clear of debris which made for a perfect set up for my tent and with a fine covering of pine needles provided just enough cushion to make for a comfortable evening.

Something I did notice at this location that made it a bit more unique than other camps in the area were the Mosquito Bite Free Zone hangers.     I am not sure if they had been left by other campers or if they were provided by Forest Service but they were a great feature which seemed to really keep the bug away when I visited.

Being a part of the National Forest seeing the nature of the area was quite beautiful as the sunset passed through the trees and the sound of the water flowing quietly put me to sleep at night.


* Firewood is not to be gathered at the campsite but can be purchased at the Silver Falls Guard Station nearby.   Otherwise you will want to bring wood with you when you travel this way because you will be quite a ways from town.

* If you are dependent on solar power, there are a few sites which have less tree coverage, however these are near the water and are coveted so arrive early to make sure you secure these.

* This area is considered to be closed waters and does not allow fishing even with license.   If you are looking to recreationally fish, you might check another campground in the area off the river.   Many of the river camps are not accessible for fishing.

When winter hookups are needed......

I am surprised to find how often we camp in the snowy winter months, empty campgrounds are a plus this time of year! Come summer you won't be able to get a reservation in this park, but in January it was wide open! We have stayed here for many years to enjoy the Chelan WinterFest Festival in January. The park is within walking distance of town and is perfect for the festival weekend. You may notice the pictures are of different trucks and campers as we have visited this park throughout the years! We have only stayed in this park once in the summer months, and that was for a skydiving visit. Good basic RV park style camping.

Kayaking Fun!

We arrived here on a Sunday night in May and the place was empty…… only one other camper and it was really far away. It is very remote, no services around and a little odd to get to, in that you have to wind past a lakeside"resort" with a little store and campsites that didn't look really very nice, yet there were people everywhere, it looked totally booked. Then you cross over the line into the campground where a$30 annual pass is required, yet the per night cost is$0 as of 2017, and there was nobody around! The campground is like a big open parking area with a boat launch and toilets and then there is also a little more dispersed sites where random fire pits have been built. We had our choice of sites so we picked one that sat away from others and was right above the water making the launch of the kayaks pretty easy.