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Absolutely Stunning, mind the goats though...

One of the most beautiful places on this Earth. Be mindful of mountain Goats. They're mostly harmless but keep food sealed away and don't get between them and their babys or they might get pissed. Speaking of piss, they LOVE it, something about the salt, I don't know, but they will, no joke, fight each other over your pee spot.

Great group camp site!

The group site set apart from the rest of the camping, so you can really enjoy the space without feeling like you are bothering the other campers. There's lots of space for tents plus some wooden bunks in a wooden shelter, a nice option for people new to camping who don't have a tent, but I'd be afraid of spiders! :O Site is adjacent to a river access, which I did not get a chance to check out myself, but being near water is always a plus to me.

The campgrounds are about an our of of Seattle, so it's a really nice low-commitment option for those residing in the greater Seattle area. Despite being so close, it doesnt feel very populated or anything like that, nice and woodsy still! :)

The only drawback to the group site is occasionally you'll get a random person wandering through to access the water.

I wouldn't suggest going so late in the year unless you are prepared for rain, it poured on us most of the stay, but we still managed to have fun. Luckily there is a large covered dining area so it's survivable in rain

Beautiful area

Windy Point Campground offers sites that accommodate both tent and RV camping. Drinking water, picnic tables, and vault toilets and firepits are also available in the campground.

Activities that campers can enjoy at this campground are hiking fishing, hunting, horseback riding and mountain biking 

There is also white water paddling on the Tieton River Summer camping season is open May 10 through Sept 9 2019.

During the winter months Windy Point offers excellent skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling during the winter months. Hikers and backpackers are especially fortunate to have access to a variety of spectacular trails near the campground

Nice campground

Nice for camping in the snow.

Good Basecamp spot

The Cascades have so many peaks to climb, glaciers to see, and shorter trails. But you have to get deep into the backcountry before you have access to most of them. Cottonwood is a great place to set up camp for a few nights while you spend the days exploring. I recommend seeing horseshoe basin, and if you’re here in the summer, jump in the river! In the hot months, flies can get pretty bad. (Video is from nearby horseshoe basin)

On the river

Pleasant camping next to the Bumping river. I spent a pleasant night here in a tent. Clean valeted rest rooms with water available. Nice camp hosts in an area with lots to explore.

Beautiful area

We use the group camping. Spacious with lots of room to be “noisy” bring your bug spray

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Stunning Views, Full Hookups, And Great Hospitality

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend before Earth Day at The Aerie, a picturesque campsite on a Wenatchee hostess' private land. With full hookups for smaller rigs (28 ft or under) overlooking the stunning Columbia River Gorge, it's hard to imagine a prettier (or quieter!) spot to soak in the views.

In addition to the RV site, The Aerie also has a beautiful platform with a glamping tent during the warmer months, which you can also rent. Should you want the RV camping experience but don't have your own rig, Maria has partnered with another local female entrepreneur who will rent you an Airstream and park it at The Aerie (or other locations, for that matter) in time for your stay.

The Aerie is just a short drive from downtown Wenatchee, and winds up a volcanic hillside dotted with private homes and apple orchards. Maria welcomed me to her property and let me know how to reach her if I needed anything. Both the RV site and tent site are next to her garden and chicken coop, and Maria was generous enough to leave some of her hens' fresh eggs in the Airstream fridge for my breakfast. There were two chairs and a little rug set up so I could enjoy the view, and a short walk down the hillside is a swing facing west for prime sunset views.

If you're looking for a thoughtful, considerate host, stunning scenery, and a laid back vibe, The Aerie is just right. It's hard to find this blend of convenience, scenery, good conversation, and glamping comfort. A+

Super fun campground

This campground was very well maintained. It had nice bathrooms and well laid out camp spots. Some are more private and forested and some are more open and on the River. We staid in a forested spot and it was private and very quiet. Also super easy to walk to the river and play.

Love everything but the bugs!

I seriously love this campground. Beautiful views. Almost all of the spots are right on lake Wenatchee. Most of the spots are walk in so you have to carry your stuff a little ways but it is totally worth it. I take my kayak and I can launch it directly from my spot. Later in the summer though the mosquitoes are killer. I actually bailed on camping the last time I went because of them. Photos are from two different spots.

Friendly. Nice Bathroom. Loud location.

This KOA has some very strong positives, and almost equally strong negatives.

Positives: Super-friendly manager/owner. We were about 1/2 an hour after closing, and she was still there and helped us get set up. Everything (including bathrooms) was very clean. Nice playgrounds, and we were right on the river, which was nice. Probably a nice spot in the summer (we were there when there was still a little snow on the ground). Oh, and the price was great: about $22 for three of us in a tent (non-electric) spot right on the river.

Negatives: The location, while convenient to the freeway, was super-loud. It's at the confluence of two freeways, and a frisbee throw away from either. Semi-trucks shined lights into our tent all night long, and the noise was pretty bad, even with earphones. The boys slept inside the campervan, and it didn't bother them at all, so probably much better if you're inside an RV. The tent side of everything also was a little sketchy in March (to be understood I suppose…the RV side was packed), with two other folks who seemed to be sleeping in cars or under tarps.

Okay Campground. Great Day-Use Area.

Just past a random industrial and office park area and right on the river, Wentachee Confluence State Park is a very large, flat, grassy area with plenty of room but very little privacy between sites.

Bathrooms are clean if older. Lots and lots of green grass (often covered by Canadian Goose poop). Sprinklers are on a schedule timer (certain days), which means that tents can't go on the grass. Some sites had lovely water views. There's extra parking available as well as several pull-throughs. All-in-all, the campground was nice and felt safe, but not that exciting.

The day use area, however, was pretty great and just a short walk from the campground. It included a boat ramp, seating on the river, tennis courts, picnic tables, and a very nice play structure. I have no doubt this place gets busy in the summer, though when we were there in March is was well used already and the campground was probably 70% full.

Tip: Great place for kids to ride bikes with plenty of paved pathways between the campground and day use area.

Sleep in a Bit of History

I recently rented the cabin for the weekend in February. I've already made a reservation for a summer weekend, but this review is based on winter use.

The cabin comes with a stove & a battery lantern, with the expectation that you'll provide the fuel & the batteries. A previous user had left a propane canister and left the batteries in the lantern. It's a nice gesture, but come prepared with your own. I'd also brought along a propane lantern, and I'm glad I did. (Although this did violate the "no open flames in the cabin" rule - more on that later.) The interior of the cabin is very dark, and while the battery lantern provides light, it's only bright up close. Plan to bring your own lanterns, especially in the winter when the night's dark comes early. There are some board games and books in the cupboard, as well.

The bunkbeds are covered in plastic, but it's a thin cellophane so it wasn't noisy. There are provided pillows; I didn't use them. The bunks' mattresses are comfortable. Because of the way the Forest Service installed the bunkbed & the cupboards, the bunkbeds don't fully benefit from the heat of the woodstove. In the winter, you'll want a warm sleeping bag.

I broke the "no open flames in the cabin" rule because it was 16°F outside, and my meals needed to simmer. I imagine this rule is designed to protect the cabin as well as to protect visitors from CO poisoning. I placed the stove near a window and opened the window a crack, and I never turned my back on the stove. There's a CO monitor in the cabin, and truth be told, the cabin's drafty. But if you're going to break the rule, understand the risk you're taking, and for the love of all that is holy do not burn down this cabin.

The lock on the woodshed is the kind that the tumblers need to be lined up before you take the key out, but it's also a little worn so it's possible to take the key out without it being lined up. If that happens - as it did with me - it's really difficult to get the key back into the lock far enough to unlock it. (I had to heat up the lock & the key with a candle to get the tumblers "unstuck.") Be very careful with the lock, or you may find yourself having a chilly night. (Wood is only provided during winter rentals, so this doesn't apply for the summer folks.)

The toilet paper in the vault toilet is kept in a heavy plastic tote. My guess is this is to protect it from rodents. Please keep the lid on tight.

I wish I'd brought along a pair of camp shoes to keep my bed socks clean. There's a warning that you should expect every surface in the cabin has been contaminated by mouse urine & droppings. Consider that during food preparation. (I used some plastic wrap to cover the countertop to give me some clean space to work.) I didn't see any rodents while I was there, but there were droppings in a few places. There's no running water, so I'd recommend bringing hand sanitizer as well.

I was carrying more than my usual backpacking load, and I'd planned to haul things in on a sled. Unfortunately, I failed to test out my sled setup & practice pulling a sled, and on the trail it turned out to be a dismal failure. I got very lucky in that a nearby cabin owner saw me, took pity on me, and hauled my gear in & back out for me. However, his was the only one of the cabins along the road in use that weekend. If you're going to do something similar, be smarter than I was and test out your gear & your technique ahead of time.

Although the river is nearby, it has a steep bank and I wouldn't risk trying to get water out of it during the winter. I utilized the woodstove's cooktop & melted snow. It's not the tastiest, but it's fine for cooking with.

I will definitely come back, and next time I will be better prepared. I enjoyed the brief glimpse of life in a remote cabin: splitting wood & kindling, needing to keep the woodstove going through the night, et cetera. But I'm grateful someone else cut the wood and stocked the shed, and that I had access to modern winter clothing & recreation devices like lightweight snowshoes & waxless skis.

Awesome place to go. Highly recommended for camping or day use.

I love this campground I stayed here to complete a natural resource college assignment and I will return many times. Beautiful and has all the user rentals. Those are cool. I recommend this campground.

Kids loved it!

Favorite KOA. Staff is very nice and for sure helpful. There was clean bathrooms and hot showers. Space was very nice and campground was very well kept with little lots of activities for the kids to stay busy. City is so awesome with German touch. I would love to come again but during Christmas.

Best ever for hiking

This is a favorite campground. The hikes nearby are fantastic in the fall because the foliage is vibrant and changing. Must go on the Lake Ingalls hike. Campground is clean and space is good for sure. Really enjoyed it.

Great place to launch

Large Campground right on the river. very little shade. Vault toilets. Great place to stay for floating the river or fishing.located in the beautiful Ellensburg canyon on the Yakima river

Perfect fall spot!

The colors here in the fall are incredible! Hands down my fave! This campground was great! There is a little mini golf course, which was closed when we went but I’m sure it’s a blast in the summer! The people here were super friendly and helpful! There are restrooms and showers!! Showers are always nice. However, we didn’t stay long enough to need a shower. We just stayed Friday night and then hiked Lake Ingalls Saturday morning. They also have trash bags for sale which I thought was nice. Amazing ice cream shop close by! We came after our hike on Saturday! There are RV spots as well as tent spots. Showers and bathrooms within walking distance. Highly recommend staying here and doing Lake Ingalls. It’s a 9 mile round trip hike, that is beautiful! We wanted to see the larches so we came early fall. We also saw mountain goats which was one of our goals!! No dogs allowed on trail.

Okay campground, good hiking

First time visiting this side of Washington, and the weather definitely disappoint. It was pretty dang hot here in the summer, more of a desert type of feel. We were super worried about rattlesnakes because we heard this part of Washignton has tons during the summer, but luckily we didn't see any. It rained the last day we were here, which was a nice change of weather. The hiking was great, so much beautiful greenery and trees! The campground was "okay." It wasn't really that well kept, a little dirty and no toilet paper in the gross porta-potty style toilet. The toilet area smelt SO bad! It was like it hadn't been clean in a really long time. The campground is fairly small, probably 15 sites? The sites are pretty close together, luckily there was only about 5 other families there when we were there. I wouldn't come back to this campground, but would probably come back to the area to do more hiking. Maybe not in the summer, though, more like the fall.

What a gem!

Pretty cheap and very relaxing with plenty to do. There is an ice cream shop and mini golf really close nearby. The campground bathhouses were really clean and showers had nice hot water. The employees working were very kind to recommend some nice hiking in the area. Would definitely come back again.

Best hike nearby!

Really loved this campground mainly because there is an awesome hike nearby! Stayed at this campground on a Friday night- got into the campsite around 6:30pm. We found our site easily, and set up our tent for the night. There was actually more people than I thought, but it was because it was also hunting season during this time. The hunters were super friendly! We woke up that Saturday morning and did Lake Ingalls for the fall hike. This hike is hands down my favorite in Washington, especially this time of year. The fall colors are perfect. We even saw some mountain goats which was super cool. The hike to the lake does require some path finding, so make sure you know your way. The campground was great, although we didn’t stay long. Just that one night. Would definitely come back again!

Quiet peaceful relaxing

Lots of clean large camp spots to choose from. Vault toilets. Shallow Creek runs thru campground. good place for rock hounds…or kids to cool off . Sheltered picnic area. Horshoe pits, ball feild, lots of room for kids to run and play or ride bikes

Loved it and the hiking!

Great campground! There is an amazing ice cream shop right down the road, as well as mini golf. We did the mini golf one evening and had ice cream every night we stayed. The campground was really clean, bathrooms clean and also have showers with HOT water!! Surprised by this. The amentities are a little out of date, but everything was clean which was nice. The people working were super nice and helpful. There is also a little shop that have a few things for sale. Room for RV or tent spots. The price was pretty cheap, and was a relaxing getaway. Did some hiking and had a blast. Highly recommend hiking!! Would definitely come back again.

So Great!!

I love the teanaway area because the hiking is incredible! I was able to come stay here in the fall, and hike Lake Ingalls. It was absolutely gorgeous! Hands down the best decision my friends and I have made. The campground was actually somewhat busy. There were quite a few people staying here that were hunting nearby but had this as their base. We thought it would be bare because of the time of year we went, but it was actually busy. Campground was decent- clean and lots of room. One toilet. Bring your own toilet paper because there wasn’t any in the bathroom. Lake Ingalls is a must hike if you are staying here. It was incredible. We saw some mountain goats and the colors were beautiful this time of year. Hike was 9 miles round trip and does require some path finding to the lake. Campground was easy to find and well marked.


Very pretty area outside of Thorp.  Campground is primative, pit toilets, but does have water and garbage.  Unfortunately, the site is closed from Labor Day through Memorial Day.  Also, there is a concrete ford to cross Taneum creek to get in to the site.  Depending on water levels and the kind of vehicle or trailer you have, it might be difficult to navigate.


I was very lucky to find a campsite for the night. I had to get there early enough to get the site. The river was just below my site. It was beautiful!!

Loved the hiking!

My husband and I don't really ever make our way around the Yakima area, only because the hiking there is more "desert" feel and in the summer the rattlesnakes are out and about. The weather in the Yakima area in the summer is amazing, though (hot!!). We decided to make a day trip to do some hiking in the Umtanum area, which is within the Yakima River Canyon. The path was really good, clear, and easy to find. There were a few waterfalls, and creeks to cross to just know that your shoes/feet might get a little wet. The weather was perfect when we came in July. Make sure if you go in the summertime to bring plenty of water, because it is very hot. We luckily didn't see any rattlesnakes! There really isn't a "view" ending point, but the hike itself is beautiful. After we were done hiking we stopped and had a delicious dinner at Bron Yur (Spelling?), it is a pizza place that makes the most amazing pizza!! Highly recommend going there if you are ever in that area. We drove home by going Highway 12 and saw the most amazing views of Mt. Rainier.

Great primitive camping with perfect location!

These are primitive camping spots. We chose this campground because it was close to Leavenworth but we could still have a fun camping experience. We also checked out the Eightmile Lake Trail nearby for a pretty hike to an alpine lake. The camping spots were large and had level ground. It's also right next to the river so it's fun to explore. Neighbors were friendly and quiet at night.

Freeway noise

We've stayed here twice with other families. Once at the group site and once at other sites next to each other. If you are going with a large group you are much better off booking sites together as far away from the freeway as possible. The group site is incredibly loud because it is so close to I-90. I drempt all night that a semi-truck was running me over. Not exactly a relaxing experience. I have not experienced the hook up sites, only the standard campground. Maybe it's less noisy there? The lake is beautiful, but we had to drive from our site to get to the beach. The facilities are well maintained. If you want a shower be sure to visit the token machine at the ranger station first. There are other more quiet campgrounds you could choose if you want to get away from the noise of a busy life. I'm not sure I would pick this one again, but the lake makes a great day trip.

We'll be back

We stayed here one night while passing through and wish we could have stayed longer. Very clean facility with lots of amenities for a great price and not far from town. We were able to secure our spot last minute which was nice. We also booked a pull through site since we recently got our pop up camper and knew we may arrive in the dark. It was well worth the extra few dollars. We plan to be back next summer and take full advantage of the campground.