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Mount Rainier National Park, WASHINGTON
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Great National park location

We got a campsite near the back of the campground right next to a trailhead. The spots seemed to be well spread out so we had plenty of privacy. The restrooms were clean and the park rangers were very helpful. Only downfall of being near the trailhead was having backpackers walking through late at night coming back from hikes up the mountain.

Family friendly camping

Well maintained campground in the national park. It is pretty large and the spots are not super private. Some of them are next to the river which is nice. I thought it was a little loud because there were so many people and it’s relatively open in the forest. Had decent bathrooms and good access to easy trails and small swimming spot on the river.

Super fun campground

This campground was very well maintained. It had nice bathrooms and well laid out camp spots. Some are more private and forested and some are more open and on the River. We staid in a forested spot and it was private and very quiet. Also super easy to walk to the river and play.

Meh. Great Day Use Area. Average Campground.

Dash Point State Park is your average, nice Washington State Park, with trees, grass, pathways etc. When we were there at the end of March, only about half the campground was open, and we were able to get a last-minute spot in the late afternoon on a Thursday. Sites are mid-sized, with some having more privacy than others.

Cons: While several other reviews talk of the cleanliness of the campground, we had the opposite experience, with large and small trash everywhere we walked (including a whole foam mattress thrown away). It was also pretty muddy, as well as loud (from the airplanes passing over head until the middle of the night).

Pros: Across the street, the day use area is amazing, with a lovely beach, picnic tables, hikes, etc. Generally a very nice place to spend the day.

Tips: Unless you're there with another group or family, avoid the spots that look like they're parallel on the map (9 & 10; 15 & 16 etc.) since they're basically one big site split up with two driveways right next to one another.

Quiet escape from crowded Rainier

This is a great little campground to head To when Ohanepecosh in Mt Rainier NP is full and you still want to be in the area for local hikes. There is a great watering hole to swim in in the frigid but refreshing river that runs alongside most campsites, accessible from the upper (closed) loop. Some brave souls jump from the rock outcropping though we were not so intrepid. Friendly camp hosts, mostly families in camp made for a nice atmosphere in a lovely setting. Good access to Mt. Rainier hiking trails.

Awesome place to go. Highly recommended for camping or day use.

I love this campground I stayed here to complete a natural resource college assignment and I will return many times. Beautiful and has all the user rentals. Those are cool. I recommend this campground.

Best ever for hiking

This is a favorite campground. The hikes nearby are fantastic in the fall because the foliage is vibrant and changing. Must go on the Lake Ingalls hike. Campground is clean and space is good for sure. Really enjoyed it.

Perfect fall spot!

The colors here in the fall are incredible! Hands down my fave! This campground was great! There is a little mini golf course, which was closed when we went but I’m sure it’s a blast in the summer! The people here were super friendly and helpful! There are restrooms and showers!! Showers are always nice. However, we didn’t stay long enough to need a shower. We just stayed Friday night and then hiked Lake Ingalls Saturday morning. They also have trash bags for sale which I thought was nice. Amazing ice cream shop close by! We came after our hike on Saturday! There are RV spots as well as tent spots. Showers and bathrooms within walking distance. Highly recommend staying here and doing Lake Ingalls. It’s a 9 mile round trip hike, that is beautiful! We wanted to see the larches so we came early fall. We also saw mountain goats which was one of our goals!! No dogs allowed on trail.

Okay campground, good hiking

First time visiting this side of Washington, and the weather definitely disappoint. It was pretty dang hot here in the summer, more of a desert type of feel. We were super worried about rattlesnakes because we heard this part of Washignton has tons during the summer, but luckily we didn't see any. It rained the last day we were here, which was a nice change of weather. The hiking was great, so much beautiful greenery and trees! The campground was "okay." It wasn't really that well kept, a little dirty and no toilet paper in the gross porta-potty style toilet. The toilet area smelt SO bad! It was like it hadn't been clean in a really long time. The campground is fairly small, probably 15 sites? The sites are pretty close together, luckily there was only about 5 other families there when we were there. I wouldn't come back to this campground, but would probably come back to the area to do more hiking. Maybe not in the summer, though, more like the fall.

What a gem!

Pretty cheap and very relaxing with plenty to do. There is an ice cream shop and mini golf really close nearby. The campground bathhouses were really clean and showers had nice hot water. The employees working were very kind to recommend some nice hiking in the area. Would definitely come back again.

Best hike nearby!

Really loved this campground mainly because there is an awesome hike nearby! Stayed at this campground on a Friday night- got into the campsite around 6:30pm. We found our site easily, and set up our tent for the night. There was actually more people than I thought, but it was because it was also hunting season during this time. The hunters were super friendly! We woke up that Saturday morning and did Lake Ingalls for the fall hike. This hike is hands down my favorite in Washington, especially this time of year. The fall colors are perfect. We even saw some mountain goats which was super cool. The hike to the lake does require some path finding, so make sure you know your way. The campground was great, although we didn’t stay long. Just that one night. Would definitely come back again!


This is one of my wife and I’s favorite place to come in the summer. We try to come at least once a year. We love it because it’s clean, close to home, and also close to Rainier National Park. Rainier has so many incredible hikes, that we are able to hike different ones every time we go. The campground gets pretty busy in the summer time, so definitely get there early to reserve your spot. The cost is cheap, and if you have a National Park pass then you get a discount which is nice. The vaulted toilets are some what clean, besides the smell. They’ve always had toilet paper in them when we’ve been there. The campground is pretty big, and the spaces are somewhat spread out. Again, all spots in the summer are full so it does get a little crowded and loud at nights. We bring ear plugs and do just fine! The road closes in late fall and winter, so makes sure to schedule this in the summer, you don’t want to miss out!


Absolutely loved my stay here!! One incredible part about being here is the proximity to Mt. Rainier National Park. We did so many amazing hikes, it was unreal. The weather was perfect so Rainier was out and shinning bright!! The campground was super clean and well put together. Vaulted toilets, that were actually clean but still smelt. Pretty decent size campground, with each campsite separated with trees. It was fairly busy when we went, mostly on the last night because it was Saturday. Campground was easy to find, and the road was passable. Great spot to go in the summer months, but definitely is busy so reserve your spot. Get all the hiking in that you can, because it’s gorgoeus!

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington States greatest attractions. This waterfall is breath taking. A lodge sits at the top of the waterfall surrounded by beautiful scenery and there is a railroad that passes over the river. This is a great place to hang up the hammock and have lunch while taking in the fresh air.

Best hiking!!

Mount Rainier didn’t disappoint. If you are ever in the edge of whether or not you want to travel to Washington and hike, I highly recommend coming. This campground was in the perfect location, too, for some hiking! The National Park is close by- make sure you have a pass or you can pay $30 at the gate. This $30 allows you 7 consecutive days into the park. We did this and hiked in the park and around the park for 5 days. The views are incredible and Mt. Rainier just glows. We did some sunrise hikes as well as sunset. Recommend!! Very busy- both the campground and the park. We went in the summer and expected it to be busy. The campground was good- typical campground. Good size campsite spaces. Was a little loud but hats only because the campground was at full capacity every night we were there. Bathrooms on site, pretty clean considering outdoor bathrooms. Would definitely come back!

Loved it and the hiking!

Great campground! There is an amazing ice cream shop right down the road, as well as mini golf. We did the mini golf one evening and had ice cream every night we stayed. The campground was really clean, bathrooms clean and also have showers with HOT water!! Surprised by this. The amentities are a little out of date, but everything was clean which was nice. The people working were super nice and helpful. There is also a little shop that have a few things for sale. Room for RV or tent spots. The price was pretty cheap, and was a relaxing getaway. Did some hiking and had a blast. Highly recommend hiking!! Would definitely come back again.

So Great!!

I love the teanaway area because the hiking is incredible! I was able to come stay here in the fall, and hike Lake Ingalls. It was absolutely gorgeous! Hands down the best decision my friends and I have made. The campground was actually somewhat busy. There were quite a few people staying here that were hunting nearby but had this as their base. We thought it would be bare because of the time of year we went, but it was actually busy. Campground was decent- clean and lots of room. One toilet. Bring your own toilet paper because there wasn’t any in the bathroom. Lake Ingalls is a must hike if you are staying here. It was incredible. We saw some mountain goats and the colors were beautiful this time of year. Hike was 9 miles round trip and does require some path finding to the lake. Campground was easy to find and well marked.

Close to hikes!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the campground. The spots seemed small to me, and it was BUSY when we went. It was a walk in campsite, and luckily we got here early to claim a spot. It definitely was full by the end of the day and the weekend. It was loud, probably because there was so many people. Popular campground because it’s close to Mt. Rainier National Park. We stayed here because we wanted to hike in the park multiple day! The hikes were amazing. We did Fremont lookout as well as the bourroughs. We also did some smaller hikes within Sunrise. The park was so crowded. Get there EARLY. We did a sunrise and sunset hike which was nice because there wasn’t as many people. We weren’t really at the campground much of the day because we were out exploring and hiking.


Really loved staying here. The best time of year to come is the summer because the weather is warm and the hiking is amazing!! Very close to Rainier National Park. They have raised the price to get in to National Parks from $25 to $30. We have an America Beautiful pass which I highly recommend because it pays off quickly. We were actually able to use that pass for the campground so it only costed $5 a night. Steal of a deal. The campground is pretty basic- campsites had table and fire ring, and the spaces were normal size. Clean, but only has 1 bathroom that we were able to find. We hiked every day in the National Park. We did Fremont, skyscraper and the bourroughs. Highly recommend! The weather was perfect when we went and Rainier was beaming. Definitely recommend going early if you’re hiking because the crowds are crazy! The parking lot was full every day after we finished hiking. Beautiful place to visit!

Great spot, amazing hiking!

Really loved my stay here. One reason we wanted to stay here was to be close to lots of beautiful hiking near Mt. Rainier. One of the days we went to Sunrise Visitor Center and did a few hikes within the park. It was a blue sky day and Mt. Rainier was shinning! The campground is great. Lots of parking and the campsites are big and clean. 2 pit toilets, but bring your own toilet paper, especially in the summer when it’s super busy. Walk in campground, so get there early to reserve your spot. There is a parking lot where you leave your car, then find your campsite. That was a little odd to me, but it worked out. We also hiked Spray Fall which was gorgeous. Mowich Lake is close by and the water is so clear and beautiful! Definitely nice to have the lake close by to jump in on a hot day! To get to campground you do have to drive on a dirt road for about 10miles. We have a truck so we didn’t have any issues. No cell service which we figured. Either need a discovery Pass or pay $5 for the day. Loved it here!


Very pretty area outside of Thorp.  Campground is primative, pit toilets, but does have water and garbage.  Unfortunately, the site is closed from Labor Day through Memorial Day.  Also, there is a concrete ford to cross Taneum creek to get in to the site.  Depending on water levels and the kind of vehicle or trailer you have, it might be difficult to navigate.

Camping in Mount Rainier

Very nice area. Bathrooms are available, which helps immensely for folks with children, and camping spots are plentiful. There is also a man who drives around with firewood since you can't bring your own from the outside, and it's very inexpensive.

muddy hole

If you just need a place to sleep, then it will do. Set up, do your thing, and move on. They will squeeze you into any corner left - literally.

But to stay, no way. The place is too muddy, the laundry room and showers are little better than free public sites. If you have to be in Seattle there are not many options. That's how they get away with such dingy offerings. They just want your money: charge a lot for sites, hope you will buy something in the boutique, and they do not spend any of it on basic structure (like fixing broken roads)

The bird sanctuary adjacent is also a bug factory. One person claimed 'this is not camping'. That's right. It's a cheap way to travel. And for some migrant workers, a cheaper way to live. The park is full of old RV's, permanently parked.

The staff is annoyed to deal with customers.

If anyone should be able to set up a new RV park, customers would flock to it! They'd leave this dump in a heart beat!!

As my grandma used to say, 'all dressed up with a dirty neck'. In other words, first clean yourself up. The dress nicely. This place dresses up with cute signs - but underneath its falling apart.

Fix the roads and learn that your customers are your best asset. Be happy to greet them and care for them. That is the secret to a long term business.

Water issues

This site was great because of the stocked ponds for fishing and the pools but there was some sort of water issue and the restrooms had to be closed, forcing the use of very few port-a-potties. Pool area there was a deteriorating ledge under one of the pool filter caps that I feel needs to be replaced. I fell hard through it as I walked around the narrow walkway surrounding the pool. My leg is still knitted, bruised and slightly swollen and that was in August.

walking distance to ocean

its right across from the beach, easy to get to, fun wiith alot to do

Freeway noise

We've stayed here twice with other families. Once at the group site and once at other sites next to each other. If you are going with a large group you are much better off booking sites together as far away from the freeway as possible. The group site is incredibly loud because it is so close to I-90. I drempt all night that a semi-truck was running me over. Not exactly a relaxing experience. I have not experienced the hook up sites, only the standard campground. Maybe it's less noisy there? The lake is beautiful, but we had to drive from our site to get to the beach. The facilities are well maintained. If you want a shower be sure to visit the token machine at the ranger station first. There are other more quiet campgrounds you could choose if you want to get away from the noise of a busy life. I'm not sure I would pick this one again, but the lake makes a great day trip.

Pretty campground but a bit tight

We met some friends at Cougar Rock Campground on Mt Rainier at the end of September thinking we would have no problem getting a site. We ended up getting the very last site in the entire campground. So even if you're going a little later in the season, I would recommend getting a reservation. (And the campground closes in October for the season.) Of course, we ended up at a site right next to the bathroom, which is not my favorite. But once again, lucky to even get a site. The site (C-22) was actually kind of interesting because there is a big rock right behind the fire pit so you can sit on the rock and be a little higher over the campfire. The bathrooms were clean and fine. You really can't go wrong looking at the stars on a clear, September evening on Mt. Rainier.

On Sunday before heading back to Portland, we took the short drive up to Jackson Visitors Center at the top of Rainier where we took some easy walks (can't even call the hikes) around the absolutely gorgeous area. The colors were stunning! Then had some awesome chili at Paradise Inn right next to the visitors center before heading home. Perfect fall weekend.

Great place, fun hiking!

My family and I took a 3 week long trip to Washington and continued toward Whistler afterward. We did a ton of explore, camping and hiking. We stayed at this campground because there were a few hikes we wanted to do nearby. I believe they call it the i90 corridor? That’s what we read on the Washington hiking page. Which by the way, the WTA website was super helpful. Wish we had something similar back where I live. All Trails was helpful too. This campground was great, and fit our RV perfectly. We enjoyed our stay here. It was quite and clean. Our RV has a bathroom in it which is nice- there was only - bathroom in the campground, and it was pretty far from us so I’m glad we had one in our RV. The only downside was the rain. It rained 50% of the time we were in washington, and some of our hikes were FOGGY! Still fun and we enjoyed ourselves!

Beautiful and Peaceful!

This was our favorite campground over the course of 40 days on the road. Our site was right next to the river – the sound of the water was super peaceful! We were early in the season, so it was very quiet. Lots of tree coverage!


It's very hard to get a reservation anywhere near Mount Rainier. We got one Thursday night in August! The campgound is very nice. Visitor center, restrooms, nature trail. The river behind our site was beautiful! Lots of logs and boulders. Close to hiking. Our neighbors were close, but the site was very deep so it gave the illusion of more privacy that there really was.