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Gorgeous campground on the Pend Oreille River

This is one of the better looking campgrounds in the area. It sits right on the Pend Oreille River in the Colville National Forest, so fishing is good as well as the great views. The campground was nicely maintained and the host was very pleasurable to chat with. The campground offers drinking water, day use area, boat launch, trash removal, and vault toilets.  Firewood is also sold by the host.

The sites are spacious and well separated. Each includes a fire pit, picnic table and tent pad. The website claims that all sites are accessible for any RV but I noticed a couple that might be difficult for large RV's. 

With the beauty and maintenance comes a price and that is:

$20/single site

$40/double site 

$10/Extra vehicle

$5/Day Use

All in all this place is great but a little pricey for me. I would still highly recommend it to others though as it is a beautiful place to stay, especially iof you have a boat.

Great FREE dispersed sites right on the creek!

I found this awesome little campground on my way to Sullivan Lake from Metaline Falls.

It is just off the main road, next to Sullivan Creek. It is fully a dispersed group of sites so no trash, water, toilet, or any amenities. There is an information sign and several rock rings for fires.  This is my kind of site, just throw your tent up where ever and go fish or hike. 

The trees are fairly dense so the whole place is well shaded. Sullivan Creek is right there! Sullivan Lake is just a few miles to the east. With Metaline falls a few to the west, there are shops, eteries, and evan a movie theatre close by.

All in all a great place to stay a couple of nights.

Free Campground on a lake by the dam

This campground is amazing!

 It is a small campground right next to the Boundary Dam and thanks to Seattle City Power is absolutely FREE! It just went through a major overhaul so everything is new and well maintained.  Lots of history here including the filming of The Postman.

They provide you with great amenities like full flush bathrooms, extensive day use facilities, Boat launch and dock, Water and trash. It has 22 sites(3 of which are ADA) and 12 RV sites. There are no hookups for the RV's. Each site has a fire pit picnic table and gravel tent pads.

There are many things to do here like check out the Peewee falls which is only viewable by water or take the free dam tour! A short drive away is the Gardner Caves which offers free guided tours if you have a discovery pass. Metaline Falls is also a short drive away in which there are a few eateries and even a movie theater.

Overall it is a great place to camp and boat, my only fault would be the 6 day limit! 

I highly recommend checking this place out if you have a chance.

My favorite lake in Washington plus free camping.

This is for Crescent Lake in the NE corner of washington, not the one in the olympics(which is also a wonderful campground). This campground consists of 3 sites decked out with picnic tables, a fire pit, tent pad and bear boxes. There is a vault toilet close to all sites and a bear proof trash bin. There is no host, store, water, or other amenities, the perfect rustic getaway! It is run by the US Forest Service and is TOTALLY free!!! No pass or fee needed. It is just up the hill from the pristine small lake on the road to the Vista House. The vista house is a single room with windows overlooking the Pendorile river as it flows through Boundary Dam and into Canada. The Vista House hase mens and womens flush restrooms if you are camping here and need a bit of civilisation! It is 1 mile from a canadian border crossing yet gets very little traffic. The best feature of this campground is the gorgeous turquoise water in Crescent Lake. It is stocked seasonally with brown and rainbow trout. I have seen MANY turtles and frogs on the shores, as well as elk, deer, bald eagles and even a bear! The Boundary Dam is about 20 minutes away and offers free tours plus there are the Gardner Caves close to that, so there are always activities to do. This is a must see treasure of washington and I HIGHLY recommend at least visiting.

Large campground on Sullivan Lake

Noisy Creek is a large campground on Sullivan Lake's south side. It Is run by the U.S. Forest Service so provides lots of amenities. Some of these include a dock, boatlaunch, Day use facilities, trash pickup/bear bins, water, and vault toilets. The site says it has nineteen campsites, but I swear there were many more than that plus 4-5 group sites on the group side. The pricing is as follows: Single site:$20 Extra vehicle:$10 Day use:$5 The camp host had firewood for sale at$8, which is good because you are 20-30 min from the nearest small town. Be aware you are in bear country here so camp appropriately. Bear Boxes are provided in site as well as fire pits, picnic tables and tent pads. The sites are spacious and fairly separated also. With a quick walk to the lake it is a great summer spot to take the family! If I am not camping in the dispersed sites on the north side of the lake I am here. Overall a great campground you should check out!

Nice campground by Sullivan Lake

It is a nice Campground on Sullivan lake run by the U.S. Forest Service.

It has all the amenities you would expect from a campground run by them. It has vault toilets, onsite trash pickup, and water. There is a day use area on the lake with picnic tables, grills, bathrooms and even a boat launch! It boasts 32 campsites, 6 double campsites, 1 group campsite(up to 40 people) all with picnic tables, fire pits, and tent pads. The pricing is as follows:

$20/single site

$40/double site

$75/group site 

$10/Extra vehicle

$5/Day use

Overall This is a nice place with a few small towns close by incase you need supplies. I would check it out if in the area.

Annual trip

My family goes here every year during Labor Day weekend. I have so many fond memories here. Lots of motorcycle trails and access to water if you bring kayaks. We once brought jet skis.

Davis Lake Campground

This was located in Colville National Forrest. Approximately 2 1/2 hours outside of Spokane. The drive wasn’t bad, but the last 45 mins was on a windy dirt road.

Davis Lake Campground

This was located in Colville National Forrest. Approximately 2 1/2 hours outside of Spokane. The drive wasn’t bad, but the last 45 mins was on a windy dirt road.

Really disappointed

Looking at campground map, we thought our site would be next to the water. But alas, the sites are back about 50 ft from the water. The waterfront is for parking the cars. :(
The RV’s are packed in like sardines. Our camping rug was 2 inches from the neighbors sewer hose. Goose poop everywhere! Barking / whining dogs, & an over zealous groundskeeper who felt the need to water the lawns around us. So we had wet rugs / table, etc.
Won’t be returning.

Off grid and no cell service

This place is amazing to disconnect from the world yet still have a clean environment. I have been coming here my whole life and still it owns my heart. Most of the toilets are vault with one near the beach that has running water. The sites are mostly level and clear of brush. There are single and double units available too. The fishing is great, but the floating dock on the beach needs some major upkeep! Some great hikes can be had all from the campground. We will most definitely return. There is also a Kiwanis group camp at this campground, so depending on who has it rented it can be fairly noisy & busy during the day.

Terrible management, beautiful campground

Well kept campgrounds, but the owner Dave came into our campsite drunk and belligerent, called our children profanities, then returned later in the evening and proceeded to run his golf cart into two of the vehicles at out campsite yelling more profanities, he then got off of his cart and fell onto a personal camp table smashing it. He also physically assaulted two of the parties at our campsite, this is all after crashing through the campsite next to ours, running over a tent and yelling profanities at the site on the other side of their campsite. The owners refused to pay for any of the damages and the excuse we received was that Dave had a bad day and had been drinking vodka. I just want to remind you this is the owner of the resort. So if you you choose this place just be careful.

Very secluded camp sites considering they are fairly close together

I have personally been to Pierre lake more than three times and every time it has been better and better! The campsites are well-maintained and although they are fairly close together there is enough trees and brush that you feel like you’re not around anybody. Also the entire campground has trails interconnected all throughout that lead from one end of the sites to another there are no garbage dumpsters on site so you must pack out what you pack in but there is running water concrete fairly secure our houses and the lake is spectacular for swimming fishing canoeing and all other manner of water sports. The fee is six dollars per night per site with an additional two dollars per extra car per site! I highly recommend checking this place out even though I don’t really want to many people to find out about it as it is my favorite place to go and it seems as though not many people know about it!

Beautiful & quiet.

Great campground with easy access to the woods and a beautiful lake with views and fishing. Paved road, clean drinking water, vaulted toilets, locking dumpsters for trash, no motorized boats allowed. Great for families that enjoy camping, great lake for fishing and kayaking, great spot for birding. There are pull through spots for trailers in the upper part of the campground and back in spots with lake views and access. Walk in and group sites are much more private.

Great and outdoorsy

This place was a little confusing to find the campgrounds at first, but it was a great time. ORV trails and hiking trails, and a wonderful lake to fish and swim. There is a little trading post that you can have dinner or buy small things. No service but well needed to get away and enjoy the outdoors, the owner Rick was a wonderful caring family guy and I will definitely be back!

Perfect Adventure

Went camping at Crescent lake this past week and had the best time. Hiked up to Marymere Falls in the afternoon between rain showers. Nice trail to the falls about 1.6 miles round trip and not very difficult at all. Also hiked the Storm King trail which was difficult at times and really worked my legs but worth every step. Lots of wildlife around the area with Black Tail deer and Raccoons.

The Real Crescent lake

***All reviews below this and above this are for Crescent lake in the Olympic National Park (also beautiful), Not this Crescent lake in the Colville National Forest, which the map indicates.

This Campground is in the thick of the Colville National Forest, on the East side of Washington State. There are only three campsites, best for tents or very small campers, no your 40 foot RV will not fit…..They are not reserveable, fcfs. It is a free campground, 1 mile south of the Canadian border. The road in is narrow and has a bit of down hill slope. Each site is equipped with fire rings, bear boxes and picnic tables. There is one Vault toilet. Bring your own water as there is no access. There is also one bear proof trash can. The campground is up hill from the lake in thick of pines. Just up the road from Crescent lake is the Boundary Dam Vista House. It offers beautiful views of the Boundary Dam, The Canada Border and Beyond, The Pend Oreille River, The Selkirk Mountains, and more! Also close to Metaline Falls, where the 1997 Kevin Costner Film, The Postman, was filmed.

The lake was even clearer than the one on the west side, it is stocked with Rainbow trout, and it's super awesome to see where you are fishing. For being a roadside lake I was quite impressed. There are a very few, SMALL, pull offs on the small dirt road on the lake. At the end is a slightly larger area to turn around in, or park (please leave enough room to let others turn around) There is a rope swing, however, the lake is not deep enough at the moment to be able to swing. People do kayak and canoe. There is no room for your trailer. If it fits in or on your car, feel free to use your boat. Most importantly please, respect this area, it's beauty is unparalleled.

Spectacular views

Beautiful views of Lake Roosevelt and the surrounding mountains and trees   Boat launch available to get out and do some fishing.  Catch Walleye and Rainbows 

Unreserved sites, 37. There r 3 group sites that can be reserved.   Swim beach for everyone, shelter for functions.   This campground is  is very well maintained  by the workers of the National Park System. Come on out and enjoy!!

Absolutely beautiful

Love it here! Kinda wish there was more spots but at the same time love how spaced out the camp sites are great for both campers, rv and tent sites. I love Stevens county camp grounds!

Ranger Review- Grubstick at Boundary Dam, Forebay recreation

Campground Review:

Usually I would stay away from campgrounds like Boundry Dam Campground, also known as Forebay Recreation Area. A Free Campground from the Seattle City Lights Project. This place was beautiful and I will be back. 

While I didn't realize it until after I had set up camp, site #22 is the best in the campground and also one of three ADA sites. Since there were few others camping, I now see why it was available.They are unmarked and the only thing telling you this is on a board next to the bathrooms, Site 11,13 and 22 were mentioned as ADA on the board, however the entire campground is ADA accessible except the sites 1-4 which are very close together and tent only sites.  The RV sites are also close together.

Site 22 is backed up to the forest, and the most private site in the campground, there is only 1 site next to you and both of these sites are walk in. You park and then carry your gear in. I found this strange for an ADA site. It isn't a far walk and it is very well paved. 

Each site has a fire ring and picnic table. There are large and small day use areas along the river side, unfortunately only sites 1-5 are on the water, the rest have a water view, but its more like a parking lot. 

The bathrooms are updated, very clean, flush toilets. No showers. They have water spigots close to the sites and they have a lot of power. The landscape was too commercial, I would have preferred if they left the land as it was instead of adding bark chips and planting flowers. Its going to be difficult to keep those growing and maintained. 

The fishing dock was also new, sturdy and a beautiful spot for pictures. I have heard, and if you see the reviews under this, there is a waterfall, about a mile away from the dock in the river. Unfortunately I don't have a vessel so was not able to see this first hand. The water was pretty warm, compared to other places in the area. Saw tons of kayaks head out from this point. The waterfall is accessible by water only at this point, however, they are building trailheads, with parking lots and restrooms on the Eastern ridge to provide viewpoints of the waterfall and canyon by 2020. 

Cool fact, this is in the town of Metaline Falls, Washington. The Dam and the town are a features in the Kevin Costner film, The Postman.

There is also  FREE Dam tours Thursday-Monday (so don't show up on a Tuesday like us!) They are offered at 10:30am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 4:00pm, I will be back very soon to take advantage of this. Its a Hydro Electric Dam and it goes through a Limestone cave! 

Just up the Road is a Gardner Caves- Crawford State Park, Garner Caves offers tours of the cave at 10:00am,12:00pm, 2:00pm and 4:00pm. This tour you need a discover pass for. Again, I showed up on Monday evening and was unable to do the cave tour this time, however, I have done Gardner caves and that is super neat! 

If you are exploring the upper side of Eastern Washington, or going to Canada, I highly recommend camping, boating and exploring this area. 

Ranger Review: Grubstick Deluxe kit

As a Ranger for the Dyrt, sometimes I get awesome camping gear, in exchange for a honest review. Today I am reviewing the Grubstick. The Grubstick is a pretty neat camping cook tool. It has a long extendable handle to keep you and yours safe. It also has along several attachments, so you can become a hit with the kids and really inventive with your camp recipes. This camp trip was an adventure and to keep it easy, we roasted some hot dogs for lunch on the second day. 

First, I had the opportunity to get the starter kit and the Deluxe kit. Both pictured here. The Starter kit comes with a Handle, A grub cage (square cage for roasting smore's, fruit, or anything that will fit.) A fork to roast hotdog's and a release tool to open the cage. Its pretty basic but again, pretty great considering your options to cook on this are endless. 

The deluxe kit comes with all of that plus, an extra handle, and additional fork, a burgcage, a Grub Pocket to make bacon cups, bread bowls, etc, A Grubtube for making breadsticks, and a bacon clip! 

I feel like these are meant for quality food. The cheap hot dogs I had, split down the center seconds after exposing them to the fire, making it hard to turn the stick with out the hot dogs also turning, and trying to slide off the stick, so they were not getting evenly cooked. Again, not a testament to the Grubstick at all. I love the idea of it, it just didn't work right with the cheap hot dogs. I am super excited to try them in the future and use the other attachments. They shipped very quickly and they are made of high quality materials, They also came in great carry bags. I actually only brought the grubstick with me instead of my large bulky camp stove, while that would have been a nice idea, always bring a back up- in case there is a sudden torrential downpour that makes it so you cannot have a campfire. 

All in all, very cool tool, I can see using these on family camp trips with the kids and making smores. Brats or polish sausage would work better than hot dogs on the fork.

Great place

Had a blast nice clean sites good healthy trout

Nice campground to bring your toys!

Found this gem while driving around. It's fairly new, so people don't know too much about it. It was completely empty when we stopped by. We cooked lunch and hung out here, walking around the campground. Nobody showed up, so we decided to stay. The sites are all first come- first serve, there are very large sites with plenty of room for parking. If I remember correctly, there is 8-9 sites. All of them seem ADA accessible. There are vault toilets that seem to be maintained well considering the emptiness of the campground. The night sky was aweome! It's a gravel/dirt road, can be pretty dusty as it is an ORV/toy campground so I presume it could get noisy. The lake isn't far and a nice place to just hang out.

First to Review
Dispersed camping paradise on Nile lake

Hey Dyrt users! Today I have a little gem of an area for you to experience, Nile lake in Washington. This little lake is just of highway 20 on a small dirt road about 2-3 blocks long. It is dispersed and very primitive, so bring what you need and pack out everything! There is a field around the lake with a few rock circles for fire pits. There are also a few rock circles in the forest along the dirt road. The national forest sign at the beginning of the road has the usual postings for a dispersed campground. The road runs to a small loop at the lakes edge. When I was there the water seems to have risen to the road itself. The lake is open to watercraft, but there is no launch/ramp. There are also  more than a few trails around the area if you grow tired of the lake. Overall it is tough to beat a free  campsite in untouched nature.

Super Awesome!

This is not my typical campground. I was surprised at the location and the really cool Hydro Electric Dam! This Campground is FREE, and small, but it has some really cool amenities. there is a fishing/swimming pond for the kids, free firewood, one of the sites has a cute small waterfall, IN THE SITE!!! There are picnic tables and fire rings, vault toilets that are maintained, seating areas around the pond, and it is in the Dam parking lot, It is just off the freeway so there is a good amount of road noise.There is a visitor center on site where you can learn about the damn, and just up the road is a view point for eagles nest, Sweet Water Falls rest stop, which has a small hike up to a double waterfall! And about 20 minutes away is Gardner Caves, which is about an hour long cave tour starting at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. From the cave there is a 1/4 mile hike to Canada Border! 

The campground also provides life jackets , if your child needs one! 

Really cool for not being my typical campground.


This section of the Colville, there is so much to see and do! This campground is close to many attractions and has great fishing! The parking areas are really long and most have a great view of the lake. Bear boxes fire rings and picnic tables are all provided at most every site. There is also bear proof trash and water spigots near by the sites as well. This is right on the Pend Oreille River, and there is a nice boat launch and fishing pier. The sites are extra large and can take just about any RV size you have. The roads in are nice and paved as well. The bathrooms are maintained regularly and have toilet paper, You can reserve site here or there are FSFS sites as well but it is a small campground and there are only a few sites to be had as it is, I think they run around $21 a night, and no hookups.

Heaven On Earth

Hands down favorite place.


Free camping, first come first serve. RECENTLY RE-DONE! Beautiful kayak/boat ride to pee wee falls right around the corner.

Exceeded Expectations!!!!

Ranger Review: Aftershokz Trekz Air at Douglas Falls Grange Park

Campground Review:

 Wow! Wow! Wow!

First off, a bit about the campground itself. It is owned by the local grange, right next to the Colville National Forest. It is free with a Discover pass. The discover pass is $10 for a day or $30 for a year and needed for a lot of parks in Washington. It is also located just outside of Colville, where you can get anything you need. There is about 8-15 sites. Why don’t I know? Well the campground loop intercepts the day use area, and what is a site, compared to the day use area, we can’t tell. On the main campground loop there is 8 sites. In the day use area, site #9 appears to be the only marked ADA accessible site, though many of the others seem just as accessible. Site #10 and #11 are a slight downhill walk from the parking area. Site 10 does not have a clear parking spot, where all of the other sites do. Site #12 is basically in the parking lot. When we arrived we drove the main loop and there were a few other campers, then we came to the day use area and site #12 had a tent pitched there.  There is a short car road that is a one way access with additional sites #13 #14 and #15, this road was closed, but may open in the future. There were black table cloths on the tables, indicating not to use. All sites have a fire ring, and picnic table. Some have a cute log bench right next to the fire.

There is no garbage service at this campground. Pack it in, pack it out, please, leave no trace. There are vault toilets supplied with plenty of toilet paper, they were very clean and have an air freshener that almost makes you forget you are in a vault toilet! There is a huge field with a backstop for baseball/softball, a covered picnic area, Horseshoes, hiking trails (with the main one being a 1.5 mile nature loop) and the highlight was a gorgeous 60 foot waterfall that you can see from the parking lot or take short walk to. There is also a pretty cool suspension bridge!

I had low expectations of this place, but I was very surprised! We took site #10 which is about 20 feet away from the upper portion of the falls. This site is a short walk from the parking lot, so you do have to walk your gear in.  The only other site in this area is #11 and it is a good distance away. From our site there is a small trail that leads to the main trail which goes to the top of the falls. If you take the main trail from the look out to the right there is access to the bottom of the falls. I listened to the waterfall all night and it was so peaceful and soothing I slept peacefully. The moon light over the falls was amazing, I wish I had my good camera! Did I mention the wildlife? Hawks, deer, super squirrels, Eagles, Chipmunks, Robins, Magpie and more! 

Over all, I hated it, you shouldn’t go there so I can have it ALL to myself! But really, this is a fantastic place to camp. It’s a beautiful piece of land, with so much to see and do. Go, have fun, and thank me later!

Product Review:

Aftershokz Trekz Air- Bone Conduction Headphones.

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, sometimes I have the opportunity to review new products in exchange for an honest review. At this campground I tested Aftershokz Trekz Air- Bone Conduction Headphones.

These headphones are a wave of the future. Instead of sitting in your ear like most headphones, they sit on your jawbone. They are Bluetooth, so that means wireless! They are super easy to pair and connect with your phone. As with all technology, it is really best to charge them straight out of the box. The colored light on the side of the headphone is red if it is not charged or blue if it’s fully charged. The pads that sit on your jawbone sends vibrations through the bone to your year. They come in sleek colors, and they are so lightweight and comfortable you can forget they are there. The point of these headphones is to be able to hear the outside world around you and still listen to your tunes. This keeps you attentive to other people in the office or, in my case, able to hear your music over roaring waterfalls on the trail.

I had never heard of bone conduction technology before these headphones, and I certainly will remember now. These are funky and fresh. I love them, I love that they stay on my head while on the go, no cords to untangle and get in the way, or earbuds to pop out of my ear while walking. If you are not moving, the vibrations can be a little intense at higher volumes or songs with more bass, it makes it feel a little strange. They have a six hour battery life, and only takes about an hour and a half to charge. I also wish that there was a voice control in these as well so I could continue being hands free and answer the phone, skip songs or pause, at the same time. I hear that it’s in the works though, so I’m willing to wait. Plus, the button controls are easy to use, so it’s not a deal breaker. They come with a great carrying bag, ear plugs (if you don’t want to hear the world around you, you can use the earplugs to intensify to the volume of the Trekz Air.) and a charging cord. They also have a great warranty, return and exchange policy. There also arrived super quickly, I have been able to use them for a few weeks before the review, giving me the opportunity to get used to them and form an opinion.

These are by far the best headphones I have ever had and I don’t think I can go back to earbuds. I would definitely recommend these to anyone!

First to Review
Nice clean campsites

Big campsites that are moderately secluded from each other. Easy hike around the lake to the cedar grove. Clean bathrooms. Worth the camping fee. Off grid/dispersed camping available as well.

Idyllic campground overlooking a waterfall, FREE if you have a Discoverpass

One of my new favorite campgrounds I found while researching for the Dyrt was Douglas Falls Grange Park. I must admit I was sceptical on my way up there as there isn't much on the net about it and it is less than 5 miles from Colville, a decent size town. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find a well kept oasis that gives the feeling of being far from civilization. I saw no sign of noise/light pollution from the town 5 min. away, on the other side of the mountain.

Probably the most notable feature of this campground is its namesake, Douglas Falls. There are views of it from the parking lot as well as trails to the top and base with access to other trails. Another nice thing about this place is the extensive day use facilities. There is a groomed field with backstop, next to a covered group of tables and bathrooms.

I saw around 15 sites total with 2 clearly marked for day use and one was ADA. They mostly offered good spacing and sometimes even seclusion. My favorite sites were 10 and 11 as they were closest to the waterfall, tho many of the others seemed great also. There were bathrooms and potable water centrally located in both sections of the park. Since it is a state run park, camping is free for up to 7 days if you have a Discover pass, which is $10 a day, $30 for the year, or free from a wa public library! Keep in mind all sites are first come first served with no reserving, so show up early.

If you find you need a change of pace while camping here there is the aforementioned town of Colville just 5 minutes away with a walmart, several grocery stores, and even a drive-in theatre! It also has many other little shops and eateries. About 15 minutes on the other side of Colville is the Columbia river which provides lots of opportunities for hiking, swimming, boating, and fishing plus more activities.

Overall this campground is great and I hope you are able to get the same wonderful experience I did from it.