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Most Recent Saint Paul Camping Reviews
Spectacular location

WARNING! if you use Get Directions & Google Maps on this page, it likely will route you to the wrong location.

The correct access point is from the SouthEast, via the town of Marquez. From the four way stop in Marquez, head North about a quarter mile and then make a left on 1146 just before D&D Hardware. It’s easy after that.

That said, I just arrived and my jaw dropped, it’s so breathtaking.

Perfect Spot by the Lake

I'm surprised no one else has reviewed this place yet, it is awesome! Other than the occasional local on their boats making noise, this place was pretty serene. The drive to the location is very rural once you exit 45. Many nice folks in the community here were waving at me when I drove by.

I decided to stay here because it was free and I did not feel like driving further to Dallas. There are porta potties available stocked with toilet paper. There are 3 or 4 small roads to take once you get inside, which lead you towards the lake. You can get an RV inside a few of the spots without obscuring entry for other vehicles. There is one large patio for events and has seating for about 25 people.

There are fish in the lake, one foot long dead floating bass was right in front of me. Plenty of smaller fish dancing on the water. There are areas to bbq as well. A couple docks you can walk off that are small and can cast a fishing rod.

The place was decently busy for a hidden gem, though I was the only person on my side of the area. I was there on a Saturday so perhaps during the week it is more quiet.

This was one of my favorite places I've stayed at in Texas so far (haven't been to a lot of locations so far in the state) and would definitely return again with better preparation and additional family members and friends.

Fisherman Paradise....Not for Everyone

The front guardhouse/entrance is extra campy. Low light and decorated with 69 yo 74lb catch pictures. This is by far the most fisherman geared Texas State Park we have been to and it's our 12th!

The playground is nicer than expected. The tr ails are well-marked.

A quirk of this park are the neighbors. You drive by 8 plus mailboxes while inside the State Park. An abandoned home half collapsed is seen from the roadway. So that's unique.

Beautiful and generally well kept. It's an older style but they have a newer playground area next to the old one.

For a family I give this a 2. For Fisherman a 5. For everyone else a 3.

Awesome campground

Always clean, quiet and very friendly staff.

No tents on weekends

My husband and I went to this site to scope it out for a weekend family camping trip. We drove all over the park and could not find a designated area for tents. We finally stopped at the restaurant/convenient store/bait shop and asked where are the tent sites. He asked when we wanted to stay and we gave him the dates. He then informed us they do not allow tents during the weekend. Some customers there recommended a different park.

This is a RV park. There is no tent sites. From what we could see a lot of the RVs live at the park. It doesn’t look like a camping site of any sort. It looks more like a trailer park. We were greatly disappointed.

I Love Fort Parker State Park!

In early March of 2020, right at the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandimic, I had the opportunity to visit Fort Parker State Park is located next to the town of Mexia Texas and sits on the banks of Fort Parker Lake. This great Texas State Park was built by the CCC starting in 1935 and finishing in 1942. The CCC Company 3807(C) that constructed the park and for recreation was an an all African American CCC Camp. Old Fort Parker was rebuilt by the CCC in preparation for a Texas Centennial Observance in 1936, the rest of the constructs were completed over 6 years. Fort Parker State Park was dedicated in May 1941. Fort Parker State Park provides an excellent location for family camping trips, great family reunions or just a fun day hiking and exploring. Come along with me as I explore Fort Parker State Park!

Good fishing

My husband had a blast fishing there with his buddies and we had a good boat ride but there wasn’t a whole lot for our kid to do. We managed though and we do plan on going back, but we will definitely be bringing more activities for our children. We have gone twice and do plan to go much more.

A Nice, Warm Night

Right by the water, and gorgeous at sunrise. There are good water, shower, and toilet amenities you’d expect from a decent campsite. Do not get a room; bring a tent or RV (way cheaper, we paid $18 for our car.) If you arrive late, they can hold your credit card when you book over the phone, and you can pay in the morning. Friendly staff, and incredible lake.

First to Review
This is very nice...

Huge.huge lake…lots of boats.people friendly.children open..wonderful nice..

Great Experience!

Plenty of good camping spots as well as great trails and a big beautiful lake.