Summer calls for pitching a tent in your favorite camping destination, kicking up your feet and enjoying a glass of red wine or your favorite beer by the crackling campfire. Getting boozy at the campsite is a ton of fun, and we want to make sure you do it right and keep your drinks cold from the moment they leave the fridge until you’re at the campground.

That’s where Camp-Zero’s 16 liter camping cooler comes in.

Camp-Zero’s Insulated Camping Cooler is Perfect for Elevating your Campsite Drinking

The gear designers at Camp-Zero have introduced their 16 liter cooler, a summer essential to stash your favorite drinks. Made for tall bottles, this cooler holds 2 bottles of wine and 10 cans. It also features a removable divider that can be used as a cutting board or serving tray. It’s basically a camping charcuterie platter with a wine pairing just waiting to happen.

If your goal is sustainability, this cooler is hard-sided and made to last, so you won’t be buying another one any time soon. It’s even Grizzly Bear Certified, so you don’t have to worry about critters big and small getting nosy with your food and drinks. Camp-Zero’s commercial grade insulation makes keeping your drinks cold for hours possible.

Buy Now: $129.99
Emily Gallegos

Emily Gallegos

Emily Gallegos is a travel-lover, backpacker and is generally curious about all this world has to offer. She grew up in the front range of Colorado where she fell in love with snowboarding, fishing and being outside as often as possible. She has studied Spanish in Spain and Argentina and has written for magazines in Boulder, CO such as Elevation Outdoors.