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Over nighter

We were planning on staying at Walmart for the night after getting groceries, but Yuma city ordinance doesn't allow overnight parking. The casino was 5 miles away. Lots of other campers/rv's/travel trailers in the over night RV lot. Plenty of room to put out slides. The people in front of us had chairs and a grill set up. You can stay up to 3 nights. They have a breakfast buffet seven days a week, and dinner buffet on the weekends. There are trash cans. No water or dump station. People were using generators.

Squaw Lake boat-in Camping

We enjoyed this campground, but we were lucky to be able to boat-in. The sites are not accessible by vehicle and your gear must be carried in from the parking lot. More wildlife here than other similar desert areas. Protect your food from raccoons and Burros!

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So clean and pleasant

Very nice and clean park. Convenient location close amenities.

Run down

We tried stopping at pilot knob as there isn’t much else in the area. It’s pretty much that and a chevron gas station. Unfortunately, it is closed from April to October. Driving by, it looked pretty run down. All the sites are right next to each other.

This looks more like an rv park than a place where you could stop for a night or two.

It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Not much to see here other than the beautiful sunset. We did se some other people setting up camp in a nearby parking lot. I’m assuming it is related to pilot knob as there is literally nothing else out there.


This rv park is closed or does not exist anymore. There were industrial buildings all at that area. There’s not much in el centro anyway so you’re better off not stopping for the night.


Sand and more sand for days!!!! Super fun place, lots to do. Take your sand dune buggies and enjoy the day and night. Super fun for the whole family

Remote,river ,hiking,nature.

It’s an 18 mile dirt road to the park. It is along the lower Colorado river with fishing, hiking, hunting, boating! Hidden gem!


Great boondocking site on our drive to San Diego! You can’t beat the price!

Age qualified RV resort

This campground was not too far from main towns or stores (like Walmart) but the general area has very poor cellular reception (at least in regards to T-mobile). The resort offers WiFi, but it is only in the library area.

This resort had many people permanently living there, so there was a well established and very organized daily event ritual. There were always some kind of game or potluck happening.

The resort has a heated pool and a hot tub. There were many game rooms that contained dart boards, pool tables, and card tables. There was a shuffleboard area, a library and a laundry room. As most resorts go, it also had group shower rooms available.

The water pressure here was poor. Since I have an on demand water heater, I spent my time here on dry camp mode.

Beautiful ... but.....

When we passed through this area we were really excited to have actually found a place for camping in a tent, a lot of the area is surrounded by places which are designed for RV travelers, which makes it a little hard to enjoy the Yuma area.

Our excitement of the site however was a little short lived in some aspects. The port-a-potty provided was a bit deceiving, it wasn't really something you would ever want to use and look like it had been abused and possibly even dumped on its side at some point (GROSS). For that reason I had to mark this dispersed site down considerably. I would have probably rated it higher had it not even had one rather than a false ideal of having something and it being in poor shape.

We settled into the dispersed site and had amazing views and enjoyed some dry camping here following a fun day of historic sites in Yuma. Great place to get some sky photography for those which enjoy that as a hobby!


  • Check out the Yuma tours in town, you can get a map of the historic sites at the Territorial Prison and find out where the other places of interest are. It is the Wild West in a commercial way, but you can do the self tour without paying a guide.

  • Bring all your supplies to this campsite because the closest store is a ways away. You can have campfires if you choose but there are no proper rings if you choose to do so and limited firewood.

ohv camping

go with someone familiar with the area, as heading off into the dunes can be dangerous: you can get lost super easy!.. on a holiday weekend this isnt a concern cuz it’s ridiculously packed and loud.

rv’s are parallel parked, several deep. mostly dunes vs washes.

no trees( as Its in the desert) nor any rv hookups. beautiful dunes for miles.

must purchase imperial dunes pass

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Great river spot!

I always come back to this area because it's so laid back and open. Since we camp here with a canoe we have fun setting up right along the water. Some spots you can canoe out to with your gear and camp! I have had some critters get into my gear here, but all in all it's a quiet, laid back boat launch site with nice, large sites and showers too.

It's a great spot to set out with canoes and kayaks, and I'd recommend adventuring over to Hidden Shores and all around in the hidden water trails to explore the area, hop out for a picnic, or hop in to cool off!


if you like to drive offroad, this is the place for you! even if you dont,its fun to sled down the dunes. small pit toilets that seem to be cleaned often but still smell, no water available and there are always beer cans thrown in the bathrooms. very popular with OHV and is pretty empty in the summer due to the extreme heat.

bring bugspray

we adventured out to mittry lake in Arizona and boy was it beautiful. we brought our paddle boards to use on the lake and it was peaceful. not too many people were camping but during the day it was loud with people driving by with their boats. at night… the mosquitos came out and ate us alive. being from southern california, we haven't experienced mosquitos in a very long time. so make sure to be prepared.

Dry camp

Does have a fresh water fill and a rv dump on site.


Dry camping. Porta potty with dumpster.

Dry camp

Great get away

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Simple Casino Campground

Small parking area with spaces for RVs. You go inside the casino/store to pay. This is a no hook up parking area at one side of the large lot. The area is quiet and the casino and restaurants are within easy walking distance. There are bathrooms inside the casino which is open 24 hrs. We had ATT coverage and satellite service. There is an area to walk your four legged camper. The sites are level and the nights were quiet with the exception of car race night (there is a track across the street).

The casino parking lot is huge and we boondocked on one short visit to the area.

This is a safe spot to spend a night or two when traveling from coast to coast.

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I stopped here for one night after driving from California. this is a cool place to Boondock. I was right on the pond and had no problems with anybody else. the bugs were not too bad. the sunrise was amazing. there are no facilities here. make sure you use the restroom before you come and bring what you need. it is also likely that you will not be able to have a fire.

Dispersed lakeside camping better for RV

March 23, 2018

Mittry Lake

North of Yuma, AZ

This was a quick, overnight stop on the way to somewhere after taking care of some business in Yuma. The lake is part of a system of small reservoirs on the lower Colorado River backed up by Martinez Dam and is heavily used winter visitors (snowbirds) in RV’s.

The RV’s are necessary since the camping area, while free of charge and worth it, is not overloaded with amenities. The lake has dumpsters and boat ramps but not much else besides a place to park. Parking is first come, first served and I would expect at the height of winter in the East this place gets very full since it was well-populated when I arrived.

Mostly it is a place to spend time on the cheap or the locals to drop a boat in the water for slow-speed recreation. Tried fishing from the shore and while fishing is always good, the catching is variable, in this case, nuttin.

If you are camping with an RV, Mittry Lake would be a lovely place to spend a few days between October and April, not so much in summer.

Sweet little getaway

I camped here for a few weeks in January. It is beautiful and quiet even though I had quite a few neighbors. I found being by the lake brought more mosquitos so I camped on the raised portion just south of the lake. There are lots of birds! Also a few trails around the area through rocky hills. I thoroughly enjoyed my time staying here, and it was just a few minutes from town. It is just far enough outside of town to not have cell service. There are well maintained facilities. My dog loved getting to swim everyday! Overall i cant reccomend this place enough. I loved it and the convinience of it.


Love Glamis for Christmas and New Years. Sand for days and lots of great adventures.