With 20 million annual app and web users, The Dyrt is officially the largest camping community as well as the largest campground database on the internet! But, these incredible results didn’t happen overnight. Curious how they built this camping community and why they attribute it to The Dyrt’s success? Tune into their interview on The RV Entrepreneur, a podcast by Heath Padgett of the full-time RV blogger team, Heath and Alyssa.

Why Did The Dyrt Focus on Community?

Co-founders Sarah Smith and Kevin Long have been working on The Dyrt since 2013. In those early days, instead of focusing solely on product development (like many other startups would), the founders put a lot of effort into connecting with their community of campers. They were able to grow the community and acquire campground data from users, by incentivizing campers to write reviews, add photos/videos, or just give campgrounds a rating from 1-5 stars.

Through the gamification of the campground review process and Campground Review Contests, The Dyrt has successfully crowdsourced information on over 44,000 campgrounds.

As The Dyrt continues to grow, Long and Smith stay close to the camping community by regularly keeping in touch with The Dyrt’s users.  They are also frequent campers themselves, so they use and experience the app just like the rest of our users.


Maggie Fisher

Maggie Fisher

Margaret Fisher is a photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and avid traveler. Raised in the North East and living in Northwest, you can usually find her day tripping to Mount Hood or the Oregon coast in her subaru forester. She dabbles in activities ranging from rollerblading, to climbing, to skiing, to surfing, to sailing, to petting every dog in sight. Check out more of her work at https://mjf.design/