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Free and toilets

Good spot, Porto potties are placed along the trail. It was busier than I expected it to be in December, about a dozen campers; 2 others drove into the area I parked in. Plenty of spots though

Beautiful Sunsets

This campground is located about 10 minutes outside of Canyonlands - Island in the Sky and 35 minutes from the Arches entrance station. The sites are spread out enough, but I could see it being loud and crowded in the busy season.

We were one of three groups in the whole canpground, including group sites. The pit toilets were clean, there's a dumpster available and each site had a leveled tent pad, fire ring with grate and picnic table. We set up to a gorgeous sunset, and woke up to a full on blizzard.

Serviceable camping area near Moab

Stayed here for a night before checking out the Delicate Arch at sunrise. Works pretty well for that as it is only a 10 minute drive to the entrances of Arches NP.

We didn't venture very far down the main road, and at the beginning it is pretty dense with campers. Probably not the best choice if you're looking for more secluded camping.

Mid-November it got down to about ~30 degrees F. Down to ~24F when we entered the park at 5:30am.

Stunning spot by the river

This is a great camp site that provides easy access to Moab. A bit close to the road but still offers some of the best scenery you can ask for. We used this as our base for rock climbing and enjoying the river for a few days in October. Great climbing and bouldering all along the canyon!

Beautiful place

Great campground! But you have to get there early!!! Only ten spots. They were full when we got there but luckily someone was nice enough to share their site with us! Bathrooms were clean! 15$. Each site has a covered picnic table and a fire ring

Dispersed Camping w/ Amazing Views!

If you don't plan on spending some time exploring, climbing or doing some photography on or around Looking Glass Rock, then there's not much reason to take the dirt road out to this spot.  The road is dirt and well maintained until you take a cutoff to your left right as you're getting to the western boundary of the rock form.  There are primitive campgrounds scattered all over the area surrounding the butte.  There are some sites that do require a high clearance/4WD vehicle in order to get to as you'll be driving over uneven slick rock and some moderately deep sand.  There are no amenities so bring everything you need and then pack it out!

As for adventures we did while in the area, we visited the always popular Wall Street climbing area to the west of Moab on Potash Rd.  If that's too busy for ya you can also go a little further up the road and explore around Day Canyon where we also climbed the tower in the pictures, Boognish Tower.  And of course if you're looking to just spend an afternoon or a night around the arch then the East Rib Route on Looking Glass Rock is an amazingly easy beginner climb (albeit slightly run out) that has a  spectacular ~120' completely free hanging rappel through the window at the top of the route.  Certainly the best arch rappel I've done in the area and definitely one of the more unique beginner climbs in the Moab area.

Like no Other Campground You've Been to!

This is one of our absolute favorite campgrounds in all of Utah!  Not only are you surrounded by the tallest desert towers in the entire US!  The "Titan" stands at just over 700' tall and is surrounded by other towers shooting into the hundreds of feet as well!  Not only do you have the Fisher Towers, but the large sandstone mesas and towers to the west are also very visible.

The campground itself is nothing special amenity wise.  It is a small CG that is first come first served for 5 sites that hold 10 people max and cost $15.  These sites are tent only so no RVs.  There are picnic tables and metal fire rings, along with vault toilets, but there are no other amenities.  So bring all your water and pack out everything.

While in the Fisher Towers area you can hike the 2.2 mile out and back trail that leads to a great viewpoint of The Titan!  In nearby Onion Creek there is also some fun off-roading to be had.  If you're looking for "quality" desert climbing then these giant stacks of mud are perfect!  Some of the less popular routes definitely have pieces break off on a regular basis.  Most of the short approach and really popular routes like Ancient Art are pretty solid rock though.  Since Ancient Art was crazy busy (6 parties in front of us) we decided to do 1 of the 2 routes up Lizard Tower, which is also the closest to the parking lot haha.  On a serious note, pretty much all routes here are of a serious trad/aid nature so please be cautious when climbing and know your limits!

Walk In Tent sites were in a great location but you could smell the toilet

We stayed at the Wingate campground in Dead Horse Point State Park. We loved the proximity to the Rim Trail and the Schafer Canyon, minutes of waking from our walk-in tentsite, but that was often overshadowed by the stench of the vault toilets closest to those walk in sites. all the other areas of the campground had a flush toilet facility but our closest one emitted a smell that sometimes permeated our site and always stunk while we were at the car right next to it. Once you got inside the toilet stall, the smell was no longer an issue, but outside it was awful. The campground is accessible with a fairly short drive to Arches National Park.

Quiet camping and a Lake to cool off in

Ken's Lake Recreation Area located just 10 south of Moab is a nice place to cool off or camp during the hot summer months, but not in October. Visited in early October and did not spend time in the nice day area as it was in the low 40's and I was not trying to avoid the heat. That being said the lake looks like a great place to spend part of your day to cool off or do a little fishing. I spent my visit at the campground just down the toad from the day use turn off. Their are two turn offs for the campground. The first turn leads to two camping loops and a group use shelter with horse corrals. The campsite in these two loop are out in the open as only a few small trees are in the area. This area was windy during my stay, not what I wanted on a cold day and night. The wind would be nice to keep bugs away or keep things a little cooler in the summer. While you are in direct full of all the other campers in the loop you do have plenty of room as these sites are spacious and spread apart with lots of room between sites. A little further up the road is the other section of the campground. This section is just inside the tree line and provide a bit more privacy with all the trees and bushes. Site are a little closer together but still nicely spread apart. Their is another group use site with a shelter at the end of this section. All site have picnic tables and a metal fire ring. Vault toilets are found in the day use area and through out the campground. Their is trash bins at the campground but no water so be sure to fill us in town before arriving at your camp. You can not directly access the lake from the campground, there are trails that lead down to the lake.


Just outside Moab and arches it’s a beautiful dispersed camping area with amazing views

One of Moab's best kept secrets...

I am hesitant to share this campground with the world because I was so excited to realized that it seems to be relatively undiscovered by the internet thus far…

This past weekend a large group of friends spent the weekend camping at this absolutely gorgeous campsite. It is up a canyon just off of the Gemini Bridges 4x4 road. Note that it would be very difficult to reach this campground without a high clearance 4x4 vehicle. The road to the campground has steep drop offs, deep sand and large rocks that must be navigated. Once you arrive though, this is some of the best camping I have found in Moab! Total solitude, gorgeous views, a bit of shade and no light pollution to take away from the amazing stars! What else could you ask for?

Can't beat this location!

Well maintained and simple campground right off Potash Road in Moab. Ideal location for the adventurer! Located just beyond the famous Wall Street climbing routes, this was a great use camp for our weekend of climbing. The Colorado River is just across the road which is ideal for an afternoon dip. There are also really cool Petroglyphs on the canyon wall just down the street! 

We only stayed here one night, got in late and left pretty early the next morning. Overall the location was the best part of this campsite. Had a nice fire pit with a grill, picnic table, flat place for our tent, and parking for our car so it met all of our basic needs! Also was super clean (no trash to be seen!) and you can't beat the views of the surrounding canyon and river. Would stay here again for sure.

Be sure to make reservations though! We got really lucky with finding our spot last minute, apparently the rest of the campground was reserved all weekend.

Spacious quiet camping near Moab

Stayed at Ken's Lake Campground in early October, and despite to cool temperatures the campground was¾ full when I arrived just before sunset. Found two of the loops full, ended up staying in site 1. Ken's Lake Campground is a fairly large campground located 10 miles south of Moab. The campground has 48 sites but it did not feel that large. The campground is divided in to three loops in two sections. The first section contains two loops, sites are spread a good distance apart which is good since these two loops are almost entirely in the open with only the occasional small tree or large bush. Being in the open the sites were quiet windy during my stay. While the campground is near Ken's lake there is no direct access to the lake from the campground. The upper section located a short distance up the main road has a little more privacy as it is just inside the tree line and sites are nicely spread out. The sites in the upper section are nicer sites in the campground, and provide some shelter from the wind. Being several miles from the highway made for a nice quiet nights sleep. The campground has great view of the La Sal Mountains to the east and the redrock formations to the west All campsites have a picnic table with metal fire rings. Several vault toilets are available through out the campground. Trash service is available. You will need to bring your own water as there is no water available at the campground. Sites are$20 per night. Ken's Lake campground has two group areas, group site A in the lower section is just to the right when you enter the campground. Group site A has two horse corrals. Group site B is located at the end of the upper section. Both group sites have fire grates, picnic tables, a shade shelter and are near a vault toilet.

Beautiful and basic

Beautiful spot in the canyon. Decent space between campsites and good privacy. It is a 8 mile drive to Moab but the drive is outstanding. Vault toilet is adequate. No trash or water.

No river access. Spaces were filling up by 4pm midweek in October.

Empty campground while other where full

Upper Drinks campground was a surprise campground find. Located next to Middle Drinks Campground this 4 site campground was empty, while Middle Drinks was full. Middle Drinks has no sign along the highway indicating the campground which may be the reason we found it empty. Sitting between the Colorado river and the highway just like the other campgrounds in the canyon. It was nice having the campground to our selves when all the other campgrounds were full or nearly full. Great views of the Colorado River and its red rock walls. Sites are a bit on the small side. This campground has an out house, but it is not your standard vault toilet, This outhouse has no roof, it is a wooden structure with walls may be 5½ feet tall and no door. Their is a chain you place across the entrance to indicate it is in use, see the pictures. But you will have the best view ever while using this outhouse.  If you are uneasy with using this open outhouse you could take a 10 minute walk over to Middle Drinks campground and use the standard vault toilet. All four of the sites have a picnic table and metal fire ring. No water or trash service at this campground so be sure to load up with water in Moab, campground information sign tells you where the nearest dumpsters are for dumping your trash. So if you are having a hard time finding a campsite in the area, search out Upper Drinks Campground, just look for a turn off just after the large BLM sign for the turn to Middle Drinks Campground, you might just find a campground with no one in it like we did.

Nice views of the Colorado river right from your tent

The sign on the highway reads Drinks Canyon campground, but once you enter the campground the information sign reads Middle Drinks Canyon Campground. This nice campground situated between the highway and the Colorado river was full when we stopped. How ever while we didn't get to stay here this is a nice little campground. Nice views of the red rock walls of the Colorado are just out side your tent in all 9 campsites which all sit along the river. Like all the campgrounds in the canyon you are right next to the highway, but the low speed limit and the curvy road keep traffic noise to a minimum. Each site has a picnic table and fire ring. This is a first come first served campground. Be prepared campground has no water or trash service. Campground has one vault toilet.

View picturesque sandstone cliffs from your tent

Grandstaff campground is situated among the backdrop of the canyons massive sandstone cliffs of the Colorado river and is only a short 3 miles from Moab. While the campground sits on the shore of the Colorado river it also sits along the highway, but the slow speed limit in the area does a lot to keep down road noise. We have never experienced any disruption to our sleep from highway noise while staying in any of the campgrounds in the canyon along the highway. Grandstaff is a good jumping of site for Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The campground has 16 sites and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Be warned, the site does not have water, it is suggested that campers fill up at Lions Park(intersection of Hwy 191 and UT 128) near the pedestrian bridge dedication plaque. Each campsite has a picnic table, metal fire ring and tent pad. If you're a hiker be sure to hike the nearby picturesque Negro Bill canyon trail to its end at Morning Glory Bridge, a natural arch spanning 243 feet.

Great dispersed camping just outside of Moab!

Stayed here last weekend and had a great time with our large group! Plenty of camp sites along the main road and smaller connecting side roads. Some of the side roads definitely require 4x4 and high clearance to drive.

We found an amazing site overlooking Arches National Park in the distance. Plenty of spaces for campers, RVs, trailers and tents. Sites are simple and marked by fire rings. Not much shade so it would be pretty hot out here in the summer. Gorgeous views! 

It was super crowded this time of year but still very clean, no trash, bathrooms in great shape too!

Gorgeous riverside camping

Camped here last weekend while visiting Moab. I was really impressed by the cleanliness of these sites and how well laid out they were. Each site had plenty of parking, a good fire ring, and best of all, plenty of shade for tent spots! Really appreciated in the hot desert days. Access to the nearby river was so awesome, we had fun walking around on the sand flats. Would like to come back in the middle of summer and float this calm section of the river! 

Campground also had great proximity to the rock climbing at "Wall Street" and the popular Corona Arch trailhead, right across the street from the campground.

Ranger review of Banner & Oak's Freedom Hoodie at Goose Island Campground

Amazing views of red rock cliffs along the Colorado river

Goose Island Campground is an amazing campground to get for a visit to Arches National Park. Located only 1.5 miles from Moab and 4.5 miles from Arches National Park's visitor, so close you can walk or bike to town. This campground is right on the Colorado River with towering red rock wall on the Arches National Park side of the river. The scenery is just amazing. This campground is on my all time favorite list. This is a first come first served campground and is very popular, I have been here twice once in July and once in October and both times were lucky to get a spot. Sites are nice and level with plenty of room to spread out and nicely spread apart. The campground has 18 sites and 2 group sites which can be reserved. Cost for individual sites are$20. The campground has three vault toilets, water and trash service. Each campsite has a picnic table and a metal fire ring.

Ranger review of Banner& Oak's Freedom Hoodie

I'm highly impressed by the Freedom Hoodie. The hoodie is amazingly soft and comfortable, and has stayed that way through numerous washing. For a light weight hoodie, it is really warm, just perfect for taking off the chill while camping.

Ranger Review: Stream 2 Sea at Slick Rock Campground

Campground review: we made or tent site reservations online en route to Moab. When we arrived there was a sign stating they had a special for $20 night for tent camping. The office honored the special and reimbursed us the difference that we had already paid. The young man helping us check in was very kind and helpful. Unfortunately the pool was closed due to some plumbing issues in Moab. Kind of a bummer be it was super hot and it would have been nice. We were provided direction to site 138. It was a nice site with a couple shade trees. Since it is a commercial campground in town it is noisy and you hear highway traffic. Site are pretty close together. Just bring ear plugs and you’ll be okay. The site had a picnic table and a grill. No campfires are allowed. Some of the other tent sites had canopies for shade and rain protection.

Perfect location

We spent two nights here tent camping while in the Moab area. Their staff is really helpful and friendly. The bathrooms were exceptionally clean and big!!

Good dispersed site near Moab

Large area with plenty of spots, a few side roads lead to even more spots. Main road was in good shape, side roads get pretty rough. Nothing impassable, just slow going. There are several Port-O-Lets along main road and a pit toilet near the back of the area. Arrived the Wednesday before Outerbike and found a spot at the end of the main road. Was a very busy weekend and the place stayed full - but never felt too crowded. Easy access to the Klonzo and Sovereign Trails via Willow Springs Road.


I camped here in September 2019 as a home base while exploring the Moab area. Loved it. For some it may too far outside of Moab - takes about 50 minutes to get to and from - but it was a nice break from the crowds and the leftover heatof the summer. It's at 9,000+, so temps are much cooler, and in late September they were in the low 30s at night.  When i was there the campground was not even half full over the weekend, which surprised me. (I am sure it is a different story during the summer). Sites are spacious with a fire ring (with grate/grill) and picnic table. My particular site (#18) could have fit at least two tents, maybe three (if smaller). There are two vault toilet sites for different sides of the campground.  The ones I used were clean (as clean as vault toilets ever are) and had ample TP.  There are no bear lockers, so you have to lock everything back up in your car at night. Most of the road on the way to the site is paved (La Sal Loop Road) - it's only the last 5 miles on the turn off to the campground that are not, but it is graded gravel/dirt and not a problem (I posted a photo of the road to this page). I drive a small SUV with AWD, but a sedan could make it just fine. The campground is located in a huge aspen grove and is absolutely silent at night (except for the bugling elk that freaked me out around 2am…). If you are counting on the aspens being golden in the fall, they are about two weeks behind the peak in Colorado (fwiw…according to some locals I spoke with).  All in all I am looking forward to coming back here on a future trip.  Really great spot.

Best views on River Road

Come cause you’ll usually find an open space and stay cause it’s so damn pretty there

Great river front campground

The closeness to the main road causes day time to be a bit noisy and not as relaxing as the place could be, but it’s quiet at night.

I find it strange that all campgrounds charge the same amount but don’t offer the same amenities - no trash or water here and only an open air pit toilet.

But after all that it’s a great campground very close to Moab, Arches and Canyonlands and well worth it all.

Not only for tents

Many RVs and trailers kinda ruin the whole “tents only” I was looking for

20$ for what??

No bathroom. No tent mat. No water. No paved road. no garbage dumpster. Just a few picnic tables on a mountain top. So it’s super windy usually too.

It’s a beautiful campground with stunning views just a few miles outside Canyonlands and basically at the entrance to Dead Horse.

No mosquitoes when I got here but plenty of bees…

Great campsite, mismanaged though.

The campground itself is beautiful, nestled between trees and rock formations the sites are far enough for completely privacy and quiet. There are bathrooms and water and your picnic tables and fire pits. Trail heads for many amazing hikes of different levels start here so if you want an early start this is the place!

It’s unfortunate though that the NPS doesn’t do a better job at running the site and informing visitors about its availability. app says the camp is full without even first comes availability. At entrances to the park a big sign says the camp is full, sign near the camp says so as well. There is no camp host or anyone to ask. When I got there at 2pm “full” meant 3 open sites! Further more, some sites have multiple tent pads, this is mentioned anywhere which is a a shame since it could help with the limited open spaces.

All in all a beautiful, great located campground! Too bad the NPS doesn’t do it’s job efficiently enough for everyone to enjoy it.

One of my faves!

Beautiful campground. Many sites next to the Colorado River. The views looking up at the canyon walls are awesome! Clean restrooms. Good amount of trees for shade. And in the late afternoon those tall canyon walls shade the campground from the sun. It’s also nice to be so close to Moab making quick supply runs so easy!