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Beautiful scenic campground

This was a beautiful campground. Very nice. I love how it is near a river. You can hear it at night. It's so nice to get to a cool area out of the hot valley and into the cool scenic back country of Utah county. Bathrooms were fresh non out house smelling for sure. Highly recommended.

Beautiful Landscape

This location was recommended by my girlfriend Andy I'm glad we went. There were a lot of bugs, but if you're prepared for that, it was a great way to beat the heat. (This was on July 15th) 70s during the day, 40s at night. The drive going through the forest was awesome as well. The sites are well kept and they're not packed. Great place to visit.

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No longer available

Federal website says it’s been decommissioned and is no longer in use

Passing Through, glad I stopped.

Stayed overnight while passing through. Super clean park, bathrooms were very clean and well lit. I got a tent site with electric hook up, spot is long so you have plenty of space along with a small grill. No fire ring rings at the spots due to closeness but there is a community place for fires with firewood. Was able to check in at any time and it was super easy. Saw a double rainbow when I woke up haha perfect.

Lots of trees for shade and lots of bugs.

This is a fun place to stay when you want to go someplace close. There are lots of trees for the summer months and lots of shade. There are a couple good beaches. This is Utah's biggest fresh water lake. There are lots, and lot of bug so bring bug spray.

Awesome mountain views. Good fishing in the Provo river or lake fishing. You can build a fire and get firewood from camp host. There is full hook ups and also spots for a tent. Most spots have a pavilion and nice tables. Great bathrooms with running water. I can't remember which spot we stayed at but they are were really nice.

Nice suprise

We drove through and decided to keep looking. The next 3 campgrounds were full and it was getting late so we got a spot here. There is a bold creek on the site and clean pit toilets. The tent pads are small( we have a 6 person tent and it hung off the edges), and the area could use a little weed eating, but I think it just opened up for the season so… forgiven. Hosts were super nice and informative. Not to cold at night even though there is a ton of snow a few miles up the road.

Decent site, rude staff

Upon arrival the guy who maintained the site asked me how many days I was going to be there. I specified one, he charged me $12. I thought $12 was a good price for one overnight. I got my tent and everything situated and started to read my book while the dogs enjoyed the campsite. A few hours later the guy came back to bug me again. He started yelling up to me in my tent. Personally, I go camping to get away from people, so I was annoyed that this guy was interrupting my serenity yet again. The guy was rude and started lecturing me about how I told him I was only going to be there for one day. I was extremely confused and said yes, I only planned on being here the one night. He finally clarified that I would need to pay an additional $12 to stay overnight. He copped an attitude like i was trying to lie or rip him off or something. The only reason I didn’t pay the full amount was because the guy was very misleading with the way he originally asked me, as he asked how MANY days I was going to be there. I assumed that meant how many overnights. I don’t know why he asked me “how many” when he should have just asked me if I was planning on staying just for the day or overnight. Irritated that I had to deal with this ornery old man again I walked to my car and handed him more cash. I will not be camping here again due to the rude mannerisms of the staff despite it being a pretty campsite. The only reason this review is more than 1 Star is how pretty my view was waking up. If you’re going to pay for a campsite I suggest you go somewhere else. We’re in Utah, I’ve got a plethora of campgrounds within 30 minutes of my house. I don’t need to interact with rude people to go camping. Honestly had I not already been completely setup to stay overnight I probably would’ve packed up my things and gotten the heck out of there just due to the principal of them treating me so poorly

Busy, but beautiful

These campgrounds were surprisingly busy with dune buggies, dirt bikes, and cars driving by every few minutes. I thought we went far enough in that this wouldn’t be a problem, but the campsite we chose was right next to the road. Other than that we were close to the river, a quick drive down to tibble fork, and the dogs (and humans) had a blast camping here!

Too close

This is an ok campground. It is situated right next to the Provo river, but also right off the Provo canyon roadway. Too much traffic noises. There are some trees to provide shade.

Mountain views

This is my husband's favorite. It is less than an hour from home but feels farther. There are plenty of trees to provide shade and a lot of activities in the area to do. It is right up the road from tibble fork reservoir for swimming and boating(non motorized). There are many different atv trails to follow. And my personal favorite, hiking trails galore. It makes a great weekend getaway.

Beautiful mountain retreat

This campground is within 40 minutes of town, but feels like you are far away from your worries. There is a stream that runs thru it and a lot of trees that provide plenty of shade. There are several hiking trails within walking distance, with waterfall destinations, or a peak to summit.

Close to town

If you like to get away, but not take hours to drive there, this is a good option. There are a few trails you can take your kids on around the campground. No atvs are allowed in, but there are dirt roads to ride near hope. There are a lot of trees so shade is plentiful.

Nice place

All in all a wonderful experience friendly staff nice park Ambiance the Weber River is available to backup to in many of the sites you can stay in the A section what's nice mature trees and tent camping or the C-section almost every lot is covered with good shade and mature trees the H section is a little more secluded but that's right up to the river on me of the lots and the back section is nice and open with a fishing pond very secluded. I would say for the price we paid it was a solid four and a half Stars

Great spot!

Very nice. Great views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Spacious spots with bar-b-que and fire ring area with a picnic table. Everything in great shape!

Great Tent Sites

Great tent sites, large & clean. Campground hosts take pride & keep everything tidy. Neighbors can be noisy during quiet hours, but that is no fault other than immature college kids.

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Some shady spots right by the river

Another great picnic area right next to the river.  This area doesnt have as much shade over the picnic areas but it does have 2 great spots to get into the water and a nice barricade to protect you from swift deeo waters.  Other than that it's much like the other picnic areas.  It is however very close to Tibble Fork reservoir!

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Nice developed picnic area but away from the river

This is another nice little developed picnic area. It is immediately on the left after the turnoff for Tibble Fork reservoir.  There is shade at most of the picnic areas and the sites have tables, concrete fire rings, and a main bathroom.  There is one site that is handicap accessible right next to the bathroom

Roadhouse! A good place to set up for the day

However much I wished there were people practicing their roundhouse kicks, this place was great none the less.  Its has everything that the other developed picnic areas in the canyon have and is in close proximity to Tibble Fork reservoir, which is a fantastic place to fish, swim, paddle and lounge around!  All of the picnic areas are close to the river and have plenty of shade

Developed and shaded but away from the river

Nice little area with plenty of shade!  It has bathrooms, picnic tables, and concrete fire rings.  It has multiple spots you can pull into but it is a little hard backing out of them.  Main drawback to this area is that it's far away from the river across the road.  If you want to be in the same area but next to the river then Little Mill CG is the place to go

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Nice area by the river with picnic tables and bathrooms!

A nice developed spot right near the river and close tothe north mill campground.  It has a quite a few picnic areas with concrete and metal fire rings along the riverside.  This is a fee area and fills up quickly so try to get there before 2 especially on the weekends and holidays

A big pullout area and not much else

This area is more parking lot than shaded picnic area.  The only redeeming thing about it is a great view of the climbing wall across the river.  If you want to make it to the other side theres a log bridging the gap a little upstream.  Unless you're climbing here move on to something more interesting

Nice view of the river with a huuuge boulder nearby!

This place is a little better than Riverside.  It has more places to sit near the river, a little better parking situation, and a huge awesome boulder nearby by you can try climbing around on!  Be warned it's a highball!

Like Riverside this day use picnic area has no amenities and stumps and logs for seating.  They were also some stone fire rings.

Primitive day use area, but free!

Forewarning this is not a campground, but more of a primitive picnic day use area.  I could see it being used as a campground before they started charging admission to the canyon.  You dont have to pay entrance however if you plan on only parking in pullouts.  Otherwise you can pay or use an annual parks pass.

Theres nothing here other than a few stone fire rings and a beautiful view of the river.  It is really close to Timpanogos Cave National Monument and could be a good spot to eat afterwards

Great place to hike, picnic, and fish in the summer

This is a gorgeous little alpine lake that is usually maintained by solitude on lease during the winter. However, during the summer it is free for anyone to walk, picnic, and fish around the lake. There are full amenities at the shop and nearby at the Brighton convenience store. If you're looking for more than snack bar food. Then Silver Fork Lodge that is a few miles down canyon is a great place to eat!

Great place

Staff is quick checking us in as well as filling up our propane tank. It's more of a RV park and not a campground, but great nonetheless. 

Request a lot far from the pool if you are sensitive to noise. During our stay I seen the look on my neighbors faces of disbelief due to the noise. It's where all the children play. I believe one of our neighbors brought up the issue to the staff because it was quiet the following day.

They have night patrol, but a day patrol would have been more effective. Also, night patrol does not thoroughly go through each row. They are in and out in less than 5 minutes from my observation. Better than nothing right? 

Also, rows 1 and 2 are far by worse compared to the rest. It is an invitation for folks taking a shortcut through your lot. They try to get to the pool, showers, and laundry room.

What makes this KOA great is the location. It's a short drive to downtown. Also, there's a self car/RV wash next door. Most importantly, the staff are friendly.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

If you’re passing through, or looking to stay in SLC for an extended period of time, aaand you want to be close to the city, this might be your spot. There are hundreds of sites for RVs, 5th Wheels, and even tents.

Sites have water, electricity, and picnic tables. There is a pool and hot tub on site, and even a few cabins. There are several rows of long term tenants that live on site as well.

Your only minutes from downtown, and your literally walking distance from one of the greatest best kept secret Mexican restaurants in the city, Nicos (shhhh)!

RV Heaven

My god-father and mother come into town yearly and stay at this location in their 5th wheel. The facility is spotless! Seriously, the staff keep the entire grounds in great condition. There are dozens and dozens of spots that fit just about any size RV or 5th wheel. Every spot has water and electric hookups, picnic tables, and enough grass space to setup pet pens.

There are several different amenities including a pool, playground for the kids, life-size chessboard, and a mini-breed dog park!

Beautiful and unique, but an insane amount of bugs May-July

Be warned!!! If you decide to hike anywhere on the island while the bugs are hatching you will need a ton of bug spray and bug nets to cover every inch of you!

We decided to do Frary Peak and were eaten by bugs for a lot of the trio especially the portion that goes to the west side of the mountain. The only thing that gave us any saving grace was the stronger winds while we traversed along the ridge at various points. Had a great view of the bison from above but will probably only visit in fall or winter from now on

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Decent Experience

We stayed at the A group site. There were tons of tables (a little dirty, but nothing some wet wipes couldn't clear up) and even 1 food prep table (no benches). There were two horse shoe poles and a volleyball pit. Ground was pretty even, the creek runs next to the site, and it was easy to get to. It was a little close to the road, so there were plenty of vehicles making noise.

And there's a $50 fine if Fish and Game catch your dogs off leash. :/

I would not want to stay here on a single site. Your next door neighbor is 2 feet away.

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Short over nighters

We frequently come up here just to sleep outside some nights and head back home in the early morning to get food and shower. There is plenty of hikes but there’s only a few with views that are worth it. Down in the little canyon there is thick sturdy trees to hang up a hammock for a night. One of our friends said they had a cougar encounter but we haven’t seen much wildlife yet.