Rebel's Cove Conservation Area
Reviewed Jun. 8, 2017

Rebel's Cove Conservation Area

Conservation Areas in Missouri are enjoyable if you're looking for lovely scenery, and can get by with few or no amenities. Rebel's Cove is no exception: It is located in Putnam/Schuyler Counties in northeast Missouri along the Chariton River and borders southern Iowa. Camping is allowed in the parking area and the grassy areas next to the parking areas. A map of the 4,225 acre conservation area showing the parking/camping sites is found here: The only amenity, is a unisex toilet at site E. The best camping, in my opinion is at one of 5 sites: At site A, where there is a wonderful overlook for handicap access overlooking the Chariton River swampland, at site E where there is the bathroom, but also quite a bit of mowed grass areas, at site G, where there is an old iron bridge over the Chariton that has a wooden walkway over the river, at site B where there is a neat shelter where the superstructure is constructed out of old barn timbers and where there is a lovely view of the hillside, and at site I, which is right up next to the River. Quite a few people use kayaks on the river. The river is 20 miles or so downriver from Rathbun dam in Iowa, and outflows from the dam vary the amount of water in the Chariton. The Chariton is largely channelized, but not here, so you get a good idea of what the River used to look like.

  • This is the grassy area at the Site E parking area.
  • This is Site I parking area looking the other direction.  There is a boat ramp here also, and in the back ground you can see a sand bar on the Chariton River.  Tent camping is allowed on the grassy area.
  • This shows the view from Site B.
  • This shows the view of the Chariton River from the bridge at Site G.
  • This shows more of the Site E grassy area for camping.
  • This shows the old iron bridge over the Chariton River at Site G.
  • This is the parking lot & shelter at Site B
  • This is the parking area at Site G.
  • Site A viewing platform.
  • This is a view of the Chariton River at Site I.
  • This is site I parking area with two camping nooks.
  • This shows some of the timbers used in constructing the Shelter at Site B, with the parking area in the background.
  • This shows the fairly new unisex bathroom at the Site E parking area.
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