Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Red Top Mountain
Amar P.
Reviewed Aug. 13, 2017

Ranger Review: Tensile Flite + at Red Top Mountain, GA

Campground Review:

Red Top Mountain State Park is located in Acworth, GA. The park is located around 12,000-acre Lake Allatoona, which made it perfect for summer camping. The park has about 15 miles worth of shaded trails for hiking and mountain biking. The park also has RV, yurt, and cottage options for camping. We rented a first come first serve RV/Tent campsite during our visit, and the price was $35 for one night. The campsite was gate access and had electric/water hookups with 2 car spaces, a BBQ grill, picnic table, and a lot of trees. We had access to a public restroom, showers, and laundry. There were also primitive campsites available to rent, which were closer to the lake. Our group decided to stay at this park because we wanted to utilize the lake. The lake is beautiful; however, it was very crowded the weekend we went. The park overall has a lot of “things to do” and is family friendly, but it was given 4 stars because of how busy and crowded it was during our visit.

Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get to test products. At this campground, I had the opportunity to test the Tentsile Flite +, which is a tent and hammock fusion. I was super excited to use this product because I am a hammock camper and there are times I wish I had the option of tent camping. The design and uniqueness of Tentsile Flite + is amazing, and I would consider it more of a tent instead of a hammock, because of how flat it lays when suspended in the air.


  • Comfortable to lay in and no need for sleeping pads or cushions.
  • If you are a hammock camper, you can share this tent with another person comfortably.
  • The rainfly is clutch and depending on preference it can be attached to the tent, staked to the ground, or tied to the trees.
  • The Tensile Flite + is light and can be ideal for backpacking.
  • The tent roof is all netting which is great for having ventilation during the summer, keeping bugs out, and also good for sky gazing.


  • Setup time and the difficulty of getting the right angle and tension.
  • It was difficult finding the right trees suspend to.

Overall the Tentsile Flite + is perfect for someone who loves hammock camping, but want to enjoy some of the features tents have. I love the design and the wow factor it has on people. Also the company’s mission is very noble and how they help people in need and the environment.

Here is a video of setting up the Tensile Flite +

Month of VisitAugust
  • Out on the water
  • Lake Allatoona
  • The view of the sky inside the tent was amazing.
  • Restrooms, bath and Laundry
  • Beautiful sunset
  • After a long day on the water
  • Flite +
  • The view entering the campsites
  • It was a great feeling after seeing the Flite + setup
  • Tensile Flite + Setup @ Red Top Mountain, GA
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