Verde Valley RV & Camping Resort
Reviewed Oct. 20, 2020

Great community

Huge and fun camp! We were there for three nights to visit Sedona. They have a good pool (Fri & Sat you have to reserve a one hour time slot). There are a lot of permanent and full time campers there...all of them are really nice...always waving and generally smiling.

They have a lot of amenities that you could just spend a day staying at the resort and never get board ...hiking, river access, pool, min golf, etc.

We stayed in the A section. We had a nice spot and an easy walk to the pool. Next time we want to check out the H section as they seem to have more trees and less light at night.

Next tome we will do our best to get there as early as possible (noon is the earliest to check in) the spots are first come/first serve. At registration they will give you a map and highlight which spots are open. It can be tough to decide which section to focus on and which spot to pick but overall there will likely be a decent flat spot that you’ll have.

As far as COVID...this is a great place. All staff wore masks. They had precautions in place...and people would also keep their social distance. Outside of the camp...Cottonwood had some areas where people would not wear masks (ie walmart) and there was a major fall festival in Prescott that we drove by that was jam packed with people not wearing masks. Sedona, on the other hand, was pretty good about safety precautions and measures.

Last note — the other reviews are right about the traffic circles leading up to the resort and the very low and heavily enforced speed limits on the resort itself. While it took about 15-20 minutes to get out of the resort and on the road to Sedona...neither the speed limit or the oddity of the traffic circles had any negative impacts on our vacation.