Verde Ranch RV Resort
Reviewed Dec. 19, 2021

Many pluses: a few minuses

Pros: Sites are large and clean. Many pull-through, but most are not flat. Our backup spot required much leveling. Many families with young children live here, so one must be very careful driving around the grounds because there are kids all over the place on scooters and bikes. There are 2 laundries, a pool, a club house with good wi-fi, pickle ball courts, and the Verde River flows nearby. Many pet potty spots and a medium-sized dog park. WiFi is intermittent in many areas of the campgrounds, but it’s better than most campgrounds, and the clubhouse WiFi is always good. There are many family-style activities in the clubhouse. Close to Sedona and many historical and archeological sites. The Fort Museum, Archeology Center, and Historical Society are great and have experts on site to give tours. Cons: the laundries are combined with showers and bathrooms, and they are almost always full. We are in the throes of the pandemic for our second year here, and few people wear masks. Kids and families often crowd about with no instructions from parents and no masks. We feel that isn’t safe for people our age even though we wear masks and are vaccinated. We also love kids, but parents need to be more sensitive to how their kids run over older people. Many of the children are home-schooled, and we see tweens and toddlers in the streets at all times of the day and night. There are many RVs with white supremacy emblems and huge flags. Having grown up in the South in the 1950s with parents who fought in WWII, we find this offensive. This campground is very close to I-17–some sites are within 100 yards, so the noise in some is bad. Elevation is above 3,000 feet, so nights are in the 20s and 30s; daytime temps range from 50-70. Prices went up a couple of hundred $ a month from last year. Last year, we paid for a month in advance, and when we left a week early, they changed our stay to weekly and charged us an extra $240. We should have just left because we felt that if we paid for a month, we should not have to pay extra. Anyone staying should ask questions about rates and leaving early.

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  • Review photo of Verde Ranch RV Resort by Linda C. M., December 19, 2021
  • Review photo of Verde Ranch RV Resort by Linda C. M., December 19, 2021