Soap Creek - Dispersed Camping
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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2020

Favorite free camping!

Stayed: 10/6/2020 - FREE

Site: Canyon Edge - 2nd site

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

This was by far one of the coolest places I’ve ever camped. Right on the canyon edge! Beautiful sunset and sunrise! Absolute silence!

The pull-off for this area is situated between a scenic byway sign, from both directions. You have to open an unlocked gate to access the road to the canyon. The coordinates (36.7526, -111.7176) were very accurate and took us right to the gate. Open and close the gate behind you *see video* and take the fork to the left. (I've heard there are more sites on the road to the right, en-route to the canyon, but we did not check that out).

A couple of warnings. Go slowly as you approach the pull-off. There is quite a dip on the one end. Once you get through the gate, it is a rough road. Lots of rocks, high clearance is probably necessary. We did fine in the Rogue, but we were nervous a few times.

There were a couple small sites along the road, if you didn’t want to go all the way. Particularly, I remember a nice spot near the BLM sign, just past the first rough patch of rocks, if you don’t want to go any further. The road is definitely pretty rough. Take it slow and try to get there during the daylight to make it easier.

Once you get to the canyon edge, there are a couple sites that are across the road from each other. We passed those and took the next one on the canyon-side of the road. *See satellite photo* It was a little rough for the tent and stakes, but it worked out fine.

We didn’t go any further, but these were really the only sites that we saw. Another man pulled up later and asked if he could park his car next to us, since there weren’t any more obvious sites.

We were on an 11-day National Park trip and this was by far my favorite site we stayed at. 100% worth it and would love to return!

***Also pictured is a fun, roadside quirk, just 2 miles west down 89A. The Cliff Dwellers in Marble Canyon had car trouble and ended up having to camp out for the night in this location. They woke up to the beauty of the desert and didn't want to leave, so they built a trading post. There are a few dwellings still standing and a unique boulder. Some dwellings are even built into the rocks themselves! It's a cool spot for all ages!

AT&T: Full bars LTE

Sprint: 2 bars LTE

  • Gate from outside, facing down the road to the canyon edge
  • Site we stayed on
  • Opening the gate. Plenty of room between the pull-off and highway. Take the turn slow!
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  • An example of the road. It gets worse, but there are also some smoother parts.
  • I believe this is the main dwelling.
  • You can walk all around and inside what remains.
  • You can't miss this giant boulder as you pass by on 89A!
  • Gate from the inside, facing highway 89. "Scenic Byway" sign is circled.
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