Bearhide Group Site
Reviewed Nov. 29, 2020

Easy Access to Nice Spot

The road in to this site is really well maintained. Easily drivable in a sedan. Getting off the road and into the campground is a little rougher, but still no issue for a small car.

The individual campsites here are not really well defined, but there are probably 5-6 fire rings spread out over a pretty wide area. There was someone else present for the days we camped here but we were far enough away not to disturb each other.

The biggest downside here is that people haven’t taken good care of this place. There is a lot of trash everywhere. Definitely bring an extra garbage bag or two and pick some stuff up. Otherwise, really beautiful. There are a couple little hills nearby that you can hike up and get a good view of the Mogollon Rim.

Firewood here of a little scarce, but if you work for it you can find some spots with a bunch of deadfall. The fire ring at our site wasn’t in great shape so we had to rebuild it.