MickandKarla W.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Apr. 8, 2021

Great Experience

Camp Creek State Park was easy to find as our RV GPS and Waze brought us right to the Campground(CG). Check-in was quick at the little office right inside this small CG. We then proceed to back-in site 21 with FHUs, which was an easy back in. The site was nice and wide with plenty of space on each side. On the park map it was designated ADA(as was site 22) but we had booked online not seeing any restrictions. We did note after hooking into water that their water pressure was not very good at about 25 psi. The CG has WiFi but admittedly at the office its spotty at best. We got about 3 or 4 OTA channels, with one being a prime channel. We didn’t try satellite but could probably have gotten a signal. We also got 2 bars each on Verizon and AT&T. There are actually two campgrounds in this little state park, Mash Fork where we were and Blue Jay on the other side of the park that is tent camping. Both check in at the Mash Fork office. Site 21 was a nice site that had shade in the afternoon, which would be nice in warmer weather but when we were there first week of April, we had snow and freezing temps. The campsites that ran along the creek were water& 30 AMP and could only take an RV up to 35’. FHU sites were on the opposite side and middle of CG. Probably the best big rig campsite with FHUs with plenty of yard space and some creek view is 26. Both CGs have a large creek running adjacent to the CG. Trout fishing was very popular though I didn’t catch any. They do restock this time of year. There are quite a few trails to hike to include the Mash Fork Falls trail that goes to the Mash Fork Falls then around the mountain to the other side of the park. Its a difficult level hike up the side of the mountain, but once you get up its not too bad if you’re in somewhat decent shape. You don't have to take the difficult trail to see the Mash Fork Falls, there is a flat road next to the Mash Fork Campground that goes right down to the falls. They sell firewood and ice at the Mash Fork office and there’s laundry on the backside of the bath house with 2 washers($1.00) and 3 dryers($1.50). Nearest major amenities(Walmart etc.) are at exit 9 off I-77 South in Princeton, WV. As a point of reference, Camp Creek is exit 20. We enjoyed our stay and would go back again.

  • Site 21 FHUs
  • Park view from site 21 towards the campground enterance.
  • Park view from site 21 towards the bath house with a small laundry on the backside.
  • Signage as you enter the campground area.
  • Office where you register upon arrival.  They also sold ice and firewood.
  • Campground Map
  • Park vew from site 21 towards back of the campground.  My picture wasn't grainy that was snow on the first week of April.
  • There's a gravel road adjacent to the campground that you and walk about a 1/4 mile to the Mash Fork falls.  Its also a fishing area for kids and handicaped so you could drive down to the falls as well.
  • Mash Fork Falls
  • There's also a Mash Forks Falls trail that starts from the falls and winds through the hills around the campground but its not an easy hike up the hill.
  • On the other side of the park out the backside of the tent campground is Compass Falls.  It can also be reached by walking down a gravel road from the back of the tent campground.
  • Creek that runs adjacent to the campground.

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