Michael L.
Reviewed Mar. 29, 2021

Prairie-style w half full hookups & half electric. Great for RVs & tents.

Not too far out of the way, this is Indiana's newest state park, if I'm not mistaken, and it shows. The lower loop is all full hookups with 50, 30, and 20 amp service and respectably woody. The back loop is more open grassland type camping, but it has electric at every location and water every 2-4 sites. 

There's a big playground including a section for younger kids and the main area for 5-12 year olds. About a half mile outside of the campground is another, smaller, playground in the state park. And about a mile and a half outside of the campground back towards the entrance to the state park is a water park. The aquatic center was not open during my stay, but according to the web is open Memorial Day through Labor Day and is $5 per person (3 and under free). It's a VERY short car ride, a maybe 30 minute walk, or a reasonably short bike ride from the camp sites. 

AT&T service at my site seemed to average 2 bars. Sometimes 1, sometimes 3. No wifi.

There's a primitive-style potty shack with 2 restrooms in between the two sections and a bathhouse in the center of the back loop. My wife said the hot water wasn't working (I would have docked them a half star for that, but The Dyrt only does full stars and we only stayed 2 nights), so you may just call and ask if they've had any complaints about it recently.

Firewood was available, but it was honor system and cost $5.35 cash only. I assume the price is set by the state, but exact change is rare for us so that was a mild annoyance.


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