Reviewed Mar. 18, 2021

Could be great, but wasn't

Our disappointment is mostly with the cost and lack of concern by management. ! When I called to reserve I was reassured my upgraded waterfront cost of $95 (total actually was $134) a night would be "great". When we checked in we were asked to pay a pet fee...this was news.. never mentioned prior or on the website.. it was only $5 so I paid it. Also not mentioned and should be is the space was super tight and the neighbors sewer line was right by our picnic table. The two next spaces... same cost are spacious and well laid out.. SAME COST? Not really fair. Luckily we only stayed in what felt like an ally, including the smell of urine for 2 days. I hate confrontation but I put on my big girl pants and whet to the office to discuss our uncomfortable assigned space. Night before we left the other guests shared we we not the first to have this experience. Hope these new owners can get it together and speak with action and not just a meaningless "sorry". Minor things...the beach shore is very eroded and marked off with ugly cones and caution tape, bathhouse while a very cutesy remodel, was totally filthy. Hubby said mens was very old and also filthy...takes a lot for him to say that.
On a positive, our dog had a great time running along the clean beach without a leash.

We really felt taken...hope you don't

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