Reviewed Dec. 6, 2020

Okay stay at KOA in Hot Springs

This KOA is a great basecamp for visiting the Black Hills and is also in a very pretty location. The staff was great and quick to respond, but our site left somethings to be desired.

We where put into a tight and short pull-thru site that was fairly un-level. It took some work and a bunch of blocks to get things close to level. Our power pedestal had an electrical short and shorted out our Progressive 30-amp surge protector. Thankfully we had a surge protector and it took the electrical hit and not our trailer. As an aside, I gave Progressive a call, we walked thru the situation and they had a new unit at our house before we returned from our trip. Great customer service.

Gave the campground office a call and one of the staff arrived quickly on their golf cart, voltage meter in hand, to look at the power. Confirmed there was something wrong and but they were able to get us up and running in a short time. Our first impression was a little rough and the rest of the stay was okay. Since we were there to explore Black Hills we didn't spend much time at the campground. We would stay here again. Things can go wrong anywhere and at any campground.

PSA - When things go wrong it is always good to slow down, take a break before moving on to tackle other things. In a moment of frustration and distraction, I had leaned our sway bars vertically on the frame by they propane tanks. Well the at some point they had slid along the frame towards the front cap of the trailer.... after the issue of with electrical, I returned to lower the front of the trailer to level and punched a 2" square hole in the diamond plate and fiberglass on the lower front area of the trailer. Totally my fault.  I learned several good lessons that day, always use a surge protector, never sit anything in an any area where things could slide, always double check the area if you leave to work on something else before starting to work on the area you returned to, things can change while away. I also learned the value of FLEX TAPE great product and wouldn't leave home without it.

We would stay here again in the future.

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