Reviewed Nov. 1, 2020

Minimalist, isolated campground

This was my first BLM camping experience and only second motorcycle camping experience overall.  I stayed at Condon Peak on July 4, 2020 after finding the sites further up on Coalinga Road full.  I also ended up back at Condon Peak on July 25, 2020.

IIRC, there are 6 sites.  Each site is large enough to park a decent sized RV, though getting up the rocky, gravel road may be a challenge.  Each site has an picnic shelter (no sides) with a table and a firepit, a few feet away.  There is one vaulted toilet (i.e. concrete outhouse) at the campground and no running water.

The sites are a good distance from each other (100+ft?) so you're not right on top of each other like some other campgrounds.  For tent camping, the ground where RVs normally park is pretty hard & packed which makes driving tent stakes difficult. I bent more than one.  The ground closer to the edge of the sites is softer but you lose your tent perimeter.  

Bring *lots* of bug spray.  The flies and other biting insects start swarming almost immediately when you enter the campsites.  Some of the campsites have sizeable holes in the ground and it wasn't immediately clear (for us novices) if they were snake holes or rodent holes hence large tent perimeter and bent stakes.

Site6 & 4

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